Husky off leash. The Trick!

a husky of leash for many owners that’s
a challenge and with reason the Husky is known for his running off his prey drive
and for being a non obedient dog with bananas in his ears
I bet 80% of the Huskies worldwide are never off leash and that’s a pity
especially in an area like this so in this video I’m going to provide
you with some tricks that might help you to set your husky free and above all to
get him back again welcome to my channel Han Verdi husky & RV now let me introduce to you the real
stars of this video this is Ziva an 8 year old female rescue husky that came
to live with us when she was 6 and before that she had never been off leash and this is Dyson yes indeed like the
vacuum cleaner he’s a white male husky he’s pretty trainable still rather
fast and still doing his Zoomies although he’s nearly 12 years old now
Dyson was a rescue dog too he came to live with us when he was 1 year old and
he most certainly is the love of my life now my daughter and I take our dogs all
over Europe in our big RV bus so if you’re interested just check the other
videos in my channel now back to our theme to set our husky free and a trick
to get him back in this video I’m going to skip all the stuff about indoor
training and long lines assuming we all know that drill first a
few tips tip 1 is pretty obvious wherever you start training make sure
there are no cats no ducks no chickens no rabbits and no sheep because you will
certainly lose the attention of your husky and the other animals may not
survive tip number 2 is about where to go for off leash training a dog park can
be an option because it has a fence and therefore it’s a controlled area but in
a dog park there usually are dogs and then it is anything but a controlled
area the interaction between dogs makes it a very complicated situation far too
complicated and distracting for your dog to start learning anything in a
situation like that off leash training is just very hard work no fun and
probably no success for you and your husky I will get back to
you on that fun and success part in a bit so if you go to a dog park for off
leash training make sure it is empty or just wait until it is and even then it’s
hard to keep your dog’s attention (Dyson! come!) for there are a lot of
interesting smells there and another dog may come in at any moment and
believe me they know and that frustrates your success which is actually your best
and most important tool. So I prefer to take them to a better area which in our case is some sort of island
where they can run and be free but not run off now let’s see whether Ziva will
respond to my command (Ziva come) now doesn’t that look like a
success (Good girl!) let me show you another one (Ziva, come!) and there
she comes running again (good girl) is that a trick well to be honest yes it
is and it’s a very easy one I named it the success trick and I think it’s one
of the best off leash training tools to fully understand it we will have to go
back to the moment just before I called her now watch her doing nothing
important she’s even a little bored already walking towards me this is the
moment (Ziva, come!) and there she comes
one happy dog obeying my command and the success is all about timing (good
girl, very good!) and now a closer look at that first situation okay I’ve got a
attention again (Ziva, come!) running again
(Very good!) as you can see it’s the same drill waiting for the right moment makes
a happy dog and a happy owner it’s all about timing
(Dyson, come!) I have to correct that: 2 happy dogs (Good, very good) now
you might say this won’t be a success in every situation
and that’s right but also beside the point because the point of
this trick is if success is your goal use it as your tool so choose your battles
make sure that whenever you use this tool you’re about 90% certain it will be
successful let me show you you just saw my dogs
take off to this very very interesting bunch of trees and they are busy if in
this complex situation I command them to come to me and they are relatively new
to that command my chance of success is about what 20 percent 30 maybe with at
least 70% chance of frustration and no fun so I just don’t I let them do their
thing patiently waiting for the right moment
which is when they lose their interest in the trees get a little bored and
eventually come out themselves (Ziva, come)
that was the moment and the thing is you can repeat this as often as you like (Ziva, come) (Ziva, come) (Ziva, come) I’ve had seven rescue husky dogs so far
and used this tool with all of them on a daily basis and with each and every one
of them it was just a matter of time before the success started to expand to
more complex situations (Ziva, come) and even far more distracting
situations so summarizing find yourself a controlled area set your husky
free wait patiently for the right moments (Ziva, come) which is all about 90% success timing repeat on a daily basis and make
it fun (Hey hunter, what have you been doing?) and then I’m sure you can too trick yourself into your best husky
off-leash hikes ever do you think it will work for you let me
know in the comments below and push that subscribe button if you like hope
to see you in my next bus or Husky video bye

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4 Responses

  1. Onrust! says:

    Great video!

  2. Lima Two Five says:

    Great vid. But why narrated in English and title and info in Dutch? 🙂

  3. Gerrit Geels says:

    Professional video with beautiful images, compliments! Do you reward the dogs when they come to you?

  4. Han Verdi Husky & RV says:

    Due to her history Ziva is not the most confident Husky. Give her a thumb up or tell her how well she is doing off leash! I'm sure she will appreciate that! 😉

    Ziva is niet de meest zelfverzekerde Husky. Met haar geschiedenis is dat ook niet zo verwonderlijk. Geef haar een duimpje of laat haar hier weten hoe goed ze het doet. Ik weet zeker dat ze dat fijn zal vinden! 😉

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