♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” Hi guys! If you are new to this channel,
my name is Jess! This is Memphis!
That’s Shelby!
Oakley’s over there, somewhere! The girls are super feisty today! We are coming at you,
with an epic announcement video! We have three (3) different announcements
and were gonna try to get through in this video. I don’t know, which of the dogs will be
in here, because I… Unfortunately did not filled
my pockets with treats, like I should had! So probably will end up with a lot of
“Cuddle Bug” Memphis
in this video! But, anyways we have three (3) different
announcements. Please make sure to watch
the entire video, so you can learn
all about what’s going on. First announcement!
For those of you that are new to this channel,
you may not know about this… For those of you that had been around a while,
you may already know about this. If you read the title, you probably
already know what’s going on! Yes! We are doing the
Christmas Card Exchange
again this year! If you want to participate in the
Christmas Card Exchange,
it will be the same as it has been every year. Very easy! One (1). Send a Christmas card,
a holiday card, a seasons greetings card. Whatever you want to send
to our PO BOX at ‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’
PO Box 12,
Alpena, Michigan 49707. If you could be kind enough to throw
the extra stamp in there,
that will help a lot. Last year, I believe we sent back over 400 cards.
If you have an extra stamp to send,
toss one in there. If not, don’t worry! We will still send you back a card! For the Christmas Card Exchange,
for everyone of you that send us a card,
we will be sending one back. Even, if it’s from overseas, Canada or
wherever, it doesn’t matter!
We will send you one back! It does take a long time.
I’m gonna try out to get back to all guys,
before the beginning of the year. That’s the plan… But…
I don’t know how many will get this,
because our channel is over twice as big as it was last year when we did this!
So, I’m expecting to get a lot of cards! Which is awesome!
I love doing it and the post office
thinks, is great that I have to come every day and pick up cards from
you guys! The next thing we need to do for the
Christmas Card Exchange,
make sure you write your return address
very legibly on the envelope,
so we can make sure the cards get back to you.
Last year, we had a couple
that we sent back I guess, on some of the numbers,
The spellings and stuff and they didn’t make it to where
they needed to go. If you do send us a card, try to have it here,
before December 22nd.
I believe the video is going to go up on December 23rd.
Maybe a little after that! What we normally do when we receive all
the cards, is that we actually open them
all up, in one video. The cards, if you guys sent presents for
the dogs. Whatever they are,
we open all up in one big video. So, we’re gonna hope that you guys
can have them here before December 22nd. So, that we can get that video done.
If your card arrives late,
don’t worry! It will still get put in a video.
It will just end up in a
‘Fan Friday’ video. Announcement number two (2).
This is something I’m really
excited about. I’ve actually been wanting to do this
on this channel, for quite a few years. Where finally to the point, we’ve been able
to find enough people to help us
do this. Starting Monday, December 5th.
We are doing twelve (12) days of giveaways. You are going to get twelve (12) videos,
in a row! In everyone of those videos,
we’re giving something away. Could be… A ‘Spirithod?’
Could be… I don’t want to tell you! Cause then, you’ll know!
So, you’ll just have to come back! From December 5th on, for twelve days
and find out all the different things
we’re giving away. Each giveaway is going to last
seven (7) days, so most of the things
we’re giving away, probably won’t make it to you
before the holidays,
but that’s OK! You’ll get it after it!
It will be great anyway! We found, a whole bunch of sponsors,
to help us out with this give away and
I’m really excited to share all of the fun things that we’re going to be giving away.
Again, that starts on December the 5th. And… The last announcement! I’m sure a lot of you that watches
YouTube regularly, had seen
all of the reports going about, people being unsubscribed from the channel,
people loosing views magically, after
videos go up and people being unsubscribed. Loosing subscribers and… Anyway!
There’s a lot of stuff going on
with YouTube right now. Some people will say,
‘It’s because the algorithm!’
‘It is meant to be that way’ Some people will tell,
‘YouTube’ is broken! We been on YouTube for seven (7) years!
I can tell you… YouTube has been broken
for seven (7) years. You never know if things are gonna work.
If there not gonna work. One of the things you can do and you probably
already learned this by now,
there’s a little bell you can click on Make sure, you click on the bell and
click on, ‘Sent me all notifications’. You can have it, so it sends you an e-mail,
to your e-mail inbox. Or, so it can sent a ‘push notification’ to your phone
so, you’ll actually get… I don’t know, if some of you guys
see down in the comments,
would get people that say #NotificationSquad Those are the people that got the notification to
their phone right away and were able to find
their videos. So, if you haven’t done that yet,
and you want to make sure you don’t
miss any of the videos on this channel that’s something you can do as well. As always, down in the video description below,
you can follow us on all our social media sites.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. All those fun places.
We post on there when we upload
new videos as well. One last thing!
Technically, I forgot! There’s actually, four anoucements!
The 2017 ‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ Calendar
is now available. There’s a link down in the video description below.
That’s gonna be available,
until like January or February. No rush on that! The limited edition holiday T-Shirt
that we put out for sale?
today is the last day! So, if you want to get one of those T-Shirts,
again there will be a link down in the video
description below. We’re you can go and get one of those t-shirts.
I can’t wait till they get here!
I’m really super excited about these ones! That’s all we have for today!
Don’t forget to comeback on Monday
and find out all about the twelve 12 days of giveaways,
will be happening again starting Monday,
were superexcited about that. If you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw,
don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Like this video and share it with your friends
to help us grow ‘The Pawdience!” I’m not just saying that! Liking this video,
commenting on this video and sharing this video
really does help our channel growth. We couldn’t do this without you guys!
That’s a great way that you can
keep helping! (To Oakley)
I don’t have any more treats in my hand!
I’m sorry! Alright you guys!
That’s all we have for today! As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay pawsitive!
Dream big!
We will see you again on Monday! (To Memphis)
When the giveaways starts!
(Kiss sounds) What? You want a kiss now?
I don’t have any treats!
I didn’t eat any treats! (Laughter) Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay pawsitive!
Dream big!
We will see you again on Monday! (Kiss sound)
She’s a riot! She’s just, that’s all you want!
A hug! OK! Good to say it forever… Just hugs!
(Kiss sounds) (Doggie sounds) ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪

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