Husky: The Savior – Charitable Mobile Game

Imagine that the war is coming to your country. [Soldier]: It is gonna take a very difficult battle in order to push them out. Imagine that the child in front of you is your daughter or your sister. [Soldier]: We’ll conduct our strikes. It will be very tough fighting, [Soldier]: it may take a number of months…
To War! Imagine everything that this child has lost – parents, friends, a chance for normal life. But you know what? You don’t care… You don’t have to… Although we live in the 21st century and are privileged with amazing things like advanced medical care, incredible progress in science, outstanding technology, life of luxury and more… We are still incapable of stopping the war. At least you can play an easy game, right? Husky: The Savior A charitable mobile game supporting children affected by the civil war in Syria. More information at

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2 Responses

  1. MartinCIMBERON says:

    I can help you with subtitles. From SVK to PL or can help with poland subtitles, czech too.

  2. Kaneki Ghoul says:

    I ♥ husky the savior

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