How to train your PUPPY to walk on a loose leash!

All dogs must learn how to walk on a
leash without pulling. This is one of the most fundamental skills that puppies
need to begin learning from a very young age. Walking a dog that pulls on the
leash is not only stressful but can also cause strain and injury to the dog’s
neck. To help your dog overcome this problem you have to first realize that
dogs are not born knowing how to walk on a leash and must be taught using
patience and positive reinforcement. The good news is that there are a lot of
things that you can do to stop or prevent your dog from pulling and make
walking a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog, but first
let’s take a look at why dogs pull in the first place. There are two main
reasons: the first is that dogs are interested in exploring their
environment. Their sense of smell is a primary source of information and the
environment is full of things to sniff. Walking a young dog is also a very
stimulating experience and can trigger a lot of excitement. Combine this with a
lack of self-control and you get a strong motivation to pull. The second
reason why dogs pull is because they are so easily reinforced for pulling. Anytime
that there is tension on the leash and the dog is sniffing, they’re actually
learning to pull and will do it more a lot of the time this happens by accident
and we might even reinforce and teach pulling behavior without knowing it or
wanting it. This can become a vicious cycle that may start small but the more
your dog pulls the more they learn that pulling is effective in meeting their
needs and they will be more likely to continue or even increase the amount of
pulling over time. Dogs have an opposition reflex which is
a natural tendency to pull against pressure that is applied on the leash. By
reinforcing the behavior of giving in to the leash you can establish the
framework for what comes next. Start this exercise with your dog on a leash in a
low distraction environment. Begin by applying very gentle pressure on the
leash and the moment the dog gives into it mark the behavior with a word or a
clicker and reinforce. Instead of letting the tension become a negative
consequence we are focused on teaching the dog how to react to tension so he
wants to keep the leash loose. Practice this a few times until your dog
gets the idea and also notice that I’m not using any verbal cues at this point. Yes! Yes! The leash is not meant to be used to
control or direct your dog. At this early stage the goal is to teach the dog to
want to stay with you and pay attention to your movement Watson, let’s go! It’s important to know your dog and use
what they find to be distracting remember that you can always add or
remove distractions based on how the dog is doing set them up to be successful at
every stage take this exercise into other environments and around more
distractions if your dog fails to pay attention go
back to working on leash pressure or lower the reward criteria this is how
you can start building the foundation for loose leash walking for puppies it
is far more effective to teach them what you want them to do instead of punishing
them for not understanding human rules As the dog gets better at this with
practice you can start to lower the amount of food reinforcement and begin
training for more advanced loose leash walking If you found this video useful and would
like to learn more about this topic make sure that you’re subscribed to the
channel and have notifications turned on so that you will know when the next
video in this series is released. If you would like to see more content like this
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see you next time.

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  1. Pedro Guerreiro says:

    My dog sits, shake hands, play dead , peeps and poops in the proper place… But leash walking is a true hell

  2. A. Cruz says:

    The OG of dog training is back!!!

  3. Miss says:

    I needed this. Thank you!

  4. just music says:

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  5. Non Sense says:

    Upload more videos with your young lab???

  6. Shanmuga Sundaram Ramesh says:

    Can you teach how to leach Dog which is a germansheperd and 2yr’s old

  7. Amit Tiwari says:

    I have a 3 month old lab when I take him for a walk he always want to lick the ground sniff and eat things on the floor like stone mud anything in his way, he is dewormed regularly but bcoz of this eating habits he cannot gain weight, how can I stop that or can you suggest me anything..

  8. Christine Proulx-Sigounas says:

    Excellent video! Love your training methods.

  9. Knowledge is Power says:

    I can definitely see some snowflakes being offend by the "gentle pressure" being applied to the leash.

  10. Andrew Grekoff says:

    Nice! Great video!

  11. Cagoyong 29 says:

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  12. Cagoyong 29 says:


  13. Dariusz says:

    Very good lessons. I have come across many guides, but yours are the best. I'm waiting for more. Thank you.

  14. watchgoose says:

    I know a dog that is learning a lot of things very quickly – but he is still bad about jumping up on people. I don't see in any of your videos how to stop that behavior. I hope you can do one.

  15. _SimranProductionz_ says:

    Hey bro you got an AMAZING channel, Subscribed on the first video I watched 😀 I got a female german shepherd and was wondering what are the first 5 things to teach and can they be taught at once? Still needs to get used to its crate 🙁

  16. Hannah W. says:

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  17. Daniel Alonso says:

    Why don’t make a video now outside and see how he acts come on ??

  18. Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews says:

    I’m so used to seeing your old videos.
    Fish bowl up close and personal camera view.
    Silly hair.
    Skinny young kid.

    You look so grown up and it’s cool to see how much your channel has grown

  19. sivasoorya s says:

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  26. Sharon Snider says:

    Most helpful video I've seen on leash training so far. Thank you.

  27. Jennifer Wah says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I've been watching videos and this one has been the best one on teaching how to walk them on a lose leash. Thanks

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  30. Whitney Narruhn says:

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    This worked well with my 1 year old Vizsla but he kept trying to mouth/bite the leash. I don't want to say "no" to him while trying to have him successfully perform the loose leash task. Any tips??

  33. Deborah Lee says:

    I HAVE TO SAY THIS- and I hate to compare but…
    You are soooooooo much better than that other youtuber/dog trainer Zak George.
    I've tried watching a lot of his videos and never really got anything out of it/was more confused than before bc I felt like their was no real solution when he was demonstrating. You do it so CLEARLY.

  34. 850 Jayy says:

    This was very useless

  35. claire Abbott says:

    Very sweet puppy. I wish I had watched this when mine was a pup. My GSD walks great on a loose leash except when distracted. People playing ball or dogs he wants to play with, a couple of times he has even taken a football off the kids and brought it back to me. Watched the videos on distractions and I am going to put these into practice. Funnily in dog training, he will perform and not care about the other dogs there. I think I have let him play with too many dogs at the park and reinforced his want to play in that environment.

  36. Jon Parker says:

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  37. Poppy/ Pop says:

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  38. Mike C says:

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  41. Ashly Gray says:

    I have been teaching my 9 week old gsd some basic commands. But he is very stubborn. So when he doesn’t want to train anymore, he’ll make that very clear by barking and biting me, also by running off. Is there anything you recommend to help our training sessions?

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    Question. If you reward the dog for returning after having pulled, don't you reinforce the idea of, "i pull then return – therefore treat"? My dog does this at times which is annoying because this leaves me unsure of what to do! He is a mini schnauzer.

  45. Tyler Frederick says:

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    So… puppy is walking on a loose lead fine until we are nearing returning home then starts to pull. How do you correct that? Do you stop and wait for him to return and the reward? To me this teaches him if he pulls a reward is coming. What are you supposed to do?

  52. Pawsuasive Dog Teaching says:

    @Training Positive good video. This is the way I pretty much tried to teach my Ruby. She would do great at home, but once we would go outside for a walk treats and toys were completely useless to get her to pay attention and not tug. I finally had to try something different. Since all Ruby wants to do is go go go go I just simply stopped till she stopped pulling, but as soon as she stopped pulling I would say YES and start moving right away. I basically replaced a treat with moving forward. Now she does pretty good. Its funny though when I stop she will usually let out a big ol sigh as if to say darn it lol. I will be doing more dog teaching videos on my channel as well. How we all can work together and make each other better dog teachers.

  53. Jayjeezy says:

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    I have a 6 month old rescue Cocker/Terrier mix. She is pulling, lunging, barking, whimpering and jumping when on the lead at the park. Tried stopping until she stopped these attributes but it actually took more than 15 minutes for her to be calm. Then continued on walking, she was pulling again, turned and walked the other way, this went on turning and turning for around 10 minutes, then I just got fed up and took her home from the park (which was empty and entering twilight at this point!). I am patient but this has been going on for 2 months, we have had her for 3 months is wearing me down

  56. mutsmuts1 says:

    I wish i saw this video months earlier, our dog is 9 months now and pulls on the leash and i Don't know how to solve it. Can i still try this method?

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    Very well done. And well thought out. Thx.

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    Thank you for this video. I tried practicing your technique with my puppy and she started getting the hang of it. I'll keep practicing because my dog is a boxer and is already strong enough to practically pull my arm out of the socket! :0

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    Well crap! Now I see this? I have done a great job training my dogs (So I've been told). But, I must say this is the one thing I struggle with. My dogs do okay but still have trouble at times. With 3 large dogs this would make a huge difference. By far the best I have seen! Thank you so much for sharing. Hopefully at the ages of 3, 5 1/2 and 7 years they won't give momma (me) an attitude. LOL

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    In what age is it the best to start leash training?

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  73. Good Life Dog Training says:

    Overall this is a very nice video tutorial. My one cringe critique however is between minutes 5 to 6. During that sequence you have a very poor fitting harness on the puppy which is totally not needed. I really really do not like those sloppy 'no pull' harness that interfere with the dogs natural movement, they just make me cringe. Here is a link to a pdf about harnesses and it talks about how they affect the dogs movement: Other than that one minute I thought the rest of the video was very well done. Nice job.

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    I do have a question though, my dog is 15 months old and I got him at 8 months.
    the main problem I have with him is pulling on his lead when we go for our walks.
    Also, he lunges at other dogs, but he only wants to play with them, – whether they want to play or not, how can I cure this lunging behaviour.
    Another thing is when he is off leash, if he sees a kangaroo or a rabbit, he takes off after them and I have no control over him whatsoever.
    I did try taking him to a dog training group but unfortunately, as it was a group session, the trainer was too far away for me to hear what was being said, as I have a hearing problem, so I gave up.

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