Husky Ticket Project Gampel Feature

Noah Watt: He everyone I’m Noah Watt joined
by the three founders of the Husky Ticket Project, Jeremy, Kevin, and Kevin. We are
outside of Gampel Pavilion here to talk about some of your favorite memories as UConn students.
We’ll start off with just that, what is your favorite memory for each of you as a UConn
student? Jeremy: One of my favorite moments was actually
right over here. I was camping out for the Game Day game when UConn played Syracuse.
Basically what we were doing we were just hanging out in our tent. All of a sudden a
little mini basketball hoop came out and we had a dunk contest right over here. Some kids
were doing some 360 windmills. It was pretty intense, but yeah it was just a great time.
Everyone was hanging out, eating some Domino’s Pizza that they handed out. It was just great
comradery building. Kevin 1: For me I’d have to say it was the
day I got the nickname Popcorn Hat Kid, which was in my heyday what I was known for here.
It was during the UConn/Florida game. The game that Shabazz hit that buzzer beater.
Where I was standing front row for the entire game, just having probably too good of a time,
where I found this popcorn bucket, threw it on my head. They had me up on the screen the
majority of the game. From there on out I was known as Popcorn Hat Kid. Kevin 2: I mean for me, thinking back on it,
it’s so cold all the time here on campus. Spring weekend. Back in the day spring weekend
just a wild time. A chance for everyone to let loose, blow off some steam before finals.
Weather was always good. Just an incredible memory I think. Noah Watt: Do you guys have a favorite spot,
other than Gampel Pavilion, on campus? Jeremy: Mine would probably be Ted’s. It was
always a great time to hang out with some of your best friends, grab some nickel drinks
on Thursday nights, and just have a good time. Kevin 1: One of my favorite secret spots on
campus, in the back of the lot behind McMahon we used to also tailgate before basketball
games. Just find a nice little nook in the corner of the parking lot, setup your little
grill, have yourself a little pregame before Gampel games. Noah Watt: Smart, smart. Kevin 2: I mean it’s not directly on campus
but sure is close enough, living on Carriage senior year. Great time …

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