I am a Breeder – Trailer

They’re wonderful as far as
companionship. They like being with you. We love our breed so much. We really love
the Mastiff and all the qualities of it. So when we have a dog that we feel really
embodies all the qualities and has the health and temperament to go along with
it, we put it in our breeding program. Breeding is important to me
because it builds into the future. You get to move forward and look for
something new that’s coming down your line and you look to improve upon what
you’re doing. As breeders, we make sure they have
all their health clearances and socialize them. You want a healthy puppy
that’s gonna live and be part of the family for a long time. When you get a dog from a breeder you get an expert that you can go back to at any time.
That’s the relationship you should have. I’m Pat Flanagan. I’m Pete Festa. I’m Betsy Richard.
My name is Teresa Viesto and I’m all about Happy, Healthy Dogs!

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2 Responses

  1. Dogs Rule says:

    Most AKC breeders take offense at the term "backyard breeder" and all of its negative connotations. In fact most excellent purebreds come from breeders who breed at home, not in a "puppy mill". And if you do it right – pre-breeding tests, vet care, etc. – most good breeders make very little money on their pups.
    On a personal note, I would like to see the AKC REQUIRE genetic testing for degenerative myelopathy by ALL German shepherd breeders, and prohibit the mating of those testing "at risk". That's the only way we will ever wipe out this heartbreaking condition.

  2. Canines Can Do modern dog training says:

    I thought this video could have been so much better. With a video you can actually show what makes "responsible breeders" special instead of just having them say some very general things and petting them. I know my breeder does stimulation games, prepares them for their new lives by getting them de-sensitized and socialized from early on. She keeps them in sanitary conditions in her home. All of these things could be a very powerful visual message. Plus these breeders are not just concerned about health, they are working often with top universities for the health and wellness of their puppies both now and in the future. I am a member of two breed clubs (US and Canada) and our work has impacted the lives of not only our breed but human lives as well.

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