HUNGRY HUSKY WANTS FOOD NOW | Funny Dog wants Dinner

♪♪♪ – Maybe? ♪♪♪ (growls) (dog bowl noises) ♪♪♪ (growls) – I love you! (growls) ♪♪♪ – Are you hungry? ♪♪♪ Say, “I’m hungry!” ♪♪♪ (growls) ♪♪♪ (barks) – I love you! ♪♪♪ (dog bowl noises) ♪♪♪ (barks) ♪♪♪ – You don’t even care, do you? ♪♪♪ – You guys wants some food? ♪♪♪ Shelby? ♪♪♪ Want some food? ♪♪♪ (dog bowl sounds) ♪♪♪ (dog bowl sounds) ♪♪♪ – That’s not your bowl! ♪♪♪ Now, you are gonna eat your own bowl? You still don’t accept it, huh? ♪♪♪ You ate some of Shelby’s food… Now you’re eating your food. Shelby hasn’t eaten anything. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

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18 Responses

  1. Kat Bug says:

    YES FIRST COMMENT! anyway- thats sooooo adorable! shes like: Gimme fooood! and Shelbys like Whatever. I wanna go back outside

  2. Wolfgang Vondabute says:

    Haha! at :26 second when you say " are you hungary" she's like WHAT! hell yea!.

  3. Zerogreelynn says:

    My Husky will do the same thing.
    She'll act as if she is Starving
    and we'll fix her her food and she'll be like "Well Thanks for the food…..But i was hoping for something else!" XD

  4. WaitWhat141 says:

    @GoneTotheSnowDogs I don't want to tell you how to feed your dog but I hear that you feed the calmest one of the pack first to avoid aggressive behavior with food. By the way I love your dogs and all my love to all of your pack.

  5. Computerprohelper says:

    what types of food are good for huskies

  6. Computerprohelper says:

    what types of foods are good for huskies

  7. Computerprohelper says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs thank you very much 🙂

  8. Computerprohelper says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs thank you very much

  9. cr4zydi4mond says:

    Very beautiful lovely dogs!

  10. Steven King says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Are you going to bring Oakley to petco? Anyways, keep up with the good vids, Thumbs up all the way! Tbh I like Shiloh the most, hehehe

  11. skyekimi says:

    Lol! They act like there starving and then Shiloh eats barely anything and Shelby eats nothing lol

  12. Catherine Chartier says:

    Shiloh is to funny un top of Shelby

  13. Soojin Gulliver says:

    Shiloh- I want my midnight feast prepared and ready bc… umm Bc… Umm…. Imma make a mess in da morning bc u no give me chicken nuggets straight from the McDonalds!

  14. Teresa Lau says:

    Its so cute yet so funny!

  15. Oakleyfan [Becky] says:

    Shiloh was so talkative! I wonder who had/has more to say: Shiloh or Shelby?

  16. Vishal Chanana says:

    0:21 Shiloh: GIVE ME FOOD!! NOW!!!!!! Shelby: jeez

  17. Vishal Chanana says:

    0:37 Shiloh said “I’m so hungry!”

  18. Jilly Bean says:

    💕🐾 Just subbed to both channels and I'm going back to check out the old videos. I want to learn about their journey so far 💕🐾

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