Huskies defining feminism

Feminism to me is an open door that
allows anyone to be able to be a good leader, a good friend, a good parent, a good
sibling. Feminism to me is simply the equality of both men and women. Believing that all people are equal and yet recognizing that our society doesn’t
necessarily treat all people equally. Supporting all women all over the world
so that we can all be on an equal playing field in the future. Enjoying all
the wonderful things about being a woman but also recognizing the fact that we’re
just human and we’re just like everyone else. Feminism is equality. I think feminism is about empowerment of women. To me feminism
means empowering yourself enough to uplift others and bring them up along
with you To me feminism is a condition of equity between men and women. Standing in solidarity with other women and just people in general for fighting for
women’s rights. Feminism to me is all about empowerment and providing people
the proper voice to say what they want to say and have the platform to do the
things that they want to do. Feminism is just basically equality. It
means not looking at yourself or someone else if you’re a man or a woman any
differently. Feminism to me is recognizing the inequity that women face
in society here in the US and around the world, and actively working to empower women and create equity in the spaces that we

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