– What happened last night? Girls? What happened?
Did it snowed? Want to go outside? Go outside? ♪♪♪ Wanna go see? ♪♪♪ What’s out there? What’s out there? Is there’s snow out there? Can you speak? Shelby? Tell me! Speak! (howls) Aww! Wanna go out? How about you?
Wanna go out? Ready? Go! ♪♪♪ Look! There’s your dad! ♪♪♪ Sliding thru the driveway… Come on! Your dad’s here! Let’s go get em! ♪♪♪ Let’s go get em! ♪♪♪ Come on Shelby!
Let’s go in! Shelby! Come on! Look! Shiloh is already inside. ♪♪♪ Your turn! Come on! ♪♪♪ It on the seat. ♪♪♪

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100 Responses

  1. randilync says:

    Shelby loves to do zoomies in the snow, eh? What fun!!!

  2. SulliMike241 says:

    If I still lived in Michigan, I'd definitely want a Husky for this kind fo weather.

  3. SulliMike241 says:

    I wouldn't doubt it.

  4. Ash Kechem says:

    stop the video at 0:17

  5. ken1w says:

    Funny how Shiloh wanted nothing to do with the cold and snow. She's a "domesticated" dog. 🙂

  6. okpapereat says:

    it always snow here!!!!! we had a snow fall in may 2010 but it all metled it also hailed lol

  7. okpapereat says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Calgary

  8. Athena says:


  9. s3od2006 says:

    like it

  10. hulaGUNZ says:

    I have just a blue-eyed Sib-Husk (Hulagunz) and love him so much….Shelby and him would have a blast in that snow!…I love this vid, it captures the bread…only their owners know that Huskies are freakin' smarter than dolphins 🙂

  11. MilkCap says:

    Do they ever hop the fence?

  12. Carlos was here says:

    I miss having a dog

  13. hulaGUNZ says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs …..i have to get a a vid-cam to share some of the fun with Hooligan (I didn't pick his name but it suits him well)

  14. Tyguy says:

    Awww this makes me miss my husky 🙁

    its a shame your backyard isnt wide open enough for your dogs cuz huskies are runners! and they need lots of space to run

  15. 82KimKim says:

    My new puppy, a 4 month old Husky/German Sheperd mix saw her first snow a few weeks ago and did the exact same thing as your dog. She ran all over the yard with this happy look on her lil'dog face. I guess it's a good thing we get 5-6 months of snow up here 🙂 Just curious, but do you get them shaved in the summer months 2 help them deal with the heat?

  16. 82KimKim says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Good to know. Thank you

  17. POKEMONF2000 says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs wow 9 years old,your ovbiously treating it very well! Keep adding new vids,there awesome!

  18. JC2014 says:

    my dog does that too! lol

  19. wallerawr says:

    your dogs are so beautiful!

  20. JC2014 says:

    @philliesgohard i wish i had snow, lol,,
    mine just goes NUTS when shes in open ground, !
    just keeps running! so fast i love the enrgy burst from them lol!

  21. mateuszmattias says:

    I kind of like how they seem to have quite different personalities, one of them is clearly less enthusiastic about this whole snow thing than the other 🙂

  22. pugdogy says:

    absolutely beautiful pups 🙂

  23. Dawid Wiśniewski says:

    i love this dog

  24. TheGrayLadyAsh says:

    adorable 🙂

  25. Akaliko says:

    Overjoyed ! Huskies are snow dogs. They're supposed to be in the snow most of the time.

  26. jessica Butler says:

    Adorable!! My Siberian Husky goes mental just like that too 🙂 running an digging in the snow. Such beautiful dogs aint they!
    I <3 huskies!!!

  27. Angelo Pecayo says:

    That car looks like ceaser milan's jeep

  28. khaza1wolfgurl says:

    how did you train her to ring the bell when she wants to go outside? that's very cool and useful to know :3

  29. An telwi says:

    They are SO going to like their new and bigger yard when the first snow comes this year (2011).

  30. Angry Nerd Bird says:


    A Dog's crack cocaine.

  31. Angry Nerd Bird says:

    I love how Shelby is ecstatic, while Shiloh is just on the porch, like a mom, all "Just stay where I can see you, honey"

  32. sasuke0447 says:

    I have an ACD and it looks the same exact way when it runs as Shelby so cute

  33. SnowboardOhio says:

    This is weird cause I live in Shelby, and Shiloh is the next town over! Hahaha beautiful dogs though 🙂

  34. sweetnackey .cordae says:

    Shelby: *excited* oh boy…oh boy…oh boy snow…yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^_^
    Shiloh: 0.o ahmm…i think i'll jus stay up here…

  35. teakbridge101 says:

    Congratulations on 17,000 views!

  36. DrewS80 says:

    Cute vid! Shiloh didn't seem amused though! lol

  37. Roodoe says:

    hahah, i like how one of your dogs is like "FUCK THAT MAN. It's cold out there…"

  38. Arjun Dave says:

    Shiloh, seemed to be too cool for school.

    "Fine so it's snowing, but I look great from this angle, youtube here I come"

  39. witchMatus says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Why don't you wear a fur coat at summer?

  40. LostGirl says:

    Beautiful Dogs!

  41. TaKenOver12 says:

    lovely dogs

  42. teyha azmi says:

    owner : come on let's eat!
    Shiloh : holy mother! FOOOD!

  43. melissa rodriguez says:

    I love mishka's videos

  44. Drumline18 says:

    Cute 🙂 I love huskies! And yours must be trained or something cause this fence is not high at all 😛

  45. Melissa Viau says:

    Your dogs are beautiful!!! I actually have two husky too and they are almost the same colors as yours!! The male is golden-isshh (sable) and the female is black, white and caramel!! 🙂

  46. José António Barbosa says:

    Your huskys don't try to go away from your garden? I ask it because I hear about huskys are very good "escapers" and your garden's gates are kinda low…
    Can you answer please?

  47. Mariah Gonzalez - WOLVANG says:

    LMAO this dog just can't get enough of it xD

  48. MissFancyPants256 says:

    00:20 – The best moment in my life.He has gorgeous eyes. *__*

  49. Downsider says:

    We just got a puppy yesterday, and he's a quarter German Shepard, Siberian Husky, Boxer, and Wolf. He also loves the snow, and being his first night he's now crying and howling 🙁

    Can't wait to take him back out, but I wonder how long he'll whine. I did have him out to do his business before crating him. I wonder how long it took for your dogs to get use to a new home.

  50. Downsider says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs It turns out he had major anxiety? A friend of ours came by a week ago, and she's had dogs her whole life. To give the folks a break she took him for a night. I guess being still too young to be taken from the mother has him act the way he does.

    She said the only time He'd fall asleep and stop howling is if he was completely snuggled right to your chest.

    He's doing better now, though ^_^

  51. kathy sehl says:

    if its a puppy ceasar milans book recommends you let him sleep WITH you at first.

  52. The Greatish Gonzo says:

    Shelby: What is this? I must catch it! I must play in it! AHHH!!
    Shiloh: Oh. It's this stuff again…
    I love that the only way to get Shelby back in was to tempt her with food 🙂

  53. marlon wiley says:

    where did you get them

  54. speedy9313 says:

    Was shiloh like this her first time in the snow?

  55. Ashley Mates says:

    They are so cute were did you get them

  56. S Dolan says:

    Shelby is a hoot!
    I recall the very first time my husky Tess experienced a snow fall. The snow was really falling fast and she kept looking up at the snowflakes. I thought it unusual for a dog to notice. But then again, Huskies aren't ordinary dogs.

  57. Jenson says:

    🙁 man.

  58. Matthew Worden says:

    Shelby reminds me of our German Shepherd Kelsey who we lost in 2010. She LOVED the snow and we always said she was part husky because of it. She was just like that whenever it snowed. She even jumped up in the air trying to eat the snowflakes when she first saw snow.

  59. jadecom6 says:

    Shiloh is funny. She may have to return her snow dog card. She is like "Oh good grief, more snow"

  60. NicksAGenius Productions says:

    what is the song used in this?

  61. Nathan Sattore says:

    Your Sibes are gorgeous and Shelby is amazing. I love your videos! We're thinking of making our own YouTube channel when we get our 8 week old puppy sibe

  62. Meagan Nozzarella says:

    Wow, they actually stayed in the yard. I am fostering a husky and I feel so bad because she can't really run. We have a short chain linked fence and she jumps it like it's nothing. I want her to find a home where she can run! Love love love her though. Wish I could keep her, we just don't have the money or the space to care for her the way she deserves. I do walk her a couple times a day, or rather she walks me. Love your videos!

  63. randy bob says:

    You aren't really intelligent are you?

  64. KatyLiv LPS says:

    You are a really good owner!!! Your huskies love you!!!! LoL I have a sheltie/ Pomeranian we got from a rescue place and he is so playful just like your huskies!! Your my roll model 🙂 I'm only 12 but when I grow up I want to be just like you! Have huskies (2) and maybe move to mini soda!!!!

  65. KatyLiv LPS says:

    Oh my goodness!! You wrote back!!! Wow wow wow wow wow WOWOWOWW!! Your so amazing and I watch ur vids all the time! I'm a HUGE fan! You rock! I made the doggy treat for my dog and he LOVED it! Hahaha thanks!!!!

  66. tee2pot says:

    All that running reminds me of my dog Shadow. Our backyard was a little bigger so when I would go out with her, I would just stand in the center and she would just run fast, tight circles around me.

  67. Filip Nilsson says:

    pure happiness!

  68. Derpy McDerpiness says:

    Shelby reminds me little curious kids…

  69. daisy gregs says:

    OMG your dog is soo cute, my dog does the same thing! My dog is an alaskanmalamute and it looks the same as urs!! Very cute x

  70. mihai zaharia says:

    I just love how chill and calm the black one stayed.

  71. Ajgirl12986 says:

    Shiloh looks do pretty in the snow…

  72. Ajgirl12986 says:

    I mean so


    This kind of dogs has to be out side of houses, look how she is so happy 

  74. daniel hawkins says:

    how'd their first summer snow go?

  75. DENISE HORNE says:

    Hello I just subscribed to your channel and I'm loving your Husky's play in the snow.

  76. Diane DeWindt says:

    They are like Mischka and Laika!  Or, really, any two sisters, dog or otherwise.

  77. Brandi Fouche says:

    do you have any tips or tricks on traveling with puppies?

  78. nearlyhuman says:

    Look at Shelby go!

  79. Lulu W says:

    The brown one is like "YESH" and the other one is like "Wtf are you doing?"

  80. Emily_Saddleseat says:

    I'm thinking about getting a husky and I was wondering if it's ok to have a 4 foot fence if I'm out there with the dog when there outside

  81. Vian Young says:

    your fence is super low. Is it okay to let huskies out to the yard if you dont have a high fence?

  82. Decky Kid Farson says:

    Shelby is so funny in the snow!

  83. Katelyn koss is da boss says:


  84. Cesar Gutierrez says:

    Hi ! im such a big fan of yours! im a girl though!😂😊i hope u answer back! ur pups are cuuuuute!

  85. Marlene Flores says:

    my dog jumps like a bunny in the snow

  86. Granny Grunt says:

    "Come on, let's eat", Really? That was playing dirty, unless, of course, you fed her right after she came in. Ha, ha, ha.

  87. Jessica Monique Esguerra says:

    whoah!!! Shelby is cre

  88. Crimson Kitsune says:

    Shelby had a great sis

  89. Vlogging with Ellie Walker says:

    I love snow

  90. Sucharita Keren says:

    Aww!! never knew shelby did zoomies like this. 😊😊
    like how memphis does now.

  91. jewl 721 says:

    aww Shelby excited for snow. running up on the porch to Shiloh. showing her come on this is fun…xoxox

  92. ILoveMyChihuahua Missy says:

    wow this was in the old house!!! That was a long time ago!!! Hi SHILOH!!!

  93. puppy love snow flake says:

    so cute ❤❤❤

  94. RIP Shelby Xx says:

    Shiloh died when I was born rip Shiloh and Oakley

  95. Sifiso Tembe says:

    I was two by then I didn't know there such as YouTube

  96. Jilly Bean says:

    💕🐾 Just subbed to both channels and I'm going back to check out the old videos. I want to learn about their journey so far 💕🐾

  97. Rosie animations says:

    I was only 4 when you guys first started YouTube

  98. Eileen Luna says:

    Shelby doing snow zoomies

  99. Eileen Luna says:

    Shelby's doing snow zoomies!!!

  100. Matthew Pasternak says:

    If so funny seeing Shelby acting like Memphis and Kira.❤

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