How to Train German Shepherds : How to Teach a German Shepherd to Lie Down

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re now going to work with German Shepherds and Sophie our
German Shepherd is going to learn how to lie down. Now as we saw in the teaching a German
Shepherd how to sit video Sophie already almost has a verbal response to commands. Now if
your dog does not yet have this simply check out one of the other breed videos to learn
how to use food or a toy or some other motivation to teach the command first. What I’m going
to do with Sophie with a down is teach you how to get a German Shepherd just respondent
to a visual signal fading the lure to get them to respond to a verbal signal. Sit, good.
So Sophie is excellent if I use a hand signal, down and some body language. Good, okay, sit.
So what I’m going to do is two things, one make my reinforcement more random so she’s
not getting a treat every time. Giving a treat every time actually makes the behavior less
likely to happen, remember you’re a good leader, you’re in control of resources,
you’re not just a pest dispenser, it makes the reaction to the commands much more…
So this time I’m going to try just a little body language. Sophie, good, down, good. Now
notice how Sophie is on her haunches, this is a breed characteristic of German Shepherds.
We prefer that they’re over on one hip. Sometimes you can use a treat or do even just
a little help to get them over, that way it’s a lot harder for them to spring back up. Okay,
Sophers, good, sit, what a good German Shepherd, down, good girl, excellent. Notice just a
little bit of body language. Now I’m going to try just a verbal command. Okay, sit, good,
down, good, excellent. Well little Ms. Sophie is breathing a little hard still. She’s
still a little nervous, she’s much more attentive and more excited, good girl, okay,
good girl, sit, good, down, good, perfect down over on one hip. So that’s how to teach
a German Shepherd, not only to respond to commands but how to respond to just a verbal

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  1. Sandra Marie says:

    I really like the way you train. I just adopted a GSD x Husky x Shiba Inu and I do plan on using your techniques to help train her.

  2. *★*✬* Mark 019208237 *✬*☆* says:

    My GS sits and stays on comand but wont lay down unless i have a treat. i have tried this for months without a treat but he just wont respond. he is slower than other GS's because he is a runt and pretty small for his age. he is 64 pounds at 2 years old.

  3. lolJAEIN says:

    That is one beautiful dog

  4. ReyesAngel97 says:

    Dumb bitch…lol

  5. Jeff Hardy says:

    what do you feed her

  6. Whitney Maven says:

    o this is

  7. jacqueline salcedo says:

    @R0ryNG LOL

  8. WakeWithTheFallen says:

    Audios glitchy.

  9. Ace says:

    audios sucks

  10. Tony Lively says:

    how old is sophie?

  11. Steven Weinstein says:

    Wow, you are really misinformed.

  12. Jesus Orozco says:


  13. Yasmeen Hussain says:

    Good training

  14. Jumping Jenny says:

    That really helped my German shepherds 👍👍👍

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