Husky, Amstaff, Bulldog & other dogs in Studded Dog Collar

Many dog owners choose this Studded Leather Dog Collar for its quality and exquisite design The accessory adds elegance to your dog’s look. It may become your pet’s favourite equipment for everyday walking. The Collar won’t rub or cut into your dog’s neck. It is made of strong and at the same time soft leather. It is flexible and will not tear, even if your dog pulls hard. The collar is decorated with one row of brass pyramids They are evenly arranged throughout the length of the item. Each brass pyramid is secured with brass rivet. So don’t worry, none of them will fall away and get lost. The rivets also secure solid D-ring for attachment of the leashes and tags. The Studded Collar is timeproof and is sure to serve your dog for years. It is made to please your dog with a gentle touch of genuine leather. Besides, it is inviting to the eye, thanks to its marvelous design.

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