Alright Shelby!
Were go and get your eye fixed! She’s like,
“I’m kind of ready…” “I’t been bugging me and
I’ve been rubbing it…” It’s time to go and get it fix! Alright! Let’s go to the vet! *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” Alright you guys!
Today, were at the vet’s office. Shelby’s having a little minor
surgery done to her eye. And get her teeth clean. Shelby! They are just taking your blood!
Is all right! She’s like,
“I don’t know guys! This sucks!”
(Laughter) That’s the ‘Don’t put the Halloween
costume on me” look!
(Laughter) (Nurse)
What Halloween costume
gonna be this year? (Jessica)
We don’t know!
(Laughter) She just had the crocodile
the other day… I think, I’m gonna get her… (Nurse)
Sneak peek, huh? (Jessica)
A little dress too!
(Laughter) (Nurse)
Alright! Let’s take you one hand
to hold to turn it back… (Jessica to Shelby)
You are being so good Shelby! Shelby, you were supposed to pee
on the plate. You absolutely refused!
(Laughter) You guys can see, right there!
On her eye!
If she hold still… There it is! That’s what she’s getting removed! Yes, she had it removed a few times,
by just freezing it off, but it keeps
coming back. So, this time they just can do
little minor surgery
and take it off! What you think? Sounds like fun Shelby?
She’s like, “No! I want to go home!”
(Laughter) (Jessica to Shelby)
Are you looking out the window? Is your fun stuff out there? You are figuring out how to
get out there? (Laughter) (Shelby whines)
You gotta wait! You gotta wait, sorry! (Jessica)
Shelby! What’s going on? Huh? (Nurse)
There! Good job! (Jessica)
She’s like, “I’ll be good!
I swear! All be good!” (Nurse)
Go and lay down…
(Dogs barking) (Jessica)
Is there a dog coming in?
(Laughter) (Jessica)
Shelby’s getting X-Rays! (Laughter) (Beeping noises) Alright!, so Shelby’s in there now and they
are gonna remove the thing from her eye! Alright! They’re at the center!
(Noises) (Jessica to Shelby)
Shelby! Were going home!
Want to go for a ride? You look very sleepy and drugged up.
I know! Were going! Wait! You got to…
We got to pay the bill first, honey!
Then, will go! Alright! Were in the car and were
going back home! Look! She’s back! You check her out?
To make sure, she still Shelby? She still Shelby! I swear!
She really is…
(Laughter) Is OK Shelby!
They won’t make fun of you
for wearing the cone! (Jessica to Shelby)
How you’re feeling sweetheart?
Shelby ate lunch… She’s been out of few times.
We switched her to the inflatable cone for now,
cause she seems to like it a little bit better. So, gotta wear thought, cause we
don’t want to scratch her eye. She still definitively out on drugs.
You want to go back to sleep? I got up, cause I thought you are gonna get up,
but I think you wanna go back to sleep. OK! You go back to sleep!
These dogs had been real good.
Kind of staying close by her. Not picking on her or anything, which is been
really nice! (To Shelby)
I know! You are fine!
I’m just talking to the other dogs! It’s OK! Go back to sleep!
(Laughter) Alright!
So today is the day after Shelby
had her surgery, as you can tell. She’s already looking a lot better!
I think the major drugs had worn off. Yeah! We took the cone off,
but were keeping a close eye on her. She has to have it on,
whenever we can’t really keep
a close eye on her. But when she is out here or eating,
she doesn’t have to wear it. She has very, very very fine stitches in her eye.
We got to make sure she doesn’t
bump on anything like that. Her stitches will come out, eight (8) days from today.
But, she’s doing pretty good! I just wanna say ‘Thank you’ for all the love you guys
had been sending and I posted a few things on
social media before I, posted this video. A lot of you, already knew what was going on.
But, I wanted to make sure that
we put a video as well! Alright you guys! If you are new to this channel
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