How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy their Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and today we’re going to talk about puppies. So now let’s talk
about teaching your puppy his or her name. There are a lot of people say their puppies,
their kids and their spouse’s names a lot without getting a reaction. You really want
your puppy to learn his name and use the name as kind of an all around attention getter,
it means to make eye contact, it means to stop what you’re doing, come to you every
thing, but your puppy’s name has to have something very positive associated with it
at all times or that’s not going to happen. Try to never say your puppy’s or your dog’s
name in anger, however that is a really human thing to do, especially if you have more than
one dog, so don’t beat yourself up over it, but try to engender awareness. If you
haven’t already please look at the pre-training videos that talk a lot about awareness and
attention, good boy. So this little puppy’s name is Barto and I’m going to teach him
to respond to that name in a certain high pitched tone of voice. I have my reinforcement
ready. Barto, good, very nice. So I said his name and as soon as he made eye contact, I
marked it and then reinforced it. Barto, good. Oh! Oh! this puppy is almost too good, no
freebies. Barto, good, now there he wanted to cheat a little bit. I’m going to try
to move him around so you can see better. Barto, see that was a cheat. Good… a little
flick of eye contact is not true eye contact. You want the eye contact to acknowledge that
you’re in control of resources and then he’s asking nicely for something. So I’m
introducing some distractions, the crinkling of the cheese wrappers, the one that always
gets him. Barto. Good. Excellent. So you see it can take some time, but if you move slowly,
gradually increase the distractions around which your puppy works, whether it’s the
name game, paying attention or any other command then you’ll set your puppy up to succeed.
Little puppy. Barto.

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100 Responses

  1. TheSupercheat says:

    @mYcHeMiCaLCaThY I got my puppy today i was like you when i called he name and i am 11

  2. Mark Traquair says:

    Hey she cheated when he wasnt paying attention and blew on his face!

  3. Ian Chui says:

    @IanMaster619 holy crap i got so much thumbs up

  4. reece newman says:

    wow really guys? thats seriously pathetic you both sound like you REALLY need to get back to school and learn some real english and how to not sound like your out of "da hood". i really cant see how a training video came to this. your both as bad as each other.

  5. Casey G says:

    omg stupid words!

  6. BritishInvasion91 says:

    Such an ugly name for such a cute dog.

  7. Ian Chui says:


  8. Ian Chui says:

    @anyvids51 LOL i was 11 years old back then.. i never knew that comment was that funny.. lol x]

  9. Ness says:

    oww his addorible, does anyone kno a that breed?
    im getting a dog but i dont no what dog to get
    he needs to be small
    not too smal
    by the way does anyone kno how do you train a dog
    that when he ned a poo or a pee
    he/she goes to the door like barks or scraches the door or something like that

  10. Ness says:

    @airsoftbuddies50 tnx 😉

  11. TheSavingStrangers says:

    why are all this videos the same method?!…yelping and saying its name or commands in high pitch tones!!…im a guy and not only do i not want to sound like a girl while i train my pup, i doubt i can even hit a high pitch tone with my voice lol

  12. Simply Cora says:

    I dont think that teach youre dog the name that way is good… Thats like teaching toure dog "look at me". I think that the name should not be traind in like that. It sould just come by there selfs.. So when you call there name you dont want them to think that they gona get rewarded all the time when they here they names. Sorry for my bad english 🙂 <3 Good try whit the video 🙂

  13. Keaton Pickett says:

    @Justme2simply That's a corgi

  14. Ness says:

    @KeatonIsFTW k tnx ;D

  15. reytiberio says:

    my puppy cant stay in one place for 1 minute:((

  16. Cindafukinrella says:

    what a loada crap… well sort of The best way to teach puppy its name is, yes do use treats but also to get pups attention call the name in a REALLY exited squeeky voice – and guys that means a kick in ya chads kinda squeeky! and when you get the response then you give treat and make a really big deal of telling "rover" how wonderfull "rover" is lots of fuse attenion and play, plus everytime pup looks at you try just saying their name at them (but only if pup looked @u without any command)

  17. Cindafukinrella says:

    @blondi6292 hey how long did name traing take in the end oh & what breed do you have? Ive just got a 5 mnth old GSD & she has learnt her name within 2days but only when it pleases her! Ive trained lotsa lil pups IE 8-12 weeks old, i think its easier at that age! ?

  18. Cindafukinrella says:

    @pokemon103452025 TAKE IT TO PUPPY CLASSES ASAP there they will teach YOU and How to teach your pet

  19. michaelmykole says:

    i dont get this at all. i hear dog body language such as eye contact means aggression. not looking at us in the eye is submissive, which is better cuz the dog isn't trying to dominate you and disobey. everybody contridicts everbody when it comes to dog training! uggggh

  20. Alexandra Papastamopoulou says:

    @ricevid It's not eye contact so much from what I've gathered. It's making your dog respond to you and give you his/her attention. In this way, he/she is acknowledging that you are the boss and are asking permission or instructions. (Still a newbie myself XD Might be wrong.)

  21. Gill Rez says:

    getting a german sheph TOMO!! phsycheddd wish me luck 😛

  22. MrGordonification says:

    @liklKitten 8 weeks just say 2 months xD

  23. Gill Rez says:

    @psunny24ify nicee 🙂 i got itt its awesome loadzz of work but it pays off 😉

  24. larkolena says:

    have never trained my dogs to learn their names with treats. never even intentionally trained them to their names, yet if i say their names they stop dead in their tracks and look at me expectantly for instruction. training them to know their name specifically, may be fun and give you something to do, but in my opinion is just goofing around and wasting time that you could be using to teach them other more important things. that's just me. i give my dogs a little more intellectual credit.

  25. This was a triumph says:

    i have this really lovely puppie and iam not sure what to name him he's like two month and his mother based away so i buyed him

  26. Arjun Dave says:

    please for the love of dog sort out the audio on your video's at least if you make any more

  27. Amelia says:

    I think your dog thinks his name is Little puppy!

  28. ρяιηcєѕѕjυѕtρєαcнy says:

    ya… my dogs are 12 , 3 , and 5 .. um i aint talking 2 i think my dogs are pretty much the three stooges So this vid wont help D; think i'll stick with the three stooges ROFL

  29. samwiz007 says:

    @liklKitten breeder tells me that they start responding to their name by the time they are 60 – 80 days not before that

  30. Shantanu Shetty says:

    El Barto The "Bull" Dog Get It Bull Dog
    El Barto ?:P

  31. EclipseSoccerChick says:

    @liklKitten omg me to!! my puppy is 11 weeks and he pays no attention to me at all! no wyour puppy is like 8 months, soo what did u doto train him?

  32. Debanhi Pena says:

    She blew on it's face to get its attention

  33. chanelle gharib says:

    i lterally fell asleep!

  34. Z says:

    God, this woman's voice could make paint peel.

  35. Adrian3035lol says:

    @XL962 OK Than you ask him HOW DOES HE TRAIN HIS DOGS??????????????

  36. Smokey183 says:

    @EclipseSoccerChick You pretty much have to wait . Your puppy will most likely not pay attention her/she wants to explore .

  37. Coco8398 says:

    @XL962 have you ever heard of random reinforcement? Once the dog has the general concept of a trick, you then begin to randomly reinforce and after he's ok with that you then rarely reinforce.

  38. agolden101 says:

    What are good treats for puppys?

  39. FvckTheJakes says:

    i used salami for a puppy treat lol?

  40. Rinay Sachdev says:

    how old is that puppy because mine is 4 months but he will never look!!!!!

  41. Andreas Thoma says:

    i like how this was filmed with a calculator….

  42. krayolaLive says:

    @AndyThomaRock i like how calculator's can film now…

  43. Steven Lou says:

    which pixel is the dog?

  44. CockyR4 says:

    That puppy wasn't dumb at all lol

  45. Andyshat27 says:

    @RinzSach If you haven't been able to teach him yet, here is a quick trick. If your dog wants the food (which he should) you can use it to get him to look at you. Put it in your hand near your leg or anywhere not near your face. You can even wave it around. Say the dogs name, then move the treat to your forehead. When the dog looks at you, say good and immediately give him the food. With in a day or two, he should know what is expected and you can continue with the training in this video. GL

  46. Debbie janaii! says:

    my puppr is 2 months old and knows her name already..yehey!

  47. diemunguia says:

    now he'll think his name is parto and his last name is good -.-

  48. Cheef_rubencito661 says:

    worst audio ever

  49. Lindsey Glass says:

    but Barto already knows his name. what if ur dog doesnt know its name yet?

  50. Fran Kosik says:

    Aww. So cute. I want a puppy and Mt friend its giving his dogs puppies away for free!!!!!!!!

  51. reynosochris5 says:


  52. reynosochris5 says:

    Little puppy… omg

  53. Micheal Edwards says:


  54. o.cMoose says:

    🙁 no work

  55. Erika says:

    It works sometimes :/

  56. Lelouch Reborn says:

    i try

  57. thedanceclass101 says:

    My mom won't let me get one because she think I won't take care of it. She rlly doesn't know how responsible I am and it makes me sad.

  58. Eee Lee says:

    My mom wont let me get one either. Welcome to the club

  59. sacredelit3 says:

    Same lol

  60. 123brynner says:

    At about what age ca you start doing this?

  61. 123brynner says:

    At abbout what age can you start doing this?

  62. KhaoSBourne says:

    my mom just randomly told me to get in the car, we drove to a area on the side of the road then i asked why? she said to get shade, i didnt know what was going on and then i saw the puppies, i got the last one. it is very easy to take care of one just make sure you are supervising of her at all times (i got a her :D)

  63. Hayley1518 says:

    My puppy won't make eye contact. What do I do?

  64. Nekolas Bryan says:

    beat its ass

  65. Nekolas Bryan says:

    6 weeks

  66. Nekolas Bryan says:

    you wouldnt take care of it and your mom knows best

  67. Hayley1518 says:

    I don't know if you mean that to be a joke. I really don't find that funny.

  68. Nekolas Bryan says:

    I don't really give a fuck what you find funny. And no its not a joke.

  69. Dj Hyde says:

    Oh my gosh Melanie!! Thank you so much your trick absolutely works. I was reading all over google and trying everything and nothing worked. I have a month and a half old puppy tea-cup/terrier and I used treats to teach her, her name, and to sit and stand up, she would not listen, and after i watched your video, it took only 5mins for her to now sit, and stand up. Thank you so much.

    my other question is.
    1.) What if when I call her name, and she just doesn't pay attention to me?

  70. SadNiggaHours says:

    @Hayley1518 sorry for that meaningless shit named nekas bryan

  71. Andrew Gonzalez says:

    haha 0:28 he jets it

  72. Erika Hernandez says:

    what do you do when your puppy gets distracted by everything…and i mean EVERYTHING

  73. Jadab Sarker says:

    Videos such as this make Youtube great. I fritter away a large amount of time by doing this.

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  74. Golden Boss says:

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  75. kaylataguibao says:

    Thank you! By the way, will the dog really learn that example Bingo is their name?

  76. JustA Guy says:

    well… that escalated quickly. im glad my child got the chance to read your language very excitedly over our new pet. thanks for being the "hero" Rant311

  77. SadNiggaHours says:

    Sorry haha

  78. Raeef says:

    The problem is that my puppy beboo keeps biting me and he's not trained yet so how can I make him stop?

  79. arul mary says:

    what r u giving for him after u called him

  80. Alan Chris says:

    Find out what he likes the most, his favorite treat and just treat him for sitting there with you, works better if you have a clicker.

  81. Gaby Moreno says:

    anyone else love when he bit her finger?

  82. Victoria Simoes says:

    cheese i think she said

  83. zolluuu says:

    1:39 the puppy is like "No treat? I'll just eat the finger instead."

  84. Jerimiah Mcadams says:

    lol my uncle's dog had 6 puppies they r kinda fat but cute. we get to keep 1 so i was learning to teach him his name i call him but all 6 come and i just laugh while facepalming it is verry funny.

  85. Kimberla Stamps says:

    she is stupid never make eye concact or he or she could feel threated duhhhhhh
    im 10 years old and I know that

  86. Edward Yang says:

    It's 10 year olds like you who don't know shit.

  87. lordkorner says:

    Why the silly high tone voice……if I was Barto I'd be checking out.

  88. Sandor Clegane says:

    this, my puppy gets distracted in a fucking empty room

  89. musicalmarion says:

    thats hardly a puppy anyway

  90. Bharat Dave says:

    240p, we meet again!!

  91. Lilly Hughes says:

    Hi people, I got a new puppy the other month and didn't want to spend a fortune on taking him to puppy training classes etc, so after looking online for a while i found which is a really good online, step by step dog training program . such an invaluable site to me now.

  92. RMB says:

    What type of dog is he?

  93. Dimitris Stamatis says:

    @LroveRose Welsh Corgi i think!

  94. carly says:

    Did u say his name was farto!?

  95. Eva Sidera says:

    wow, this really helped me, it's all about patience. I named my Yorkie pup Mercedes.

  96. ken vlog obelo says:

    I will give you someee great ideas, tricks, and instruction that may help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted?. Watch heree ===>

  97. Joesap says:

    My puppy doesn't sit still. I tried teaching him to sit but it only works for a little until he begins to bark and jump onto me. He's only 7/8 weeks old and I don't know if I'm wasting time trying to teach him how to sit too early or if I should teach him his name first

  98. Brad Lewkowicz says:

    PATIENCE. Most people don't have enough when it comes to puppies.Can you imagine how many people would give up on their kids if they didn't potty train them in a week? How much time have you given your kids to stop using diapers or wetting the bed? Puppies are no different ,when it comes to teaching them anything.
    Remember, they are part of your family.Treat them as such. The reward and companionship is worth it. Mans best friend is true .You get back,what you invest.

  99. Srikanth C N says:

    Hi, I have 6 weeks old puppy. Is it possible to teach her name now. Which kind of treat is good for training.

  100. Ivan Vega says:

    ummmm 2018

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