How to Train Your Dog

Let’s go. oh okay what i’m going to do is now that my
obstacle course is set up. im going to run her through it, and the trick
is I start from the beginning and I just take one of these, pieces of jerky, I just get
them at Costco, and I just break em up like this, into little pieces. As you can see I just break it into another
piece, and break it up again. She can smell these, and she loves these,
so I just break up one jerky stick and then she’s watching me, and she’s loving it. she’s just sitting there very patiently waiting
to get her treat, but just break up the whole thing real quick. she can see, she can smell it, she wants it. She loves these treats, she’s got a great
nose. I just going to put them in my pocket, and
I’ll just have one in my hand. And then I’m just going to run her through
the trick or the obstacle course, and let smell, she all
ready knows what’s up. and I’m just going to show her my hand, and walk her through
showing my hand, hey, hey, easy, easy, come here. hey, hey, no, come here, come here, come here. No, up top, up top. hop up, hop up. good girl, good girl. I just going to spin that around and make that a
little easier for her. and then I’m just going to do multiple times through. Molly, easy, easy, no come here, let’s go. come here let’s go, hop up, good girl, good
girl. there’s your treat, hey, your treats right
there, get your treat. okay, good girl. let’s go, no, no, no, come here, come here,
no, come here, sit, sit, okay, come on. no hey, come here. let’s go. okay hop down, you’re good. hop down, good girl. hop down, come on. Okay sit, sit, sit, let’s go, no, no come
on, come here, good girl. okay, no, no, come back, lets go. no, no, hey, come on. no, no. come here. no no no. come here, come here. Is that one too difficult for you. let me do this. okay, come here, sit, sit, stay, okay, no,
no, nope, let’s go. good girl. let’s go, good girl. And as you can see this burns up a lot of
energy, she’s super excited about it, and she loves it, it’s a little tricky, but it’s
going to take some tries. let’s go, k, no, no, lets do that. come on, good girl, and as you can tell I’m
changing up the course a little bit, but just to help her out. she can struggle with some parts of it. good girl. I feel like I’m dropping a few treats as I’m
doing this course.

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