Husky Liners Kickback Mud Flaps SEMA 2016

Dustin: Dustin here with We’re back at the Husky SEMA 2016 booth. Bew products here is the Kickback Mud Flap. We’re gonna have Dillon walk us through a
few of the points of this product. Dillon: So here, we have our Kickback mud
flap. It’s a little more beefier than some of our
other mud flaps or custom-molded mud flap. The Kickback mud flap is really geared towards
that lifted truck market, the truck with oversized tires, and even trucks with Bushwacker fender
flares. This product is universal in application. You can get it 12 inches wide or 14 inches
wide. You can get it with a coated top, a coated
bottom, a coated top and stainless bottom, or a stainless top and stainless bottom. Even under the parts that aren’t coated, it
is stainless steel. On the back side of the mud flap, we have
some really nice anti-splash grooves, really controls whatever is getting slung onto your
mud flaps. It keeps it from going everywhere. A really neat product. You can use these with the Bushwacker. You can mount them, however, you need to mount
them. There’s not a set way to install them, so
that you can really customize your truck with the Kickback mud flaps from Husky Liners. And they are made in the USA and do have a
lifetime warranty. Dustin: Well, with all the color options and
the easy installation, definitely a nice products. It can fit a lot of applications out there.

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