How to Use Dog Whisperer Tips on a Dog Who Barks Incessantly

How to Use Dog Whisperer Tips on a Dog Who
Barks Incessantly. Barking is a dog’s way to communicate, but
sometimes a dog can talk too much. Follow these tips from the Dog Whisperer to
keep your pooch from barking incessantly. You will need Dog Patience and dog trainer. Step 1. Correct your dog when they bark by giving
them a stern look, making a loud, sharp sound, or physically touching your dog to distract
them. Keep correcting if the dog starts barking
again and do this consistently and repeatedly until they stop. Never, ever hit your dog. A light touch is all that is needed to distract
your dog. Step 2. Stay calm while you are repeating the corrections. Don’t get frustrated, and don’t break away
from the consistent correction. Know that your dog will pay attention and
mirror your energy. Step 3. Be assertive in your physical posture. Focus your body and calm energy on blocking
the dog from the stimulus that seems to be causing the barking. Concentrate and remain calm to let your dog
know that you are in charge and that the dog doesn’t need to worry about the stimulus. Reinforce good behavior by giving your dog
affection, like belly rubs or hugs. Withhold affection when the dog is doing something
bad like barking or begging. Step 4. Give your dog more exercise and mental activities
to let them have an outlet for their energy. Take them on an uphill walk or a hike instead
of the normal daily walk. Train your dog in herding or agility activities
for mental stimulation. Step 5. Consult with a professional dog trainer if
you aren’t able to control the bad behavior. Know that your dog — and your neighbors — will
appreciate it. Did you know In 2009, a 62-year-old Manhattan
woman filed a $500,000 lawsuit for excessive dog barking, claiming excessive emotional
and physical distress, after she complained for a year about the barking of her neighbor’s
2 Chihuahuas.

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38 Responses

  1. Dragonfyre137 says:

    i don't have a dog. whay am I watching this?

  2. Aleksander Ramstad says:

    that dog looked happy 馃榾

  3. foxs insoxs says:

    awe i want a doggy so bad

  4. NsFPeAcE says:

    he looks like OpTic Hutch sometimes…

  5. blwhere says:

    @Dragonfyre137 For future reference?

  6. Dragonfyre137 says:

    I don't know…. howcast turns people into zombies. it's like watching scooby doo: it's neither funny nor interessting but you just watch it….

  7. morbalyses says:

    how to make your dog stop barking:
    you will need
    – a whip
    – your bare hands
    – a knife

    – some serious mental problems

  8. sugartub says:

    that guy is hot!!!

  9. Cara Foster says:

    is it me or the dog looked a lil' human-ish?

  10. blwhere says:

    @Dragonfyre137 xD That's true, I was watching something on "Tips to quit smoking" one day, and I don't even smoke. I was like WHY? :3

  11. fuqen gewgl says:

    you will need a dog trainer? then why the fuck am i watching this video?

  12. silverponylover999 says:

    I can tell you one thing, if you pet your dog when its barking it aint gonna stop case you just rewarded it.
    Good job

  13. SkullyxHead says:

    we need more cat videos 馃榾

  14. Kronikwookie says:

    the dog owner and the dog trainer look like they get baked together

  15. Thesethlans says:

    ill just throw a rock at the barking dog downstairs annoying!

  16. Soul Evans says:

    My dog barks whenever I leave the room but he will jump and try to bite me when I play with him!

  17. Adin Rimland says:

    who the fuck makes the hats in that village?

  18. Tara Suits says:

    You Will Need- A DOG
    I got a cat will that work??

  19. Christina Prokop says:

    It looks like it's pretty cold outside.

  20. TacoLicker says:

    OR you can just say to your dog STFU!

  21. BadkinG says:

    hit the dogs, best way.

  22. NadrianATRS says:

    the hippie is a dog trainer ?

  23. Raul Alcebar says:

    @pinkstar2345 you need to train your cat to bark first.

  24. Lex60 says:

    That dog looks like my Saya: Black, cute and mega hyper!

  25. jsrf says:

    Lmao, I don't do all of this to get him to stop barking. I just say "SHUT UP!".
    And done.

  26. U. Sufiyan says:

    If the Dog is a female then I would just say "Shut up Bitch!"

  27. Angel Babe says:

    Jim Carrey….

  28. jank1432 says:

    I like it more and more to work with dogs. I have an old (15 ) Sheppard/Border Collie and 6 Pinscher/Chiuahua and with that number of dogs it is very handy if they all do respons at their own name, so i did my best and with a lot of patience the result is pretty amazing. Look at Youtube " miniature pinschers listening" . Greatings

  29. nosnaheislehc says:

    @MissMissy1997 well cats don't bark;/?

  30. Zavaren says:

    How to get a dog to stop barks (Micheal Vick way)

  31. jessicaaw14 says:

    what if the dog is a terrier can you train them to herd? because i have a miniature schnauzer

  32. skylar down says:

    At :34 that is nasty I would never let my dog lick my lips yuck

  33. dancerhaven says:

    Ok but when you walk away they bark again…of course they wont bark when your right next to them! And its just showing them that when they bark..they get your touch and attention. This is so frustrating.

  34. knpstrr says:

    find other activities

  35. JLH 1295 says:

    Never hit your dog ok well he didn't say not to kick it lol.

  36. Patricia Deleon says:

    Fred your an idiot , any person who hits there dog is an ass. joke or not. 聽these tips work

  37. Riza hariati says:

    Yeaaaahh… you are not assertive at all. And that is a good dog

  38. The Lyon Family says:

    I trained my dog to sit and lay down while working on stay and quiet.. But when id go to work my ex would hit my dog for barking or getting overly excited and jumping. That's when I came home to him hitting her So I left him and now my dog is scared of every movement or commands I give her. But she still listens its just that her bad habits got worse 馃槖

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