Husky Liners Gear Box Line Overview from Diesel Ops

Hey guys this is JD from Diesel Ops
with another video review so you can know before you buy. In this video we’ll
be talking about the Husky Liners gearboxes available at Diesel Ops. Alright
so this is gonna be a pretty quick and easy video there’s not too much to say
about Husky Liners gearboxes other than their fantastic they are backed by an
actual lifetime guarantee, it’s not a lifetime guarantee it’s actual lifetime
guarantee so if for some reason it doesn’t hold up the way it’s supposed to or if it
does get a crack if it does fade it’s not going to but if it does call Husky;
they’re gonna take care you and get you another one. But they’re very easy to
install depending on which model you get this particular one is going to require
you to take the spare tire accessories out underneath your seat and put it back in there and put everything back in, and screw-down it’ll take you a minute and a
half maybe that’s including opening your doors and lifting your seat. It’s a
wrinkle black finish; it is resistant to almost any solvent obviously don’t dump
a gallon of gas or something in there but speaking of gallonage there’s a huge
capacity you can put your groceries, if you’re a contractor you can put stuff, fishermen, kids, anything you need to there’s a couple dividers. Again depending on which model you have
you can take them out they’re made of foam; we have had a couple people
call and they were kind of surprised by that a strong dense foam it’s not metal
and its not plastic so you know don’t be let down by that. There’s no issues there
it’s made in America again with a lifetime guarantee. Fantastic price point it’s easy to
install made to fit your vehicle can’t go wrong with Husky Liner Gearboxes. If you
have any questions leave a comment below get a hold of us (888) 992-7299 subscribe
to the channel and we will see you guys soon!

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