Husky Gets his Freedom Ride

Good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! Hey Miss Shelby. You wanna tell
everybody what you had this morning? Say, guys, dad made pancakes
and I got some pancakes. You got a pancake, didn’t ya? I should have filmed it because
you ate some pancakes. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.
They were delicious, weren’t they? Say guys, they were so good. Alright, you girls are
gonna hang out here. And I’m gonna go transport a puppy
dog that needs some help. Sound good? They’re like no, it’s no fair.
We want to go too. So I’m currently on my way to the animal
control building to pick up a dog… that is going into the
Harry Houdini Husky Rescue. I’ll put some links
for it down below. He’s about a year old, been bounced around the homes
and now he’s going into a foster home where they’re going to help
him out a little bit and then… hopefully he’ll be
up for adoption soon. So like I said… I will put some links down
below if you guys are interested or if you want to make a
donation to the Husky Rescue. I’m also going to, when I come back, drive up into
Gaylord and pick up some stuff at Lowes. Because the trim that we have all around the
base of all of our house, except the kitchen… I can’t get anywhere but at Lowes.
I thought, I could get it at Home Depot. But I can’t. So I’m gonna stop at
Lowes, do a little bit of running around. It just started raining. Of course it did, because I have
to drive, so of course it’s gonna rain. But I’m gonna hit the road
and go pick up this dog. Daddy’s gonna stay
here with you guys. That way you don’t have
to be by yourself. Okay? Shelby just stopped taking her antibiotics
and I just don’t want her to be by herself. Making sure she’s feeling good. Right?
We gotta make sure you’re still feeling good. Anyway, I’m gonna hit
the road so I can get home. Seriously? I don’t even make it
out of town and it’s snowing. I knew, it was
supposed to rain. I didn’t know it was
supposed to snow. It’s kind of like
sleeting snow but… It’s gonna be
an interesting trip. Alright, so Tango is
in the back here. I brought the kennel,
but he was screaming in it So he’s just gonna get free
ride in the back back there. He’s checking out
all the dog smells. As long as he don’t pee
back here, we’ll be good. Tango, can we see your face? Tango, hey! Tango! Hey, I get
your butt. There’s his pretty face. So anyway, he’s
checking things out. We’re gonna take off and
head towards Houghton Lake. He’s such a good boy. So the camera might
be a little bit shaky. But I got Tango in the back.
He really wants to ride up front, but I’m like buddy, you
can’t, you ride up front, sorry. We’re on our way. It stopped snowing.
Now it’s just raining. So that’s pretty good. But I’m gonna pay attention to the road just because
you know, could change at a moment’s notice. This is a really good dog, though. If you guys are looking to adopt
a male, he’s about a year old. He’ll should be up available soon with
“Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue”. Really good dog. Alright, so I
stopped for a minute… so that I could get a video for
the dog’s channel of Tango. So if you wanna learn
more about Tango… There’s going to be a full video going up over at We are gonna continue
on this freedom ride. You are the sweetest thing. Yes, you are.
You’re so sweet! He’s ready to keep moving.
Wanna keep going for a ride? Yeah, you do, don’t ya!?
You do, don’t ya? Alright, we’re gonna keep driving and
head over to get him to his foster family. Licking the seats. Oh my gosh, somebody needs to adopt
this boy. He’s just the sweetest thing. He’s been sitting up here, he puts his head
on my hand and just wants to be petted. He reminds me of
Memphis so much. Just the sweetest personality! We got ten more minutes, buddy, and
you’re on to your next part of your trip. Could you seriously get any cuter? Nope, I’m just as
cute as can be. Alright… Alright, so I dropped the dog off. I’m
already in Gaylord, it’s snowing again. I kind of figured it would be once I got
to Gaylord. He was a really sweet dog. Somebody really needs
to adopt that dog. He was very very sweet, a lot
like Memphis. It’s always hard. It’s always hard to just let him go but I am sure
he will make somebody an amazing home. So anyway,
I’m heading home… before this snow/rain/whatever
the heck this is, gets any worse. Do you smell that? That’s Tango,
that was Tango. He was super sweet. He would have fit in. He probably would have
fit right in with you girls. He probably would have,
he was super sweet. He was. He was and uh, I just got a message
from them that they made it home. So he made it down to his foster
home. I know, get all the sniffs in. Okay, I’m gonna eat food because I brought
home, food for your daddy and I and I’m starving. Well, I think, the
dogs missed me. I got home pretty much
Jamie and I had some dinner, and watched TV. That’s pretty much it.
He’s playing… Apex Legends now.
Look at Shelby over there… She like… you just like
collapsed into the floor. Shelby! Shelby, do you
wanna go outside? Shelby! She’s sound asleep.
Shelby, wanna go outside? She’s like, yeah, I guess,
I could maybe go outside. How about you? Do you wanna go
outside? Wanna go outside, Memphis? Are you both that sleepy? Come on, let’s go outside. It was raining when I got back. It
quit snowing, but it was raining. Do you wanna go outside? Would you like to go outside?
Are you like squashed into the floor? Guys, I’m melted into the floor. Alright, I’m gonna let these girls outside. Okay, you know the drill. Go to bed! [Jess laughs] Wow! That time it like, it worked good.
Both ran just like you were supposed to. You like a treat now? Alright. We’re calling it a night. I hope, you guys
enjoyed today’s video. Apparently I didn’t turn the
light on when I hit the switch. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay Positive, Dream Big! We will see you again soon. Oh, you want one too, right?
One for Memphis, too. We are going to bed. Goodnight Pawdience! If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs, and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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100 Responses

  1. Bramha Persaud says:

    So cute and touching!

  2. Susan McCoy says:

    Oh my, if I could afford another dog I would be headed to Michigan and Harry Houdini rescue. Tango is adorable. Hope he finds a great forever home. Please keep us updated on him. Love from Canada! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆโค๏ธ

  3. Abby Sheridan says:

    Awww I love him!

  4. wolf1199 nguyen says:

    Heโ€™s so cute

  5. Kristie Bender says:

    Your an angel good luck Mr Tango ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Ange Reese says:

    It cracks me up that he ended in the front seat after you told him he could not get up there. Who can resist his cute little face?!

  7. Luna The Husky says:

    Aww u should keep him

  8. SummerBreeze104 says:


  9. Sheila Williams says:

    Nite nite xx

  10. baby enderdragon says:

    I want to adopt that boy so badly.. Hes so cute and sweet but my parents are scared of huskys so i can't… ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿถ

  11. Nikki Ackerman says:

    So… why don't you guys adopt Tango? You did let him ride up front… I love his coloring and he did seem super sweet.

  12. mechanicgrl says:

    Ugh why do I have to be soooo broke. I would of loved to have him. I feel that way with every animal I would love to have them all๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿถ

  13. Loviekinz says:

    Heย  looked like a sweetie. Only downside to older huskies is their prey drive and if they weren't raised with cats. It's why I had to get my girls at pups, and even then they sometimes like to chase cats…though my cats smack them in the face lol

  14. Nuggetlover96 says:

    You guys should adopt Tango! He would be perfect for you

  15. ivette k says:

    tango is so cute and very sweet

  16. Danny Chavez says:

    Pancakes yum yum I love pancakes

  17. SammyDrawz says:

    Lol we just had to grap trim for are house as well earlier as well <3 Tango is really cute btw!!๐Ÿ’“

  18. ILoveMyChihuahua Missy says:

    Tango so adorable! It's crazy how much he was like memphis. I hope he finds a good family โค๏ธ

  19. Barry Gee says:

    Snow Dogs Vlogs+ Happy Friday!

  20. Pam Matthews says:

    He looks like Luna a bit, in his coloring

  21. Barry Gee says:

    Everest: Hi Memphis!
    Memphis: Hi Everest!
    Shelby: Hi Everest! Did You Have Fun At Your Birthday With Fuli?
    Everest: Yes!
    Fuli: Hi Memphis And Shelby!
    Shelby And Memphis: Hi Fuli!
    Fuli: How Was Your Day?
    Shelby: It Was Great!
    Memphis: So, Oakley And Nora`s Birthday Is Next Week!
    Fuli: So, Lets Make Nora And Oakley`s Birthday!
    Memphis: Good Idea!

  22. Shar Roon says:

    When I saw the thumbnail I was hoping he was coming home with you.

  23. Justin Powers says:

    Tango is so cute.Him and Memphis would of got along really well if you brought him home.It must be so tempting to just adopt one of these cute husky's when your transporting them.I really hope Tango finds a loving family.He is so freaking cute.

  24. Barry Gee says:

    (later That Night)
    Everest: Man, I Stuff!
    June: After We Eat Some Yummy Dinner!
    Everest: I Think I`m Going To Outside!
    June: Okay!

  25. Barry Gee says:

    Jessica: There, You Have Your Cookie! |
    Everest: So, I Hope You Have A Happy Birthday, Everest!
    Everest: You Too!
    June: Come On, Everest!
    Everest: Okay, June, I`m Coming, Goodnight Memphis, Shelby And Jessica!
    Jessica: Goodnight Everest!
    Shelby: Goodnight Everest!
    Memphis: Goodnight Everest!

  26. HUSKY TALES 101 says:

    Poor baby boy ๐Ÿ™ I feel so bad for him. Hoping he finds his forever home soon.

  27. Lizzy 151 says:

    Tango is so cute!

  28. Madison Telfer says:

    Why don't you adopt Tango Jess

  29. TheFatCat 03 says:

    I liv in norwey

  30. sinsy kip says:

    What a cute boy. Adopt him he fits so in the pack

  31. Nc Rott says:

    I know what you mean when you say its hard… As of now I have 2 big girls n 2 lol ones… one is going on 8mths old and the Human society I got him from as 2 boys that are 8 wks old by the same parents as boy,So they are his lil brothers and I want and just can't…Yea its hard๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  32. Leftyloveshuskies says:

    Someone needs to gif the Go To Bed Command at 5:40 to 5:48

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    Oh snow, the day before yesterday we had sleet and it was 55ยฐF and I live on the south shore of Montreal. The weather is all crazy… ๐Ÿคช and May is starting with rain again… Argh !!

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    Tango seems so sweet

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    You should adopt tango. He would be a perfect dog. Please adopt him.

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    I love when this Doggie Mama talks to her kids. They do understand. Confirmed in a book "Dogs That Know When their Owners Are Coming Home"- by Rupert Sheldrake.

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    I love to song in the end and I love u guys so much

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    Ok Jess, so exactly how did Tango make it to the front seat from โ€œthereโ€™s no way he is sitting up front?โ€ LOL! He is a very sweet Memphis like Husky.

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    How do I get involved with Freedom Rides or Transports? I live in Fla.?

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    Tango is so handsome and heโ€™s got the best expressions ever. I love how Tango went from crated in the back to not crated in the back to sitting in the front. I need to learn his Jedi ways. LoL

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