How Tom Holland Got Ripped To Play Spider-Man

Once upon a time, Tom Holland was best known
for starring in the stage version of Billy Elliot and the 2012 disaster flick The Impossible. Of course, that all changed when the British
actor appeared in Captain America: Civil War, donning the iconic Spider-Man suit to fight
against Steve Rogers. “What’s up everybody?!” Marvel fans everywhere thought Holland absolutely
killed it as Peter Parker and they also agreed he looked ripped as everybody’s favorite web-slinger. He might’ve even made some of his co-stars
jealous for how well-liked he was in the flick. “Listen, Tom’s a little a——,alright? Tom has his own base camp, he has like an
entourage, he’s a lot. He’s a lot to deal with.” But how did he physically transform from a
scrawny tot into one of the world’s most famous superheroes? Here’s everything you need to know about how
Tom Holland turned himself into Spider-Man. Shaking it into shape Unlike a certain actor who’s best known for
playing Star-Lord, Tom Holland was in great shape long before landing the role of Spider-Man. He started out taking hip-hop dance lessons
in England as a kid and went on to study ballet for two years in hopes of landing the title
role in Billy Elliot. In addition to helping him get bigger, Holland’s
dance background has really aided him as an actor. He told Interview Magazine, “I’m very happy
I had that training. It’s been so valuable to my career, and I’ve
used it on almost everything I’ve done since.” That experience certainly came into good use
when he cross-dressed for Lip Sync Battle with exactly zero fear of losing any dude
cred. Hitting the mats Every Avenger has his or her particular skillset. Iron Man flies and blasts stuff. Black Widow does martial arts. Spider-Man climbs walls, does flips, and makes
Olympic gold medalists look like old men. Of course, Peter Parker got his acrobatic
skills courtesy of a radioactive spider bite. Tom Holland, on the other hand, gained his
gymnastic abilities after years of hard work, dedication, and risking his neck. Like his dancing history, he credits his stage
work on Billy Elliot with his earliest exposure to gymnastics. “They trained me in gymnastics while I was
during that show and it’s just something I kept up while finishing the show and for my
auditions for Spider-Man.” Holland is also into free running, a form
of parkour that emphasizes “creative expression.” In other words, it involves a lot of acrobatics,
not to mention some semi-dangerous stunts. Speaking with Metro, Holland once explained,
“Me and my mates go free running all the time….I’ve probably jumped four meters on to grass and
two meters between buildings.” In addition to keeping him agile and limber—which
is essential if you’re going to play the wall-crawler himself—Holland’s gymnastic abilities might’ve
helped him land the role of Spider-Man in the first place. During the audition process, he transformed
what would’ve been a run-of-the-mill screen test into an eye-catching exercise of his
flipping skills. “And I basically did a somersault into frame
and a somersault out of frame; I need them to know that I’ve got some gymnastics abilities
and stuff.” Considering Tom Holland is the guy currently
wearing the Spidey suit, it looks like his acrobatic skills paid off. “Finally, here we go.” Changing things up Another training technique Tom Holland has
adopted to swell up to Spider-Man size is circuit training. This controversial exercise involves wearing
an elevation mask while performing multiple sets of reps, like burpees or bicep curling,
one after another, with almost no rest in between stations. And that’s not the only experimental exercise
he’s tried; he’s also given electronic muscle stimulation a whirl along the way, too. “And they put pads on you and you workout
while the pade electrocute you. And it sucks. It really really sucks.” And while he had some trouble with it at first
… “I tell you, I did it once and I didn’t go
to the toilet for two days.” …He’s since given it another go, hopefully
with less troubling consequences. Punching it out If you want to be an Avenger, sooner or later
you’re going to throw down with some bad guys. Luckily, Holland is big into combat sports. Not only is he an MMA fan, showing up at UFC
events, he also spends quite a bit of time in the gym, learning all he can about the
sweet science. As a result, Holland totally knows what he’s
doing when he pulls on a pair of gloves. “My mind just got blown. His might be as well.” When he’s not punishing those punching bags,
Holland also does every other gym activity imaginable, including chin-ups, side lateral
raises, and even borrowing Thor’s hammer to beat on some massive tires. So, perhaps one of the most effective elements
of his workout regime is how consistently he hits the gym, while still mixing up his
routines. “Ah, that was awesome.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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