How to Understand Rat Sounds | Pet Rats

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39 Responses

  1. Rat Squad says:

    Has this guy ever had rats? If so I feel so bad for them cuz this dude doesn't know much about them and his videos are false or not helpful at all

  2. amanda west says:

    Someone please help me I got my rats today I have done lots of research but I can’t find out why one of my rats keep squeaking so much like he’s never done this before

  3. Crazzy Connect says:

    My rats make heaps of noise. When there happy, they make I want attention noise even kissy noises.

  4. Ian Gray says:

    I mean, I think it's partially dependant on how they're raised. I can't "hear" hear the rats as is, but I can at the same time, they make clicking noises and talk that way, I mean, if I'm watching a movie or something I may not necessarily hear the noise, but sometimes without actually conciously hearing anything, I notice them talking AT or WITH me from across the room.

  5. Cindy Hutchins says:

    This dude knows nothing about rats

  6. Tara Renee Griffin says:

    This guy is an idiot. I have 10 rats and they make lots of noises and are all very healthy.

  7. Denise says:

    Awwww the thumbnail, they look like a married couple with hundreds of baby rats❤

  8. J Anderson says:

    Is he(the speaker) awake?

  9. David says:

    Lookd for "see what happen when you tickle a rat", you will get alot information from BBC. This guy dont know what he is talking about, rat pets enjoy being touched and make noise.

  10. Courtney Holder says:

    I have pet mice. My young long hair male recently started making lots of noise that sounds like he is sloshing water in his mouth. This is the first time he's been so vocal since i got him a few months ago.
    How do i know if he's sick or just being noisey? His noise is way different than their happy clicking and squeaks.

  11. shane lauer says:

    Mine isn’t a pet it’s an enemy. It’s under my bed and keeps making this DAMN sound that keeps waking me up. It’s like ch ch ch ch ch ch but a squeak like it’s trying to attract a female or male. I get my broom and start slamming it on the ground and it stops for about an hour or two then starts again. It wont shut the f up!

  12. shane lauer says:

    My dog grossed me out. She took one bite and the damn things guts came out. F that was nasty!🤢

  13. roger white says:

    As a Rat Dad I appreciate that you posted this. Also the thumbnail of the 2 cheezboiz is sooooo cute its Hella cute

  14. Kristina Back says:

    I learned nothing from this

  15. Lala Rosales says:

    Thanks now I can help rats

  16. Ashton Paige says:

    Mine never squeak

  17. Radu Adrian says:

    I just wanna know more about them so I can trap them more effectively.

  18. adriana luna says:

    literally watching this at 3am cause I can’t tell if the noise I hear outside my window is a burglar or a rat. #summer19check😌

  19. lilly cloud says:

    dude my rat is sO loud and chitters and makes other noises all the time. it’s not because she’s hurt, it’s because she’s talking to her sister, or to me. she makes noises when she’s happy, when she’s telling me she’s hungry etc.

  20. Rummy Sticks says:

    You wearing that earring describing rat sounds it's not what I was looking for…

  21. Jennifer Harrold says:

    My newest rat has been very vocal since I brought her home…. she talks so much I named her Chirp…. I'm wondering if this behavior is unusual. She doesn't seem to have a problem with me handling her, and no biting either ! Any ideas?

  22. Tae XkooK says:

    What about if one of my boys is kind of huffing with a low pitched noise

  23. Annie Jenkins says:

    It's really annoying when I Google something and this dude's vids show up… 🙄

  24. Michael Pouliot says:

    I didn't know 69 could make these noises

  25. Louise David says:

    Okay, doesn't help

  26. Skunky Stinkerson says:

    when a rat injures themselves, vocally they say ouch

  27. gyhogwartsyg :3 says:

    I want a rat but I have a cat and I'm afraid my cat will eat the rat

  28. Misty Henry says:

    One of my boys chews me out on a regular basis because he is a touch-up-not type. Just a bit ago, I caught one of them "talking" in his sleep, making a low whining sound while sleeping! They also chuff when very happy, rubbing their teeth together.

  29. jetrep says:

    A video about rat sounds but not one rat sound is audible.

  30. Kid Pianist says:

    Before there was rats in my room and the- oh I hear squeaking right now. Ok um they where squeaking

  31. NBD Pixel says:

    Nice 420 views

  32. A rat with wifi connection says:

    My rat is squeaking and twitching for some reason what does it mean. The other one does it too.

  33. kosmic koolaid says:

    this video is so inaccurate!

  34. Paul Villamor says:

    He’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the short documentary on 🐀 rats

  35. Ms. BobaTOTES says:

    Him: it’s extremely unlikely for your rat to make noise

  36. Hawaii Hype says:

    My rat got her toe stuck.
    She had the worlds biggest meltdown.

    Which made her break her toe I believe

  37. Ems Adventures says:

    Hmmm, mine make a soft burbling sound quite frequently and teeth chatter sometimes too.

  38. Louis Gedo says:

    I witnessed first hand a rat making purring (NOT clicking) sounds on numerous occasions; every one of those occasions was when the rat was gently held and rubbed by a caring woman I know.

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