Husky Vision 13×01 – “Imperfectly Balanced” (9/2018)

Eyes up! Stay sharp! Mr. Ochoa! Why are you so happy? Cause the seniors are leaving. Seniors are gone Mr. Cooley! Yes! ARGHHH! ARGHH! UHHH! You should have gone for the head! NOOO! OCHOA!!! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! What’s wrong? *screams* What?! The seniors are gone! They’ve gone to dust! Who’s gone to dust? The seniors! The seniors are going to dust? YESS! What?! Aaron. Mr. Ochoa, I…I don’t feel so good. OH MY GOSH!!! Slow down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down! Hold on. Hold on. Hold it. *freaks out* Settle down. Settle down. Settle down! So wait, you’re telling me that all the seniors… And Aaron. Yeah, and Aaron, so whatever. Are you telling me all the seniors are gone? So, no Tuscany? No Lauryn? No more Watashi? Ohh. *breathes in* This is so sad. I’m…I’m so sad that these seniors are gone. This is terrible. Terrible. Ha! What are we gonna do? Why are we in this room? I’m not touching all that dust! Husky Vision is coming up this month. Get to work! There’s only four of us. We should assemble a new group you know? Like the Just— Yes, like the Avengers. Exactly! Ochoa! I have a list of up coming members that could possibly be in Husky Vision. List! What do we have here? So of course, we’re keeping Riya, Sarah, Amanda and Danna. Let’s see. Olga Harrison, easily overwhelmed. David An, he likes to cut hair. Henry Ha, likes to get his hair cut. Casey Kuramoto, slapper of men. Ally Yamada, hand wizard extraordinaire. Alora Lindsey, basic. Kenneth Choi, the “poker” face. Myra McCants, stabilizer. Reid Bobrowini… Bobrowini… Bobrownicki, uses hair mousse in class. Alright. Zane Chao, solo drum-line. Tony Go… Tony Gonzalez, sleeper agent. Michael Kim and Cordelia Loyo, extra. Well, this looks like a good list. Let’s get everyone together. Husky Vision… ASSEMBLE! We’re already here. Oh… well, then. I guess you should get to work! Go, work. If they fail, I’ll do it myself! Hi I’m Olga and I’m Tony And welcome back to another season of Husky Vision! And you’re watching Husky Hindsight. On August 16th was freshmen experience, where all the new incoming freshmen bonded over activites ate dinner, learned the alma mater, and spent the night over at school and Olga went over to interview them and here’s what happened. So I’m here with… – Vivian
-Arya Kyle Lowery – Joshua
– Kristian Camden. And you guys are… – Freshmen
-Students… freshmen -Ninth grade -Freshmen Ninth. So did you guys go to freshmen experience? Yes. Yes in fact I did. Yes Did you guys go to freshmen experience?
– Yeah Ok so like what was your favorite part about freshmen experience? – Watching the movie probably
-Yeahhhh -How was it?
-It was good. – Pretty dope
-Yeah -It was a pretty ahh riveting experience.
– Riveting? mmm cool word ok – So what movie did you guys watch?
– Guardians of the Galaxy – But it was backwards, so it was kinda hard
– Yeah we couldn’t read the subtitles – Ohhhhhhh
-Everyone was just sharing their instagram’s at that point
-Yeah -So how’s school going then?
– Uhhh very well – Very well?
– Yeah
-So how’s school going then?
– Uhhh very well – Very well?
– Yeah -K what’s your favorite class do you think?
– Probably either Pre-Calculus or Honors Chemistry. So how’s school going for you guys? -So far so good
– Kinda tiring a little bit No it’s ok, it’s ok Oh ok umm what’s your hardest class then?
– Umm say it would also be Pre-Calculus. Yeah ok I got that, I got that. – Anyways how’s school going?
– Pretty good
-It’s pretty easy so far. Ok so what’s your favorite class? umm World History – I would say Chamber Ensemble
– World History -Oh really? Ok what instrument do you play?
– I play the violin. Cool ok So how’s school going? It’s alright – It’s alright?
– Yeah What’s your favorite class? uhhhh lunch Ok what’s your hardest class then? Spanish cause I don’t speak Spanish. You wanna say something for us in Spanish. Hola! What’s your hardest class? umm Biology K do you have anything you wanna say? Ahh no in fact I do not wish to say anything at this moment in time. K thanks for coming then?! (awkward laugh) So do you have anything you wanna say? – Fairmont’s great, go Huskies.
– Go Huskies. Ok Umm nope yeah we good ay ayy ayyy Hey Tony, how was your freshmen experience? But I’m not a freshman. I’m a junior. I’m a year older than you. oh And on August 21st was the first day of school and I …*incoherent babbling about not knowing her lines* On August 24th was your back to school rally. where the seniors won a free dress day on the following week on Friday *coughs* rigged On September 6th was Hope the Husky’s birthday There was a chicken wing eating contest and Taz won by eating 11 Therin ate 4. Last week on Thursday was our football game against Workman where we beat them 60 to 35, Let’s GO FOOTBALL TEAM! Watch out for number 13 he’s on the team, he’s also my brother Angel Gonzalez… watch out for him. you know, I think he does good. On September 7th was the Junior High dance Look at all those junior highers… Yesterday was back to school night where your parents met the teachers and hopefully you’re not failing. Hey Huskies, I’m Amanda, and I will be your host for Husky Sports. Before we get to the interviews, Some of the players from the girls golf, the girls volleyball, and the football team are giving me a quick tutorial about how to play each sport. Let’s take a look Are you gonna teach me how to do golf? Yeah, I’m gonna teach you how to golf. So first, we are gonna start off with holding the club cause you got a hold it to swing it. So, you can start with your right hand on the bottom glove hand on top Yeah, swing bring it up. Now, you want to take your left hand pointer finger and your right hand pinky And cross like this. Yes, Yes, Just like that. Keep doing Can you put it down??? Okay. Umm. Are you gonna hit a ball right now? Can I? Um.. Do you think I’m ready? Um.. You know what Yolo! You only live once, right? So you can start here Then, you are gonna start up right here. Bend your knees a little bit. And keep your hips squared. Yeah Looks like that, yeah. Wait, so like this? Yeah Then you’re gonna And then swing through rotate your hips. Like that. And boom. Just like that. Yeah. Perfect. Now go for it. Hit the ball. Kill me buddy? Rotate. Ye.. So, the first thing you know how to throw football is your grip. So you gonna want to trying to have as much air here as possible. As you hold to your fingertips like that. Okay. Oh my.. My hands are too tiny. So like… this? Like One, two, alright. Actually, I don’t know. I don’t know she can hold it. Taz…is gonna teach me how to catch a football. So first off, which you wanna do is a you wanna make a triangle with your hands. dfsfslksdjf Alright. You wanna make sure to the ball hit you right there in between. You know. Just hole right here. Alright? Alright. Let’s try this out real quick. Ah. I recommend gloves. I caught it. So now the kicker is going to teach me how to truck. So basically what you do is lower your shoulder. Don’t go back. What? And now you’re gonna truck. Yes, so where do I put the ball? No, you just. Oh. Hug that ball. Yeah, now run. Okay… Hey guys, can you tell me your names? Karen Bishay. Lexi Rodriguez. I’m Lisette Barillas. I’m Lizzy. I’m Chloe. Hey guys, so I’m gonna ask you a couple of questions. Umm..How are you managing both athletics and academics? So for academics… I’m trying finish all my homework before games or practices. Cause after practice, I get mainly tired and eat dinner and then I give my all at practices. So you gotta make sacrifices. I mean, I don’t hang out with my friends all the time to do my homework and you got to remember you’re student athlete not an athlete student. So school comes first you know. Just working hard you know. Yeah. That’s how it is. How long have you been doing this sport. Umm..I’ve been playing for at least like 7 years. I guess. Umm.. 4 years. But then…I was like a a lead flag football player. I don’t know. So like… 8 years. We don’t want your life story. It’s.. okay. This is my 11th year of playing football. Holy. Wow. I’ve been playing football since the 1st grade. Ah.. this is my second season but first at Fairmont. Are you looking forward to anything this year? I think that we are looking forward most of winning season Last year, we lost in first try in CIF So, we’re looking to get past side and keep moving on CIF. Workman? Workman. We’re gonna eat Yeah, Homecoming. But Workman, we’re gonna eat Christmas coming early, Thanksgiving everything. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be GrubHub down there. We all wanna focus on team bonding this year. And just having a successful season while getting to know one another. So what is you guys’ best football memory so far? This season. Ah.. . So before this game, I was looking for my helmet right? And then I asked Lui, where my helmet is. And then he’s like “Bro, you are wearing it.” And now it’s time for Husky Focus. Hey! Huh? Why did you tell Mr. Ochoa about that test? What test? What are you talking about? You know what I said! Yeah man, why did you snitch? You know what you said! *grunts* Whyyy! Chandler?! Are you okay? Yeah. I guess it’s a normal part of high school, right? No, bullying is not normal, Chandler. But, what can I do? If I talk back, they’ll just hit me even more. Hey, let’s do a fist-bump-boom. Uhh! Don’t hurt me! No no, this is just a new thing the Peace Project made. Here, let’s try again. Okay. Hi everyone! My name is Liza and I’m one of your Fairmont Peace Project ambassadors. Essentially, we are gathering many students from different walks of the school, such as athletes, artists and scientists, to talk about bullying and the concept of keeping peace throughout your lives and on campus. Get ready for Fairmont’s Peace Project Day on October 1st. We’ve got a lot of great activities The first day of school might seem scary. New classes, new teachers, and well… you get the point. Freshmen are running around, sophomores are still here, Juniors are dying under piles of work, and seniors are well… Anyways, you may have noticed that this isn’t exactly like high school musical or like any high school movie ever. So here’s a couple tips for you freshmen. Don’ trip, you’re a freshman! Nobody cares about you! Feel free to make a million mistakes, you’re supposed to! Don’t study every minute, hangout with friends, talk about memes. Don’t do your homework… just kidding, You should probably do your homework. If you haven’t noticed, you just got to high school .2 seconds ago. You’re still two years old, so don’t get cocky, Don’t be doing annoying things, don’t do this… *incoherent screaming* Oh my God, I have a pimple on my face and it hurts so bad. Getting acne at this age is normal, We’re all going through pretty awkward stages in our life, so don’t worry about it! Personal hygiene is really important in these stages of your life, so PLEASE just wear deodorant, just do it. Don’t date. If you see a guy or a girl, just start running. Especially, if they’re a senior. In case you haven’t noticed, high school isn’t exactly like Riverdale or Clueless. It’s full of tests, homework, and sports. So make sure to make the best of it so you don’t end up like this… I just… I just wanna get an A, But I have to get a 98 Hi Cat. Hi Henry. So how long have you been doing art? I have been doing art for 10 years since kindergarten. Cool…so how do you balance school and art then Umm…since I came to Fairmont… Yea…I don’t have a lot of free time anymore so I try to include art into my schedule like actually taking art class. so umm for all the other students that they want to be involved in art Do you have any suggestion? Oh yea umm… We have Prep Plus art and also art after hour. You can contact Ms.Carrie and Ms.Soodak for it. Cool. Thanks for Cat thanks you guys Peace. I mean thank you Now it’s time for On The Prowl. On The Prowl. Answers from the students about issues you care about. Ok so today I’m here with MICHAEL So guys we’re Diego, Andrew, and Nicholas
MICHAEL So guys we’re Diego, Andrew, and Nicholas And we’re On The Prowl The Kid, Brian Wright Andrea, Lani And today I’m gonna ask you guys to define some really strange words Alright Can you define the word Wabbit? An animal, a wack rabbit Wabbit, you guys have seen looney tunes right? Uh…what’s Elmerfudd’s line? Wabbit. IT’S WABBIT SEASON!!! Yeah Yes it’s wabbit season. Wabbit it’s um… It’s just a white rabbit yeah a white rabbit, a white rabbit Rabbit? Ok. Wait I didn’t hear what you said? TBH like. WABBIT Rabbit! Okay You both got it wrong Ok cool. And it means exhausted Wabbit? Yeah I’m a…whatta wabbit day..wabbit I’ve had a wabbit day, an exhausting day Ok can you define the word ambibliophobia? The fear of…water? A phobia Uh…no comment Oh that’s fear Nononono it’s fear of writing a bibliography at the end of your page Fear of libraries, fear of libraries Oh wait biblio means uh… No I give up, yeah I don’t know You got it wrong, the fear of the bible It’s the… That’s straight up Satin bruh It’s the fear of running out of books to read Oh yeah, you knew that? Yeah ok, I knew what biblio meant though Okay Can you define the word pandiculation? No. The way a pendulum moves I have no idea When you……………..slowly run out of oxygen Something about football Something about shooting the A gap every single game. Yeah On the Prowl…Answers from the teachers And now it’s time for Meet The Faculty. Hi huskies, I’m here with Mr. Rusk. Hi Mr. Rusk. Good morning Henry. I heard you’re going to Kentucky this weekend. What’re you going to do? Yeah. So, our competitions have already begun here on the Fairmont speech and debate team. We’ll be competing against 130 school teams and competitors in the University of Kentucky, and after that we’ll be heading to Yale next weekend, so competition has already begun. Cool, can you tell us what- what’s um, speech and debate about? Yeah, so speech and debate fundamentally comes down to foundations and competitions. We teach the foundations of public speaking, logic, reasoning, evidence and research, as well as put you in a competitive climate in which you can compete against other students so that you can, not only learn the foundations of speech and debate but practice that in a way we think which you’ll grow. That’s really cool, um for- for the students, um do you know where can they find you? Yeah so if you want to swing by any time to class 164, this is our debate office you can come during office hours, you can come zero period, first period, as well as after school. We’ll have opportunities for any student to come by and hopefully practice. Nice. I also heard that um, there’s 2 coaches on the team this year, how’s that working out for you? Yeah, we’re really lucky and grateful that we’ll have 2 coaches here. Myself, Mr. Rusk, I’m new to the program, as well as Ms. Mrsich. I think it’s great for 2 reasons: A, we’ll have someone with a different perspective to give us points of view that we might not necessarily have had from my perspective, but more importantly we have a female role model. I think it’s really important that we representation, and we think Ms. Mrsich going to be a great addition to the team. and we’re excited to be with the team this year. That really cool, looking foreward to the debate team this year. Thank you Mr. Rusk. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you. Mrs. Kunkle, I only have 2 hours Oh my goodness we need to get busy here So lets take a look at what we have going on Coming up, here we go We have quite a few things We can cross these out cause its too late They’re already gone. We have coming up on September 10 The Action Partnership Food Bank food Drive We also have on September 22 We go to the Food Bank and we pack boxes With food for low income senior citizens On september 23 We have the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure Cheer Squad
We have the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure Cheer Squad Where we are are going to wear Pink! And we are going to cheer on 15000 walkers Most of them are survivors From Breast Cancer Then, on September 29 We have the NAMI walk NAMI stands for The Nation Allianace of Mental Illness And we are partnering With the SAAMIS club on campus To… do a 5k which is 3 miles And we arae going to donate 20 dollars each And we are going to help get rid of Mental Illness Then after that We have in October The Boys and Girls Club Holloween Candy Drive Where you bring in candy For the Boys and Girls Club The Boys and Girls Club And don’t bring me any of that Like Taffy or Jolly Ranchers CHOCOLATE, they want chocoate Dont you like chocolate? I like chocolate Ok, thats it for right now And that’s a lot Got it thank you A few moments later Mrs. Kunckle, Mrs Kunckle I have 0 hours what can i do? Oh my goodness we need to get busy here Now it’s time for Top Dawg News. Its a dark time for Husky Vision. Once a year Fairmont goes an entire month without a top dawg. But now Husky Vision’s best hope is here. Introducing the new Top Dawg. Hey guys ready to bring back Pun Timez? Oh… Oh wait, uhh can I take that back? He where’s the rest of Husky Vision. YES! Sorry. Hello Huskies tis I Reid. Here to bring back Pun Timez. I mean Top Dawg News lets see howl the upcoming month looks. Join the *incoherent screaming* Join the SEA Club no join the Sleeping Club. Join the Hiking Club, no SEA Club is the best. Room 19 room 19. Oh my god what’s going on. Its club rush. You can join any club that you want to join. From September 17th to September 19th. You to can join any cool club you want at club rush sign up now. Hey you tripped me. Hey you tripped me. Hey don’t trip people that’s not nice. You shouldn’t be doing that to Therin. Yeah what he said. I’m sorry Therin. By the way the no bully peace project is on September 28th. Be there. There there are so may colleges And so little time left help me mister Voss That’s alright Reid that’s what were here for If only I could interview the colleges Well your in luck we do have a college fair coming up Woah we have a college fair? Ya betcha Tuesday October 9th at 6:00 You said October the 9th Right 6:00 thank you don’t worry juniors you may be drowning in college apps and SAT’s, ACT’s, TOEFL’s, and…. Anyways you don’t have to be alone in you’re misery because On the 10th of October the um Sophmoes and Juniors will be getting the wonderful and Self building opportunity to take PSAT’s And the um Freshmen will get to take Naviance training Meanwhile we seniors will get to Get too um… Hey um what are we doing? Well we’ll get right back to you when we find right out October 15th to October 19th is spirit week We have absolutely no idea what the themes are going to be However one of these days will be class color day Seniors get to wear yellow Juniors wear the most beautiful shade of orange I have ever seen Sophomores will get to wear red, and scrubs sorry I mean up freshmen will get to wear purple And thanks for watching Husky Vision. See you next month in October! **Subtitles provided by: Casey Kuramoto, Olga Harrison… …David An, Ally Yamada, Reid Bobrownicki… …Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Kim**

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