How to travel with a cat easily?

Does your cat find traveling stressful? You’re not alone many cats when
traveling a worrying time which can stress you out to. this is a big reason why many of us don’t take our cat for regular vet checks. Cats dislike traveling because this
suddenly being removed from the territory they know. Exposed to new noises, smells and unfamiliar movement which can be very frightening. Traveling can be made easier by spotting
the signs of stress in your cat and understanding your cats need for security. Signs that your cat may be distressed are
vomiting, salivation, constant meowing and soiling
their carriers and generally being miserable. Some tips to help prepare your cat for travel include leaving your cats basket or carrier out in the home a few days before your due to travel This allows them time to make the carrier
familiar to them and popping a blanket that smells it them
will also help. On the day don’t feed your cat six hours before you are due to travel to help you cat avoid any nausea or vomiting due to motion sickness. As Feliway doesn’t prevent this. Remember to make sure you pack still have access to water during this time Feliway has been clinically proven to help
reduce and improve stress related behaviours. So when you are preparing to leave simply spray Feliway Once into each of the corners inside your cat carrier. Remember don’t spray your cat. Wait 15 minutes before introducing your cat to the carrier. to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Alternatively in some countries you can purchase Feliway wipes which
you can use in a very similar way. Wipe inside the carrier leaving for five
minutes before introducing your cat to the treated area.

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