Husky Vision 14×04 – “Digital Shorts Edition” (1/2020)

No no no, sorry this seat is taken. You can’t sit there. wow I’m sorry, that seat is taken you can’t sit there Hi. Hi Come on Skyler! you gotta get up! Eloise? Oh, I have to meet with a professor early today So there’s gonna be cereal in the kitchen for breakfast. Oh… Dad’s gonna be late tonight So I’ll try to pick something up for dinner tonight. Ok so now that I’ve lectured about photosynthesis Does anybody actually know how it starts? Oh an actual answer Sun Good job. Mr… Troy. K. Well anyway…uh So now that I’ve talked about the individual component, we are gonna talk about… Eloise? El? Hey Sky… I’m sorry I left you home alone I…have a big exam tomorrow and I needed all the help I could get Ok So how was school? Ok Come on, you can’t stay mad at me forever. Sky I have to study Ok. I’ll be in my room if you need me. There’s gonna be cereal in the kitchen for breakfast Hey. The school is having a club rush today and tomorrow after school Make sure to check it out Oh. Do you wanna join the photography club? We are having a meeting tomorrow so… You can bring your camera and everything… Yeah, you should come Ok… Ok. Bye. Hey I’m home K So whatcha doing? Nothing El! STOP! Cameras? Yeahhh.. I have one you can borrow Really? Yeah, under on one term though. What? You have to tell me what it’s for Um just forget I said anything Come on, just tell me Just forget it Sky? Ok Well I might be Joining this photography club Really? That’s great! Yeah, but it’s stupid. Just pretend I didn’t say anything Sky, you should definitely do it. It sounds like fun. Really? I’ve never really used a camera before… I..I just probably won’t do it Stop! You should! Here. Hold on… Here you can borrow it. I usually use it for trips I never knew you had one Well actually… I found it in mom’s room after um… you know Don’t worry. You can use it but… just don’t break it Thanks. No problem. I’m just proud of you for doing something different K well. I’m gonna go to sleep or I might just pass out (First thing first. Insert the battery into the bottom…) You’re here for the photography club meeting right? K great Ok everybody, take a seat Welcome to our first meeting of the photography club So our biggest goal for this club is basically so you can take pictures like these Thank you for Troy for giving this picture. He is the co-president And but we all have start from the bottom so… We’re gonna have to learn the basic like shot project And you guys have to like tell a story Yeah. So basically partner up and if you need any help you can ask either me or Troy Let’s get started. Hey let me help you with that You don’t have to Just let me help you with it. See It works Oh you don’t really have to do that… Thank you It was really easy. Don’t worry about it. So I saw you talking to him.. …Yeah He gets a lot of girls… but I mean are you interested? Ummm… I really haven’t thought about it Ok. I’m Ashley Skyler I’m in the photography club too If you ever wanna talk just let me know Ok so basically today what we’re gonna do is we have a new project And you guys are gonna go into the group. Make sure there is like one person has the camera in the group And basically… yeah let’s start the group Oh I forget my camera. Can we get in a group together? Sure So do you wanna be in a group together? Ok Ok. Do you wanna go outside and take some pictures? Ok Let’s go Oh Have you taken a class before A class? No But thanks These are like really impressive I have to get back to the meeting. You can just stay out here and keep taking photos Bye Bye Hi Oh… Hi Looks like you can use that thing now don’t you Umm… Kind of… I guess Can I see a photo? Oh… sure These are pretty good Thanks Tomorrow I’m going to Victoria Park at two to take photos I usually go once a week by myself but You can come too… Oh.. sure… Sounds like fun Ok. See you then Skyler? Hello? Skyler! Skyler?! Sky, you ok? Yeah. I’m fine. just leave. Obviously there’s something wrong Oh. You can take that back I don’t need it anymore
Oh. You can take that back I don’t need it anymore Listen, I know mom is not here but you can talk to me… I don’t wanna talk about it. It’s stupid It’s probably not stupid. What is it? Friends? Is it a boy? It’s stupid. I don’t wanna talk to you about it Sky, you can talk to me about a boy I said I don’t wanna talk to you about it Why don’t you understand Sky! Sky! Oh Hi Skyler. I saw you entered a competition. I hope you do good. What competition? The photography one! I didn’t enter a competition. Oh.. Sorry. It’s probably the wrong person Sky.. Skyler! Come here! What? You won! Won what? The photography competition How did you know about that? I saw the flyer in your room saying there is a competition And I saw your photo.. They are really good! Why would you go through my room? Well, I was just excited that you are passionate about something And well.. you won! Wait.. I won? Yeah, you did! Good morning everyone, I am your proctor You have from 8 – 9:30 to complete your test Please make sure you don’t cheat, I will catch you…. *takes paper angrily* Stupid. *snatched* mhm, mhm its good, its good He didn’t put his name… ZEROO, haha Yeah I’m fine… I just don’t really know anyone yet and…I’m really home sickThe doctors said boarding schoolwould be a great chance for you honeyListen…the real reason I’m callingIs that the police want to talkto you about the incidentThe police just needanother statement from youto make sure they got the right personIt’ll be quickI already told you I don’t remember anything from that nightI know sweetiebut they just need you to go overit a couple more timesI can’t just force myself Mom!I know Emma I know it’s painful…But they just need you to try your hardestto remember even the littlest thingsYou…you know what I’m just gonna go to sleepOkay honey!And call me Monday night okay?Okay… Bye Mom Hello? Who are you? It…It’s Penny No…It’s not possible You’re… Dead Wait am I still dreaming? I have to be Nope you…you’re awake Wait is it really you? Wait…I have to tell you Wait Penny tell me what happened that night! The police keep asking me and I don’t know what to tell them You don’t remember? Why don’t you remember? I’m sorry it’s just… it’s all so fuzzy I can’t remember anything You have to help me! Wait…why did you have a bruise on your wrist? You need to remember! Remember Landon! I always knew he was a horrible boyfriend But… I never thought he’d go that far What?Hi sweetie what’s up?Hi Mom… Umm… I’m just calling to tell you that… I figured it out… What do you mean? That night with… Penny… I finally figure out what happenedOh that’s great honeyWhen’s a good time for you to come home?I can come this weekendOkay I’ll buy your ticket todayOkay thanksAnd sweetie…I’m so glad you were able tofigure this out…for PenelopeMe tooOkay I’ll see you soon!Bye honeyAlright bye Wait did you do this? What are you doing here? I already figured it out I don’t need you anymore! Are you sure about that? Yes! Then why don’t you remember what actually happened? What? I do! Landon was the one that killed you! Landon wasn’t even there! You’re the reason I died! You’re the one that murdered me! I didn’t murder you! I would never do that! I love you! And I would never hurt you! Are you sure about that? Yes I’m sure why would you even think that! Penny? Penelope! Penny! Oh my God oh my God No… No Penny please No I’m…I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to push you that hard Come on I… I know you’re fine No please **Subtitles provided by Sienna Zhang, Cordelia Loyo… …Jayden Roh, and Lily Liu.**

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