How to Train a Show Dog for the Show Ring : How to Stack a Dog in a Show Ring

Hi this is Elise with Expert and
in this video clip we are moving on talking about how to stack your dog. We previously
talked about how to get your dog to have a good reliable stand, stay or stand wait. Sometimes
we need to actually stack the dog into position in the show ring. She what we are going to
do I, is use Tai over here and you are always going to be stacking weight, always be stacking
the dog from the dog’s right. The judges are always going to be viewing your dog from
the left so I want to be able to place his feet in position that best shows off his confirmation.
Move one foot back, the other food back in place, wait and I want the dog to hold the
position while I am doing it. Wait, wait. Tai stay. Once you think you have the dog
set up the way you want him, you can take a look. Wait and if the dog is held a position,
good boy, reward him, wait, but don’t let him get out of position until you have released
him. Okay. Good job. Now for a dog that is not used to being stacked you might want to
take it a little bit slower. This way, stand and wait. We have already gone over how to
teach them stand and wait. What you will do is pick up one foot and place it on the ground.
Once you have done that, reward your dog. We are trying to get the dog used to having
their body manipulated. Wait, wait, again we are going to pick up one foot, place it
where we want it. If the dog has held the position, good boy, wait, we are going to
give him a treat. Wait. And pick up the other foot, wait. Good boy. Wait. We’ve got one
other foot we want to place. Wait. Stay Then you can move back and take a look at your
work. Again if the dog has not moved, wait, give him a reward, wait and let them get out
of position once you have release them. Okay, good job.

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22 Responses

  1. Zchu says:

    Oh sure its easy when the dog is already train to sit still…. pfft this didnt help at all.

  2. zareth-shahar says:

    The back metatarsals must be straight towards the ground. If they aren't the dog is standing incorrectly. The head should be looking forwards straight, while the handler stands behind him during the stacking. Make sure the shoulders are placed straight and the front legs are too, rather than too far out or in. The overall correctness of the stack will depend on your dog's conformation.

  3. zareth-shahar says:

    Behind as in on the other side of the dog from the judge.

  4. tekkchick says:

    this is soooooooooooo not right. You should block the dog while you're fixing him so the judge doesn't see you doing it, then when you get on the other side, it's like "ta da!" and the dog will be perfectly stacked. Plus like someone else said, the head should be forward 100% of the time she's positioning him. If they were doing this at westminster, the judge would look right past them no doubt.

  5. Addi von Eynern says:

    what breed is this dog?

  6. Xepherya says:

    But that's you…plenty of other people do. I teach my dogs to place their feet too, but I have GSDs, and I can and do teach them to freestack, but I hand stack too.

    Overall…crappy video. Can't even see the dog (for the person that asked, it's a Briard).

  7. sergio hidrogo says:

    what if you have a 8 month old pitbull that wants to just play and jump on you and wrestle will this "stay" hold "wait" work?? ididnt think so…lol ive tryed and i failed 🙁

  8. AmberFaithChloe says:

    Does this woman show dogs? She's not doing it correctly. You position the front legs first & THEN the back legs. Not the back 1st & then front.

  9. Sarah Ferber says:

    My dog free-stacks 🙂 but, he likes to move OUTWARDS from me. I always have to do a small circle to have him re-stack in proper spot. How do i get him to stay where he is stacked at?????

  10. jgmtiger says:

    @iceboxlabradors there was a dog in that vid? i thought it was a shadow one reason i dont like expertvillage. type in How to teach a puppy to stack RazorSharpPits is the person's vid

  11. Zoocray says:

    That is so true. I would like to see a dog being trained from the ground up

  12. Sport Red says:

    I can't see the dog in this video

  13. Sport Red says:

    I can't see the dog in this video, plus I would also like to see a series from untrained dogs

  14. teaganbabyblog says:

    This woman has several finished Champions and Grand Champions, including the dog pictured in the video. All of them owner-handled. There's more than one way to stack a dog.

  15. R. T. says:

    This is a showing-off-look-what-my-dog-can-do video more than a video that teaches anything.

  16. Pineapple Princess says:

    It could have been a good video but I couldn't even see the dog. I also would like to see a video on howto show a novice pup.

  17. g3elle says:

    where's the dog?

  18. kknola says:

    Really wish it was easier to see the dog. Too dark with a dark dog doesn't work well

  19. Deborah Arnold says:

    Can't see it the dog is black the background too dark

  20. Sajib Saha says:

    I used a few secrets from the videos at to get our puppy to stop biting, digging, peeing inside, and jumping on people. He’s a fast learner and mastered 95% of it within a few days How to Train a Show Dog for the Show Ring : How to Stack a Dog in a Show Ring

  21. Ruslan Bykov says:

    how come this video is so high in the google search?!

  22. Sue Iggulden says:

    Was really interested in this, but – black dog on a black floor, couldn't see a thing!

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