Husky Schlafsack Magnum 15 Review Husky Winterschlafsack

hi im daniel from Along time a go i ask for a new sleeping bag and what you use now a got a new one and im so happy about it it is from a not so popular brand HUSKY OUTDOOR from Czechia as far i now they ship world wide and got in much countrys one stores So you see it is a very voluminous sleeping bag It has become not down . I find it nciht well with goose down , . no one knows how down we produced and under what ratios Of course there are companies that do it them but these are very few The name of the sleeping bag is HUSKY MAGNUM -15 It is 15 stated here , however, is 19 on the homepage Refers to the extreme temperature What was important to me when sleeping bag purchase . Was under 2 kilos Then, it is made of synthetic fibers That he is to you The filling consists of a four- chamber hollow fiber layered double , that means two runs are superimposed that is for better insulation Outside it is made of 70D polyester , very strong but not too strong . It feels very good. It is stable but no plans and not as stiff he is from 300T polyester inside. Some are very fast sweat it. But with a slight inlay that is no trouble Here is the heat collar I show you the times . The is so thick , that is very good . We closed with a Velcro closure , which can be secured against chafe . The same procedure we find closure when the outer closure unlike tu the Husky Anapurna having the zipper in the middle is the Husky Magnum to open almost to the bottom and thus usable as a ceiling . The zipper is internally isolated again thus ensteht no thermal bridges . This size The zipper is easy to operate , and does not get caught . on the upside there is another pocket for Equipment objects of any kind The most important , however, is ! Which temperatures are tested in laboratory . Extreme is -19 degrees … here stand -15 degrees …. Comfort limit is -9 degrees The male border, but I do not know if this is really true … and a comfort range of -2Grad ( women ) Do we need this sleeping bag wirkich for the whole year ? not he course is intended only for the transition period from autumn to winter OF me there at 90 € a definite plus if it is you look at really worth in winter . Wenn dir dieses Video gefallen hat oder Hilfreich für dich war dann Abonniere doch meine kanel unten im Kreis, gebe mir eine Daumen nach oben oder hinterlasse einen kommentar was ich besser machen kann.

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