Husky Vision 13×04 – “Forest Edition” (1/2019)

Should we be doing something? I don’t know, where’s Ochoa? *groans* Lets do some work Forget it Huh? what the? Where… *door slams* Wait… did we just… teleport… … to a world of wonder and excitement? whaa–? Oh my god! Guys! you should see what I saw?! *collective cheering* hey HEY Where are we? what’s happening? Yeah… and there’s some people missing. Wait but like… maybe We’re here for a reason. Maybe, it’s to film Husky Vision. Oooooooo I know right YEAH It’s a good idea, I know. Okay. So what if like Mr. Ochoa used some kinda like magic/science cause you know magic is just science that’s unexplained to like Bring us from school to over here, you know for some like bonding. Cause like Husky Vision technically is a family. and like, we should be bonding. and you know… bonding. *awkwardly laughs* Nah, bro that’s not it. I don’t think it is. Okay guys, we’re going to go film Hindsight. Do… whatever. HUSKY VISION ASSEMBLE! wait DISASSEMBLE! Oh my God I’m so sorry! Huh I guess I’m not late. Oh my God, I’m so cold. I can’t take this Bro it’s like 37 degrees Shhhhh…
Bro it’s like 37 degrees Shhhhh… Oh hi there! Let’s take a look at the events that happened since last episode. From November 15th to November 17th the fall productionI Take This Manwas performed by our theater program. Great job you guys! On November 22nd was Thanksgiving. From November 21st to November 23rd was Thanksgiving break. Hope you guys had fun! On December 14th, our choir and our ochestra performed at our Winter Concert. Hope you guys enjoyed the sing along! Also on December 14th was the end of our annual CHOC toy drive. Thanks for donating! OH MY GOD IT’S A SNOWMAN! Riya! Where are you going?? Okay… ANYWAY, from December 17th to December 19th, we had our finals. OOF, BIG OOF… I hope you guys did gra-thousand! Seriously, Riya what the heck are you doing?? Okay, I’m just gonna finish. So from December 20th to January *FOURTEENTH* was our winter break. I hope you guys were living your best life! Hey… do you guys know where Riya’s going? No, but there’s a lot of choir kids in there. Yeath, they were like singing a lot… Oh, okay well I’m gonna go to try and find Riya. Can you guys take it from here? Yeah.
Oh, okay well I’m gonna go to try and find Riya. Can you guys take it from here? Yeah. Hey guys today I’m here with Noah
Hey guys today I’m here with Noah Emily Daniel Lewis Cami Okay Cami You’re in choir right? Yeah
You’re in choir right? Yeah And why are you on this trip, Noah? I’m actually here for choir For choir Choir yeah Okay so why did you guys join choir? Because my friends were in it And we have to take it be honest my mom forced me But I think I’m starting to enjoy the process, it’s an art Um…I wanted to join choir since Freshmen year But my schedule never really allowed me to So this year I had a free period So I decided to put that for choir Which songs are you guys singing? Uh so currently we’re working actually on Winter Wonderland Umm…so I think we’re starting to get the hang of it Christmas songs Yeah…like Winter Light Um…chestnuts roasting on an open fire Yeah…okay…um Sarah? Sarah? Um…okay So… Ummm Yeah Um what’s your favorite thing about this trip so far? I think actually the team bonding so I think we’re really starting to get to know each other And kind of learned about each other a lot more *laugh* So what is like your… What are you most looking forward to? Um throwing snow at Danny and Diego Bonding and just having a good time Aww That was nice Hey Husky Sports are you there? Yeah, we’re here. Okay can you take over now? Ok, thanks Cordie. Now from the other side of camp, here’s Husky Sports… …Forest Edition! *airhorns* Hey, have you seen Riya anywhere? I’ve been trying to look for her for awhile. Riya? No. – What about Sarah?
– No. …Alright. Why is everybody leaving me? Michael! So we’re up here and there’s so many cool things like zip-lining, BB guns, and archery Here’s some of that. I know you guys probably don’t care what we’re doing up here, so let’s look at what our basketball and soccer teams are doing. Hi, we’re at the Staples Game, where the boys are playing… And we’re going to show you a little bit of what they’re doing And just see what’s up… what they’re up to So loud. Ok. So… let’s go… to that – Bye
-Bye! I mean, not to brag or anything, but I made it through this whole episode without falling in the snow. A camera! You know what that means! It’s time for Top Dawg News. FOREST EDITION!!! January 24th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We’re not gonna be having school on this day. And of course, there’s always open house. Let’s take a look, shall we? Anyways, open house is on January 25th. For those of you who don’t know what open house is, it’s some kind of deeply ingrained chemical process in a parent’s brain that basically tells them to at some random point go to their kid’s school and bother their kid’s teachers all night and not let them go to sleep. We don’t really know why this happens, but it’s got to be some kind of hive mind or something- *Wilhelm Scream* The winter sports rally is on January 25th. Now um, could somebody help me up? *Hiss* What did I ever do to her? Also, Lunar New Year is on February 2nd. And also, final thing is… Wait- nope, nope- that is- that’s all fol- there’s nothing- Wait! Um, I think you’re forgetting about something. Nope- no- no I’m not! Uh, yes you are. Fine, okay. Sadie Hawkins is on February 8th. I- I just, I- I- I didn’t want to say it because the point about Sadie Hawkins is that the girl asks the guy to the dance and I know no one’s gonna ask me. Don’t be sad. You want to go to Sadies with me? Really? No you dummy! I don’t even know you! Ok, uh, let’s go to On The Prowl. Lily, how are you doing today? Who’s there? Reid? Is that you? You want me to do On The Prowl? I thought you’d never ask! Hey guys! How was your final? It was horrible. Hey girls! How was your final? Aww come on. No, don’t go. How was your final? I mean when you don’t study for it. I don’t have any stress at least. Awww good. So , what did you have today? I had Art, BME, and English. How was it? It’s my easier finals I guess. So, how was your final? Uhhh, I didn’t finish… Oh, I did good on my umm Global Issues final. I didn’t finish my Chemistry final. World Religions… Really?
World Religions… Really? Yeah. There was like 90 questions and I only went up to like 37. Who’s your teacher? Ms. Valenton. Ohhhhh. She’s very nice though. I have her. Yeah. So. how was your final? It was pretty hard. I just had APUSH so, yeah. Did you have anything else? Uhhh yeah. I had Digital Art, but it wasn’t really that hard. I just finished my projects in class. Guyssss, how was your final? It was good… good stuff. That’s awesome. What did you have? Biology, English, and History. Ohh nice. What do you have tomorrow? Tomorrow I have…. Cal and Theory of Knowledge. Oh yeah. Today I had AP Calculus AB and Computer Science. Yeah, we pretty much have the same. No. No? Come on! You will be on camera! *nervous laughs* No no! Guys, how was your final? Uhhh. Are you sure you are gonna ask about that? Yes! No. Do you have plans for winter break or something? Yeah, I’m going to Mexico. Ohhh fun! You? I’m visiting family. Where? Fresno. The TOEFL. TOEFL? I’m planning on goign back to China. Yeah, to visit my family. Do you have any plans for like winter break? Uhhh, not really. Just hanging out with family, you know? My cousins are coming over so that’s LIT. It was pretty bad, you know? I’m feeling a little shaky about Calc, but I feel like my Bio one might have been a little better. We’ll see… we’ll see. Aren’t you in college? Omg, I’m gonna go. This is over! I’m done with this. Hey guys! Are we at, the Salvation Army Camp. I think so… Oh I guess so. Okay, well. here it says Ahhh, around January Some supernatural events, ………there’s a curse……. ….don’t touch the snow….. …….Lift the curse with…. That’s stupid. Please Henry, we have to do it! I’m down! Come on guys, let’s do it! Get to work! Fine… Action guys! Hurry up! Get on the snow! *hesitates* Get on the snow! GO! K-POOP! K-POOP! *breathes heavily* Well I guess it’s time to film ON THE PROWL FOREST EDITION Welcome to On The Prowl Forest Edition And I’m the cohost Tony And I’m your other cohost Alora And today we’re exploring the wilderness *stupid music* *stupid music continues* So you see this part of the forest is called Victory circle You see it’s called Victory Circle because this tree was planted during World War I Ya know? The place were we got our first victory And all the trees make the shape of a circle Omg…Wow Did you know? It’s a myth that no two snowflakes can be alike In 1988 a scientist found two of the exact same crystals in a winter storm in Wisconsin OMG LEARNING IS SO MUCH FUN THANK YOU FOR THAT AMAZING FACT OMG LOOK AT ALL THOSE DEER Aww they look so sweet Fun fact Male deers are called bucks But the bigger deers are called stags Female deers are called does or hines And younger deers are called fawns OMG THAT IS SO AMAZING I KNOW Wow look at that playground Omg did you know? That playgrounds are commonly used by children to play on The ground WOW *music break* Let me show you something *falls on face* Did you know ice is frozen water The freezing happens when these water molecule Slow down and um… Connect to eachother which creates a crystal Uh learning…IS SO MUCH FUN *trees* OMG ALORA LOOK At THE SUN Did you know the sun is a burning ball of gas BILLIONS OF MILES AWAY FROM US In around six billion years the sun’s gonna get so big That’s gonna consume Earth and the whole solar system It’s gonna end human life as we know it Unless we find a rocket ship that can like go to the galaxy and go like really really fast So then like the humans can survive But like ugh probably not gonna hapen but Did you know that? Uhh yeah OMG TONY OMG THERE’S A FREAKIN CROCODILE IN THE TREE OMG OMG AHHHHH A common misconception is that crocodiles can run faster than race horses But actually the fastest race horse clocked in at 44 miles an hour And the fastes crocodile clocked in at 12 miles an hour Wait Tony I think we’re safe now You can put me down Jeez it sure is danr chilly out here I wish I didn’t loose my hat earlier But anyway did you know? That snow actually isn’t white It’s translucent Um…uhhh? Where are you… Cordelia where are you Where are you guys going Uhh Let’s go follow them Come on you guys Have you seen Myra and Cordelia? No. Have you seen Riya, Sarah, or Olga? No, but maybe we should look for them. Yeah… okay, I’ll go this way and you guys go this way. Okay. All Hail Fairmont Prep Home of the Huskies strong We sing our praises to thee Our Alma Mater song From far and wide We share our pride For the black and green Save us… *celebrating* Wait wait wait, hold up hold up hold up Where are we? What’s going on right now? *slow clapping* Congratulations. You all passed the test! I brought you out here through that magic portal in my room in order to teach you a valuable lesson… about teamwork and friendship. And togetherness. That’s right. Through the magic of science… and magic… Because as you know Magic is only science we don’t understand yet… I called it! I called it. – Weird flex but ok.
-Just sayin’ I created a curse on the snow so that when you were to walk into it you’d be possessed by your greatest fears. Because in order to truly bond with each other, and truly experience life and be a member of Husky Vision You have to learn to love each other. Once you learn to love each other Only then Can you love… …others. And so that’s the real lesson Of what I wanted you to accomplish here. So I’m glad that you guys did this… …no wait wait! No! Ochooaaa I hope you filmed something then! Did you get him? Because if you didn’t film anything… You’re going to have a lot of work to do over winter break. But we already shot Husky Vision. Oh, ok. That’s fine then. And that… …my students… …that is the true meaning of Christmas. Wait, wha– Let’s take a look at the events from last episode… …since last episode, not from last episode… sorry sorry sorry (Myra) It’s alright, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling… (Olga) Also walk slower… (Myra) Yeah walk a little slower. Riya… I’m.. I’m… ’cause you’re like… I know because when I’m nervous, I walk faster! (Myra) Oh, ok. **Subtitles by: Kenneth Choi, Amanda Dalby, Casey Kuramoto… …Cordelia Loyo, Ally Yamada, and Reid Bobrownicki.**

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