It’s time for ‘BarkBox’ unboxing! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” Alright!
Let’s find out what’s
inside this month’s ‘BarkBox!’ (Sounds)
For those of you that noted,
Shelby’s stitches… In case you missed last week’s video…
On Wednesday, Shelby had minor
surgery to remove a small… Eye lid tumor… I’ll get the things out here…
What is this says?
Extra toy club! Because we are part of the
extra toy club. ‘BarkBox’ composition book!
Woo! “Bark To School!”
So, apparently this is a
‘Bark To School” themed box. Memphis is just…
Honorary for there. I’ll hold it so they can see
you are digging in… Oh no! Fell down! First thing…
Oh my goodness!
Are you kidding me? It’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Did you got it?
Shelby’s gone to take her sandwich! There’s a pencil…
A number pod pencil. Is not a real pencil of course,
but a dog toy pencil. (To Oakley)
Would you like this one?
Its got a squeaker in it. Would you like it? How about you Shelby? (Shelby says)
“I will take that!”
(Laughter) There’s an apple toy!
Oakley, please tell me you want this! You should totally want this!
This is totally your thing!
This is your thing! Want it? How about this?
(Noise) You want half of it? Look! It comes apart!
Here! Want a half an apple! But, you love the apples!
This should totally be your toy! I’m taking the tag out of it,
but I think that is definetively gonna end up
being in her kennel. (To Oakley)
Is an apple!
I’m not letting Shelby to take that one! The apple is actually the extra toy for this month. What do we have here?
These are munchables. You know, like lunchables, but not!
How cute! Sausage and chips!
But is says, it’s chicken, so is not
really sausage. Would you like…
Oh! I see what it is!
Look! Is chicken sausage and chips! Would you like muchables? Huh? Ready? You got it?
You got it? Shelby! You got to come over here! (Shelby says)
‘But, I’m holding all the toys!” You got chips…
She got to take hers over there as always! How about a chip? You got it? You got it? Shelby would you like a chip? (Shelby says)
“Still chewing my sausage mom!” I threw it over there and she ate it! Oh my goodness! Sloppy Joe Dog Treats! How cool?
Made with real beef! These are Sloppy Joe Dog Treats!
They look like little hamburgers! You gotta sit! There you go!
You get one! You like one?
There you go! Here Shelby!
Good job! These are crunchy puff treats!
Actually those yak dog treats, but
they are microwavable. They are puffy!
Lucky for you guys, there’s three (3). Shelby gets one! Oakley gets one! Memphis sit! Memphis give me a paw!
Memphis give me a paw! Memphis speak! That a stump!
Speak! That’s a stump!
(Bark) You did it!
Give me a paw! Now speak!
(Growls) Yeah! Is kind of speak!
Kind of talking about! Alright! Those are definitively some crunchy
treats and you can hear all of them crunching on. Alright you guys!
There’s our ‘Bark Box’ unboxing for today. If you like this video and want to see more ‘Bark Boxes,’ make sure you leave us a comment down below and let us know you want to see us do more more Alright you guys!
If you are new to this channel and
you liked what you saw, Don’t forget to hit that subscribe buttom! Like this video and share it
with friends to help us
grow ‘The Pawdience!’ As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay pawsitive!
Dream big!
We will see you again soon! I think, they liked all the treats!
If you can tell, Shelby took
all the toys! (To Shelby)
Shelby! Did you took the sandwich?
You took the sandwich, the pencil and the apple that I think Oakley should have!
Apparently, you are the only one going
back to school! ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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100 Responses

  1. TΓ­mea Fazakas says:

    Heeey! What's the new outro song? I was expecting the usual "Turn around and roll over…" then I realized it's not exactly the same! It sounds so cool! :O
    Btw Shelby…I've never seen anyone so eager to go back to school πŸ˜€

  2. Sunny Dijmarescu says:

    Do more bark boxes please!

  3. jewl 721 says:

    hehehe Shelby n the toys funny…xoxox

  4. Marissa Chandler says:

    I wish they made longer like eleven min videos like they used to

  5. saunieh says:

    What Spirit Hood is that you're wearing, Jessica? I love the colors in it!

  6. Rusty_boi_ 99 says:

    Oakley is just like at the apple toy part " doesn't smell like an apple, doesn't taste like an apple…. Not an apple"

  7. Dara Casale says:

    Do more

  8. Emily khan says:

    there is a husky in my neighborhood that looks exactly like Shelby and she is so cute. I thought it was your Shelby when I first saw it

  9. KJune 77 says:

    will shelby ever look normal again she is still cute but just wondering

  10. Know_Your_ Kpop_ says:


  11. Hai Classic says:

    Awwww Sheby was so cute when she was playing in the outro! <3

  12. Liz Purnell says:

    Thought that skeleton thing was a 4th dog for a second there…

  13. marco cc vlogs says:

    the sandwich goes to Memphis cause she eats a lot oakley gets an apple and Shelby should get the pencil

  14. Mincraft girl The cool kid says:

    I am about to get a husky in on my way to get one πŸ˜›

  15. OakleytheAF says:

    Do More!

  16. taKu 3 says:

    Shelby is getting better!!!!

  17. Wolf Hound says:

    omg I love that pb and jelly sandwich dog toy. it's just so cute

  18. Unapologetically Geeky says:

    This is a super cute box.

  19. Niomy Minaya says:

    You guys do not know how much you mean to me like In school I get stressed but then I think don't worry when you get home gone to the snow dogs already has a video and when I get home it's time to eat lunch I put you on my screen and I watch and eat I even subscribe so I get notifications on YouTube you guys mean the world to me and thank you for bring positive. Things funny intertament. And I will always be clicking on that video and when I get older I'm thinking sending a huge package to thank you guys you know some candy pickles and allot more and I will try to send something for the girls too

  20. Florence Gardner says:

    These bark box blogs are just adorable! Glad Shelby's eye is healing nicely. Love you All.

  21. Anne Marie Dippoliti says:

    What a wonderful Bark Box!!!! The girls loved everything!!! Shelby ' s eye is looking much better…..β™‘β™‘β™‘

  22. jazzygdc says:

    Oakley is thinking, "I want a real apple!"

  23. Joey Ahern says:

    Barkbox!!!! aren't they just the best

  24. Felony7777 says:

    I guess everyone gets something different in the Bark Boxes.Β  I get one every month with the extra toy too.Β  The only thing we got the same was the extra toy apple.Β  LOLΒ  I did get a pencil in the box… but it was still different…I was on the idea of a Kong where you could put food/treats inside ( a hole on each end).

  25. Tiara Mcinnes says:

    Awhhh ❀❀❀

  26. paintedbird says:

    That PB&J sandwich toy is so funny and cute! I was so hoping Oakley would take the apple toy, it really is a perfect toy for her.

  27. Christie Lester says:

    I love with Gone to the Snow Dogs are so cute and I'm so sorry about that dog you lost I've had that too it has been very sad since we've lost her she my stepfather Spirits killed him poisoning

  28. Heather Smith says:

    Oh I love ❀️ bark box please do more videos on it 😊

  29. Neftaly Torres says:

    how did u teach Memphis to stomp!!!! if always wanted to do that but instead my husky lay down and slept!…

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    Do more

  31. Katie Karczynski says:

    I love watching your videos and you guys are the only youtube channel I watch non stop❀️shelby, Memphis and Oakley are lucky to have you!

  32. Jazzyab says:

    One of the best Bark Boxes!

  33. Lynne Bass says:

    I feel like my doggy got really boring stuff this month xD

  34. Dianne says:

    When I saw the apple, all I could think of was Oakley girl. Too cute Jess. Shelby's being a diva, again! And Memphis is just so sweet. She loves her momma.

  35. Isabel Lopez says:

    Awww omg your dogs are so cute! I recently got a turtle and named it Shiloh in memory of your dog (Shiloh). Thank you so much for all your videos there so helpful! ❀

  36. Mermaid Aly says:

    Shelby looks much better and happier I'm glad

  37. PebblesThe Pug says:

    Your dogs are so adorable!

  38. camaia utonium says:

    oklay looks like my dog

  39. c&m says:

    I make and sale home made dog and cat treats if you want to get any let me know if you go to my page u can see what I do thanks

  40. lily says:

    Memphis is soooo cute!!!

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    okely is so adorable

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    We have a 1/2 german shepherd and 1/2 husky. He is 5 months old and loves to chew up things!

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    I love huskies

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    Who would dislike theses these rule!

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    How many dog toys do you have?

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    MOOOOOORE unboxing!!!

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    They had.a better lunch then I have at school

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    Three angels

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    New to your channel! We have a 4 and 5 yr old and want to add a Husky family member in the next year or so! LOVE your vidoes! As do our two kids! what a great way to see snippets of what having a Husky could be like!! Love seeing whenever you open gifts! I'm seriously impressed by the stuff people send you!! I also Love Fan Friday! You've answered a lot of our questions! Love how you train your dogs and the puppy training videos! Thanks!!

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