How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails. Pedicures aren’t just for pampered pooches—your
dog is descended from wolves, but her nails don’t have the chance to wear down as they
would in the wild. A regular clipping every three or four weeks
will save her from painful ingrown nails and sore paws. You will need A sturdy table or counter A
towel Dog nail clippers Tissues Styptic powder or cornstarch 1-inch-wide emery board A helper
and dog treats. Step 1. Check to see if your dog’s nails need clipping. You shouldn’t hear her nails clicking against
a hard floor when she walks. If there’s clicking, it’s time for a clipping. Step 2. Your dog probably won’t enjoy this procedure,
so she’s likely to require some form of restraint. Hold her in your lap, or spread a towel on
a sturdy table or counter and place the dog on top. Stand on the side of the table opposite the
nails you’ll be trimming and lean over her, so you can hold her down with your body, if
necessary. If your dog is large or very wriggly, it may
help to have a second person hold her while you do the clipping. Step 3. Holding one paw gently but firmly, clip the
tip of the nail. Clip from underneath, holding the clippers
at a slight angle in keeping with the curve of the nail. Step 4. Be careful to avoid the blood vessels and
nerves that run through a dog’s nail, called the quick. If you cut into the quick, it will cause pain
and bleeding. If your dog’s nail is white, you can see the
pinkish quick, so it’s easy to avoid. If your dog has black nails, snip a little
bit at a time until, when looking at the nail in cross-section, you can see a darker dot
in the middle. Step 5. If you cut into the quick, place a tissue
over the nail and apply pressure until it stops bleeding—or try dipping the nail into
styptic powder or cornstarch. It’s unlikely that the bleeding will continue
for longer than 5 to 7 minutes, but if it does, or if the blood is spurting, call your
vet. Step 6. Don’t forget to trim the dewclaws, located
slightly behind the paw on the inner part of the leg. Some breeds have more than one pair on their
hind legs. Step 7. If your dog still has some patience left,
it’s a good idea to use an emery board to lightly file the nails smooth. Step 8. Praise your dog lavishly before you let her
go. That way she’ll come to associate these beauty
treatments with extra attention from her owner! Did you know Many companies now sell doggie
nail polish—it’s safe for pet nails, requires only one coat, and dries quickly to keep squirmy
dogs from smearing it on the furniture.

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100 Responses

  1. Elena Pavelescu says:

    I know that u can even paint theyr nails. Its nice and healthy. 😀

  2. Alpha Omega says:

    Here come all the dog wackos. hehehehe..

  3. bambina360 says:

    i need to cut my dogs nails they are clicking the the floor but she is so wriggly. she hates it and shes a small dog. i usually take her to the groomers but they have a very hard time also to cut her nails and give her a haircut.

  4. beline says:

    of course it was fake blood the blood is obviously way too red

  5. KatLuff says:

    1. Yes, it was clearly fake blood. Calm down, PETA.

    2. Cutting into the quick, while unpleasent, doesn't always hurt. It depends on the dog. Some will scream their heads off while others don't even notice. More often than not, the one who is screaming is just overreacting because they don't like the whole process in general.

    3. Sometime it's necessary to cut slightly into the quick, of the nail is very overgrown. The longer the nail, the longer the quick will be.

  6. kuwaizair says:

    my dogs are terrible and my helper holds the dog on his lap like you hold a baby. the dogs scream and trash like the're foot is in a bear trap. the one goes to bite. i need knockout drops for this

  7. teafordavid says:

    @seizetheweakened sick!! you have dog nails?!?

  8. t3chn0maha says:

    This lady is should NEVER trim nails while holding your dog like that..most dogs arent very tolerant of getting nails clipped..if your dog doesnt like getting nails trimmed and you hold them like her you will PROBABLY get bit..several times

  9. jamminj90 says:

    @kuwaizair hahahaha me toooo. omg and i have a HUGE akita and she hates it and she bites and fights so what i had to end up doing was waiting until she was in a deep sleep and pounce on her with the clippers. so i only get one nail done at a time 🙁 i need major laughing gas or something

  10. Reynaldo Squillante says:

    How dare you shove Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina in my face to watch this video…. BOOOOOOOO

  11. 23Msmurphy says:

    Last comment- very funny 😀

  12. kuwaizair says:

    what if yours thrashes around like an animal in a foot trap or snare?

  13. MintoToffee says:

    NEVER hold a dog down, when trimming its nails. If the dog does not like to have its nail trimmed and you hold the dog down, it will never trust you to have its nails trimmed again. Use treats and lots of them.. 🙂

  14. Cortney Edwards says:

    @MintoToffee Maybe that would work in a perfect world, but in my experience, it doesn't. No amount of treats can distract them from someone messing with their feet.

  15. winterlover89 says:

    this was very helpful

  16. AnastasiaWow says:

    Uh, cutting the quick is sooo annoying!! i did today with my puppy she bled 4 like 10 minutes EVERYWHERE!! omgg… shes big to but very sweet and obedient, but it went SPURTRINGG *shudder will not go thru that again

  17. ColonelKudzu says:

    Could you please tell the brand name, type, model, or where you found them? I have looked the internet over and don't see one like it yet.
    BTW, very excellent video. You did great!

  18. Higginsamerica says:

    we just use flour to stop the blood.

  19. Matthew Kramme says:

    Do I use the same technique if i want to circumsize my dog?

  20. MikeLat34 says:

    She can hold me down and cut my nails anytime…….but only the nails!

  21. snarkdetriomphe says:

    thanks a bunch! i have a 9-yr-old scottie and though i groom her myself, i have always been afraid to try clipping her nails… watched this and did it and it worked like a charm! 🙂

  22. michael john says:

    @xXxMCRIsMinexXx lol funny .. that dog looks so docile.. mine is crazy when i try this.

  23. rancid253 says:


  24. Johnwingchun says:

    she can trim my nails anyday! Rhuh! 🙂

  25. andrew09211 says:

    whats the point of forcing ads, its not like is gonna work!

  26. LeLee Swa says:

    Step 4 should come before step 3. Someone should do this video over!

  27. chanelcouturex says:

    Doing the back legs were a joke, I wish they had some tips. My dog hates me now, hahaha.

  28. brwniez1 says:

    wow reading the comments scare me….poor dogs…..please take your pet to a professional if u cant do this…….if u must do it yourself…please becareful….and only cut the tips….cutting further up u will cut a vein in thier nail!!

  29. Still Ill says:

    @RetroTramp i hope not

  30. Zoey Nguyen says:

    cutting the CAT's claws will be a big prob

  31. Javier Gomez says:

    I wish this were that simple. My dog hasn't had his nails clipped in years, and he growls at me if i try to take his paw. I'm kinda scared for him as i saw him slightly limping a week ago. I'm too embarrassed to take him to a groomer because he's not that social. Any suggestions?

  32. 1Filmproducer says:

    my dog chews his. Hes sitting there and you can here cruching aha

  33. Twinkypie777 says:

    If your afraid he willl bight you, buy a muzzle. ( the thing that prevents them from biting and barking and all that really great stuff.) then try to clip his nails. If that doesnt work…just take him to the vet or a groomer..they know how to handle dogs. Dont be embarrassed! Tons of dogs are like that! Hope this helps some!

  34. Twinkypie777 says:

    Me too! ha! its fine thogh. 🙂 i have wood flooring tooooo

  35. KenHi29 says:

    @arcjustice In years?! Where does your dog live? Don't be embarrassed to bring him to a groomer, that's what they're there for. You just tell them that you need your dogs nails trimmed and they take him and put him on the table and he's done in like 5 mins! I worked for a groomer and there were many owners who had nervous dogs but it's very simple and quick!

  36. s l says:

    My dog hates when i cut her nails, she acts like it causes her pain

  37. zet says:

    i use a dremel (spinning "rock" that grinds down the nail) and my dog isn't scared of it at all. he just lies there with his eyes closed. i used to use dog nail clippers but he was waaay too effing scared of them

  38. evil4hunter says:

    I tried but my dog bit me . My dog is a good girl but it never let me cut its nails

  39. Zoeybatterup152 says:

    next how cast video how to trim your cats nails

  40. fivedollerfootlong says:

    Psh, video should be called "How to trim a lap dog's nails" My dog is a black lab mixed with bernese mountain dog, he hates his feet being touched, i had to take him to the vet and it took 12 people to hold him down to clip his nails..

  41. Turbo Jesus says:

    She cut her dog just to demonstrate why you use the powder? That's fucked. I would rather do this myself. Yes I knew about doggy nail polish. its gay.

  42. jimaster says:

    wtf she cut her dog?

  43. Angie Portillo says:

    How to trim your dogs nails:
    Step 1: take him/her to a salon
    Step 2: Relax and wait

  44. Tamara C. says:

    @chanelcouturex Lmaooo saame.

  45. Jules says:

    @NewbPro I think they used fake blood lol.

  46. Liesl E says:

    @seizetheweakened Nice.

  47. Mr Ulutraman says:

    make a video about how to trim your dogs balls
    after you trim them put them in your mouth to test the trimming
    just sayin

  48. OandresQ says:

    I was like yeah I can do this! Until we got to the bleeding part… scary

  49. Fluffy296 says:

    That dog acts like nothing is going on. My dog bites and wiggles everywhere so we can never cut his nails 🙁

  50. Edwin Mendoza says:

    My sis has a white puddle mix Not the annoying original puddles mines don't bark at ppl he like to play fetch too much

  51. megamollie9 says:

    If they get enough exercise and also play time on asphalt works great too they only need the dew claws clipped.When they get old and less active you need to clip all the nails and that becomes more n more but then you do it when they`re already drugged from another procedure …in other words,if your dog ever has to be anesthetized get it`s nails cut then when it`s zonked out.

  52. Anushka Singh Bhal says:

    ya mine does the same.. ;P

  53. Telelikeitis says:

    3. hand over 70 dollars

  54. killinpigs says:

    I let the vet do the nails on my dogs with black nails. I can do the "white" ones since I can see the "quick' in those nails. I have 4 dogs, so we consider their needs. If your dog has black nails, then be very careful about what you do. You can hurt your baby very badly.

    DOGS RULE. They protect us, so don't hurt them unnecessarily. Take them to the vet if you don't feel adequate to do this properly. They LOVE us so much, so return that love.

  55. TheCavyLova says:

    I do this on my bed!

  56. farrah mcmanus says:

    It doesn't work for my dog!

  57. Steven G says:

    ok so I rubbed coke into the wound, it's still bleeding!

  58. homusalonus says:

    My dog would sooner take my hand off than let me clip his nails but I still clip him. You really shouldn't run a dog on concrete as if it wears his claws down think about what it may do to his pads! I tried this for just a few minutes after a friend suggested it and my poor dogs pads looked like someone had took an angle grinder to them. I still feel the guilt to this day! Sorry Spike:(

  59. Arena Accessories says:

    my dog goes ballistic when we try to clip his nails… he says NO

  60. jamaicanchavelle says:

    You'r not supposed to clip their nails because they got soft tissue within the nail ur supposed to just shave them down

  61. tony056 says:

    My dog makes it impossible. I just tried to do 1 and he went crazy…. Time to go to the vet.

  62. FlipED9 says:

    My dog hide under the table until i went away with the nail clippers. He really doesn't like it.

  63. DAN says:

    what if you dont have a dog someone plezz help me

  64. m1pistonhead says:

    That aint shit.. my dog is a year and a half old and weighs 120lbs; I would love to see her try.

  65. Joshua says:

    I adopted an older dog ( Going on an estimated thirteen years or so for a breed that has an average life span of eight ), and his nails are all too long. He is tame enough that I can hold his paws and everything, but no matter how small of a piece i try to clip off at a time, he cries out in pain as if I clipped in to his quick. One of his nails is so long that it has made him start to limp, so I know it has to be dealt with… Do I clip the quick and let him get over the pain?

  66. horneddragon says:

    bring him to a profesional :/

  67. Veronikaynadamas says:

    0:59 That dog is gonna get a boner

  68. john paul says:

    wait, did she purposly cut into the quick for a demonstration?

  69. batinburg says:

    I thought this was a really good informative video UNTIL I heard about dog nail polish. What a fucking joke, get a grip, they're animals not accessories!! Anyone who paints their dogs nails need a slap!!

  70. batinburg says:

    Not to mention all of the animal testing that goes on with cosmetics and then you want to apply it to animals because you think it will look cute! Makes me sick, fucking air heads!

  71. Patty Biller says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  72. CheezyPr0ductionz says:

    I would just fuck that bitch to be honest. And meanwhile let my dog get his nails done at the vet

  73. CapnAndy170 says:

    3. Back to 3rd grade until you learn the difference between your and you're, you uneducated fuckstick

  74. baldandold says:

    in English it is "you are"….

  75. B7ZON says:

    She made the dog bleed!!! That bitch!!!

  76. BeckkyBoard says:

    Or, you can always get a Beckky-Board: Walk-Over Nail-Filing Mat For Dogs

  77. cesar sanchez says:

    That's old English dude people in England use contractions too

  78. Moo says:

    I cant trim my dogs nails enough so they wont click when she walks without cutting into the quick and making them bleed a little bit.

  79. ADICTIONZ says:

    its ok if it bleeds a little bit as long as it stops an dis not gushing

  80. Jade Gray says:

    can you make a video on how to paint your dogs nails thank you

  81. Ian McIntosh says:


  82. Zec Koppes says:

    Thank you for contributing. Good thing we have perfect people around, much like yourself, to help us in this life or death situation of your / you're.

  83. HeyThereItsDanny150 says:

    That bitch made the dog bleed!!!

  84. Esmeralda Chacon says:

    my dog doesn't even let me touch its paws! no mater what I do!

  85. cvgozzy says:

    it's the scariest thing having to do this shit!

  86. TheKataChamp says:

    I feel sad. I've forgotten to trim at part 6. Now my dog has an ingrown nail ;(

  87. Andres Perez says:


  88. Kimerina2 says:

    poor doggie :"(

  89. jonni0909 says:


  90. SnowKid32 says:


  91. CarbonKrazie says:

    I just do it at night so shes drowsy when I clip them

  92. monia daniela says:

    This style of movie is why I relax and watch Youtube. I usually laugh really hard. HOWEVER the large majority of families are slowly and gradually KILLING their pet dogs… The crap commercial dog food companies use in pet food brings about cancerous cells and tends to make dogs die early. I came to understand the challenging way when my doggy passed away aged 5. If you have a dog and you want to conserve its life then it’s vital to take a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Use Google.)

  93. Maria says:

    OR  just take your dog to a professional!! 

  94. Josslann Campbell says:

    Thanks so much!

  95. Magnum LA Will says:

    I may give this a try on my dog. He's an Akita/Pit bull mix.

  96. Stop hurt your dog says:

    Stop hurt your dog

  97. Critter Lex says:

    My dog really freaks and even growls, but gets scared… how can I help calm her?

  98. MysteriousMustacheMan says:

    Easy said then done! You have a small dog right there. I have a 40+ Ib Boxer mix. She's a sweet, sweet girl though and I don't know how she'll react when I trim her nails.

    I don't plan on taking her to any professionals because she'll bark and bark at them and she'll be scared. She's only use to my scent and my family's scent, so I'm gonna have to take the chance and trim her nails.

  99. ComradeAlpha says:


  100. Andrea Patane says:

    It's not easy to trim nails on dogs these days. 👍🏻s up if you agree.

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