How to Train German Shepherds : How to Teach a German Shepherd to Sit

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re now going to work with German Shepherds. Sophie our German
Shepherd is going now to learn how to sit. Now Sophie has had a little training but it’s
been a while, I’m hoping that she’s going to let me show you not only how to teach a
German Shepherd how to sit but how to start fading the lure and making your reinforcement
more random. So let me get her attention, Sophie good, I’ll show her the food, I want
to lead her nose up into the air until her rear end hits the ground. Now see how stiff
she is. This is a good demonstration because sometimes dogs get a little nervous, they
get a little stiff and you just need to be a little more patient. What I’m going to
do with Sophie is, use my body … to try to encourage her what to do. Now I’m getting
a lot of indications here that she’s nervous. She’s starting to pant a little bit. She’s
looking away. She’s moving away. I’m going to go ahead and use a little more body language
and go ahead and use the command to see if that helps her out. Sophie, come here little…,
oh! yeah… we’re a little scared… we’re a little nervous, sit, good, very nice, good
girl. Alright, so I’m going to go on to show… how to fade the lure. Okay, now she’s
responding better to just a command, sit and a little hand signal. So this time I’m not
going to give her a treat, okay and then I’ll just give her a hand signal a couple of times,
sit, good, very nice. Now I want her to become less dependent on the hand signal and more
dependent upon a verbal command. Okay, sit, good. Now there she started to sit, the reason
I moved in to her and corrected her is that she was starting to sit where she wanted to
and not where I wanted her to. Go back and check out the pre-training videos on giving
commands, because it’s very important that your dog does what you say when you say it.
Now she may have been testing me a little bit here because she was nervous but it does
not matter. This is a brilliant dog, German Shepherds are amazing with their obedience
and I do expect them to be perfect. We’ll make her anxiety less if you’re very clear
about exactly what you want her to do. Okay, so now I’ll just go for a verbal sit, good,
excellent, that was much better, we’ve ended with a success. She sat exactly where I wanted
her to, her anxiety went down and she checked in with me about the appropriateness of her
sit. So this German Shepherd is well on her way to having a perfect sit.

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59 Responses

  1. Rahul Addala says:

    not as easy as it looks in the video…

  2. Jordan Rivers says:


  3. Jordan Rivers says:

    see how stiff she is whatever sofi ignore her

  4. Jordan Rivers says:

    sofi wants to go out and take a shit

  5. jesus miranda says:

    is it true that when they are puppies theyr ears can break ..???plz my pup had both ears up at around 2 months old then over night one ear was down again ..plz tell me …

  6. rvfharrier says:

    GS Puppies are weird, they go through different phases where their ears are up or down, even mixed as in one up and one down lol.

  7. Rii says:

    True, you can't "break" an ear. But, the puppyies usally go through different phases, like, they will look different like, maybe a different fur color, or the eye color changes. The ears are a thing that perk up and flop down alot. So, I wouldn't be worried.

  8. lcht2 says:

    what a dumbass, the dog could've done a better job if it was the one doing the training

  9. CC Tragiannidis says:

    OMG i so agree so knows crap all about GSD any dog will do anything for food, try get that responce without the food then u will get my respect

  10. ash fowler says:

    cat food

  11. Rachael Darvill says:

    what the hell?? that was the worst dog trainer ever.. the dog isnt going to sit down if ur like shoving ur groin into its face.. i would run too..
    plus the dog already knew how to sit so shes cheating.

  12. CC Tragiannidis says:

    Sheeve07 all dogs will work without food however it might take longer then normal to train…if one chooses to use treats its up to them but a GOOD trainer shouldnt have too and dont go posting video's when she clearly doesnt know anything about the breed (On another note nice sable in your vid Sheeve)

  13. CC Tragiannidis says:

    I know my black and gold would be way to hectic to choose to use a ball as a treat for obedience which is why i use only my praise to tell him he has done a good job… but to each there own. i dont know if its the same there but any show ring here will not allow you to use treats of any kinda which is another reason why i choose my love and affection as praise for my two shepherds

  14. CC Tragiannidis says:

    I know what it is, I train my male in it but again no treats are used here…. Like I said to each there own and if it works for you so be it

  15. JoeyRalston says:

    how does this teach anything??

  16. chiefjian says:

    halo everyone i own a 6 months old german so is there any formula about not pissing in his own resting area thank you very much ….please without threaten or hittting him thank you again

  17. Sajid Shaikh says:

    oh u again missy.. i luv ur long legs

  18. dwayne critch says:

    dose it work if the dogs mom is a germand shepert and the dads a border calley well it might be a nice god cuz both parenet are the nices dogs in the world sorta

  19. Chameleon Halo says:

    Sounds like a puppy mill case, a dog that urinates and defecates in an area that they rest in is not good, I would have your dog on a leash and when ever you catch him/her about to go, quickly take them outside. Also take him/her outside after every meal and after he/she wakes up from a nap.

  20. Pedrocuz says:

    crap vid

  21. William Batchelor says:

    you have trouble on the sound!

  22. noelle023 says:

    W163AMG… why don't you look at the recent research on positive reinforcement, and you will find out YOU are wrong. Being rough with your dog and pushing around is archaic. And nothingxbutxpoison… Cesar Milan is NOT a trainer. He even says himself that he is a rehabilitator NOT a trainer.

  23. Anshi Jay says:

    GSD are very intelligent dogs! Athletic and very good guard dogs! sized : large. and rank third in the the dog intelligence!

  24. bekkil5 says:

    She is terrible at training. If she wants her dog to be perfect she needs to learn how to train a dog. That dog has already been trained. ROFL. Terrible vid.

  25. Big Boss says:


  26. Rachael M says:

    Omg its JUST a sit command -_-'

    So much is always involved with expert village and only .01% of it is actually legit.

  27. LaviedeSky says:

    why is that??

  28. Anshi Jay says:

    Ist is Border Collie
    2nd is Poodle

  29. cleosea says:

    my German Shepard doesn't care for treats, so we just give her lots of pets and tell her what a great girl she is and that works.

  30. Cody Dupuis says:

    W163AMG ur 100% right she was way to soft and had no confidence don't worry about that know nothing person who said ur wrong. U can be firm and loving at the same time. Stern then praise.

  31. Arkiyn says:

    Depends, A female is always more loyal but a little lazy and still more energetic than most dogs.
    A male has more of a chance to turn on you and something could go wrong.

  32. Arkiyn says:

    I have a male and a female brought them up the same way and i know the female is much more loyal than the male.

  33. iKillOud says:

    this dog is already trained

  34. malicho69 says:

    if you get a male you should have a big yard so he can patrol, since that's what males naturally do. females are better for house dogs, and ive heard they're slightly more loyal and defensive of their owner. i have a female and she gets very whiny when someone even hugs me.

  35. NadrianATRS says:

    Expert Village needs to get off youtube

  36. VDuper Music says:

    please take off the subtitles,

  37. CHIRAG RATHORE says:


  38. metalgearrock says:

    Are you suppost to teach German Sheperds the motion commands or are verbal commands just as important?

  39. Ahmed Ali says:

    that's a great video

  40. monsimand says:

    damn a calm sheperd, my sheperd is like 1 energy bomb, though he listens if i mark it the right way :3

  41. Nick Lemon says:

    the dog already knew the sit command..should rename like variable reward schedule…

  42. SamuraiUjio says:

    if anything this lady looks more confused then the dog itself, and cause of her confusion the dog losses interest in her. Look how the lady is standing look at her movement all wrong no authortive figure whats so ever.

  43. Brandon Yat says:

    My German Shep is a very straight fellow. No need to bribe him. I press his butt and tell him to sit and he gets the message after just a few times. I also teach him to jump over reasonably high obstacles by leashing him and running along with him towards the obstacle and he jumps by instinct while I say "jump". After a few times, I'll run beside him, without a lease, and when he reaches the obstacle, he jumps when I say "jump". I never had to bribe him ever.

  44. ProfessorProfanity says:

    Does Expert Village ever not suck?

  45. kingdul5 says:


  46. Dragomirescu Gabriel says:

    she is not focused on you at all…

  47. Regan Jia says:

    Thankyou!!! i have a german sheperd too!!!!!!! hes a baby still 1 year old

  48. Florian says:

    @skatesandoval You can train your puppy from the very first day on. Train it like 10 minutes every day. Just make sure it always ends positive and the dog will look forward for the daily training. Always reward after you got the behavier you wanted not like the "expert" in this video.
    I recommend to use a clicker and to check the videos from tab289

  49. Jack Trollenski says:

    @kath0202 shut up troll.

  50. xxmobbdeepxx says:

    lol this girl sucks

  51. Kumar Varun says:

    nice advertisement

  52. Brooke Croel says:

    THATS SO WEIRD. i just got a german shepard today & her name is Sophie!

  53. Trevor Hammontree says:

    The dog is already trained. That is like saying i'll teach the student something they don't know, yet they already know it.

  54. John Safwat says:

    you are great . your way in teaching animals and people is perfect plz i want to contact with u

  55. aaron williams says:

    Titan is 3 mnths old and knows how to sit, stay, come,and fetch with no treat training.

  56. TehLynzorz says:

    how did you do that ?

  57. Lexxi03 says:

    I love the dog the lady is boring, this video is boring and it's bad quality

  58. Stephen Morland says:

    240p we meet once more in youtube

  59. Matthew Blevins says:

    video quality is pitiful!

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