How to Train German Shepherds : How to Teach Your German Shepherd Their Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re now going to work with German Shepherds. This is Sophie.
She’s a beautiful specimen of Shepherds. She’s been coming to Taurus for quite sometime
and has been through training but it’s been several years, so we’ll see how much she
has retained and I’ll be able to show you how to train German Shepherds with Sophie
here. First thing we need to do is teach her how to pay attention. Now, if you haven’t
already please check out the pre-training videos on how to give a commands, how to mark
commands, how to fade lures and especially the video on relationship before you get started
with your German Shepherd. Now Sophie here is pretty distracted by the environment. She’s
not paying attention, so what I’m going to do is say her name and then mark that she
did the right thing when I get eye contact. Sophie, good. Now she looked toward me but
she didn’t actually make eye contact, it took a couple of seconds. Be patient. Be sure
you’re accurate that you’re marking the second that your dog does the right thing,
that’s how they learn. Then you can start giving them random reinforcement, they’ll
start working for you because you’re the source of resources and you’re a good leader
not just because you have the treats. Sophie, good. Now there I had to give her a little
signal, I don’t know if you can see in the camera but her eyes were flicking back and
forth to my hands to my eyes, to my hands to my eyes that wasn’t real eye contact,
it was cheating. So she knows that the treat is in the right hand so I’m going to switch
here and tempt her a little, Sophie, good. Again I got a couple of eye flicks but it’s
not until I get almost a second of eye contact that I marked it that’s what I want her
to do, Sophie. Now she’s acting a little unsure, give her little help, good. Now it
can be helpful to actually release her before you give her the treat because then as she’s
looking away she learns the release. So this German Shepherd Sophie is learning to respond
to her name, how to pay attention, that’s the most important thing when you’re starting
your training.

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  1. s shep says:

    hey thanks

  2. K D says:

    95alex will your parents let u get a dog

  3. K D says:

    your smart

  4. Deathugee says:

    What about Rex?

  5. configured says:

    Not only does that look like my dog, it also has same name. They seem to love working.

  6. Damarr Gordon says:


  7. Rachael Darvill says:

    hahaha that made me laugh. 'we are going to teach her her name' butin the introduction she used the dogs name and the dog looked at her. clearly dosnt know its name already :S

  8. Evans Leon says:

    i like hayden as aname im gonna get apuupy german sheperd if i do i'll make a vid of him

  9. Racha Jasmin says:

    but isnt having direct eye contact from your dog a sign of dominance???

  10. Cristinabel7 says:

    It can be, especially with dogs you don't know well, but not all eye contact is a sign of dominance. In obedience and agility, eye contact is a good thing. If you watch an obedience competition, you can see the dog constantly watching the trainer. Eye contact can also mean that the dog trusts you enough to feel comfortable looking you in the eye, and can be an incredible bonding moment. It all depends on the dog, the situation, the rest of your body language, and your tone of voice.

  11. Jeroen says:

    She just followed the cookie with her eyes, which means she did only do it for the food:P
    Getting food afterwards is a better solution I think, let the dog do it on commando and not because of the cookie

  12. jack smith says:

    y does the vid sound so weird O_o

  13. Jackie a says:

    sounds like a alien lol !

  14. Cindafukinrella says:

    one day some one will use a dog or puppy that is not already trained!! then maby we might actualy be able to see a puppy learning its name?!! Not sophie doing what she does every day for the past however manys yrs old she is!

  15. Kevin Saavedra says:

    expert village isnt so expert at all, everything about this video almost sucks except the GSD lol

  16. Joe Pratt-Flynn says:

    Is the woman a robot or something? her voice is weird

  17. haynes571 says:

    dog is probably thinking "this bitch payin games wid me"

  18. Dre's Gaming says:

    How to Train a hyper adult German shepherd?

  19. Marc Cherian says:

    You know this really helps..even though people say audio least the vid wil do..thnx..helped alot..

  20. Marc Cherian says:

    Does the dog shed alot

  21. Anna Liu says:

    thx it was rlly fun training my german shepard although she got over excited… but it really WORKED! i was really fun and again… thank you!

  22. Cool Breeze says:

    Any dog will look at you with a gay belt on full of dog treats .

  23. Nathaniel Elling says:

    she be sounding like ultron

  24. Camo Coyote says:

    you sound like bumblebee from transformers

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