I Cloned My Dead Dog

– We lost our dog Dylan who was a Boxer on 30th June 2015. Before I even managed to
get my head around the fact that he had a terminal
illness, he passed away. So I was in complete shock,
I was completely traumatized. After Dylan had died, I knew straight away that we wanted to bring his body back with us cause we wanted to bury him. The vet said we could have
him out for a few days then would need to think
about freezing him. So we had him out on his
bed for a couple of days. During that time, I was thinking, “shall I get him stuffed,
what shall I do?” I was just in complete shock
and that was when I remembered of someone else in the
UK had their dog cloned while the dog was alive. So I called Sooam Biotech,
told them the situation and just said, “is there
anything you can do?” (fast serious music) And they said, “but we can
do what we do to the cells. Make them grow in number and freeze them until you’re ready to do the clone or they can just stay
there if you don’t decide to go ahead with it.” (serious music continues) We were meant to refrigerate Dylan and take the cells and
get the cells to them in South Korea within five days. – We had to go to our
local, to a Boot Store to get all the vials and
instruments we needed to get the cells. – We had to like
sterilize all our kitchen, then lay him out, sterilize
all the area, shave his fur and basically follow the instructions using this biopsy tilt to
take some skin samples. Then we got an email saying that the situation of the cells
is somewhat complicated. They seem to have attached
but are not growing. We need to leave it a few more weeks and then weeks and weeks
just seemed to be going by and then we got this one saying, “oh they’ve started to grow.” Because Dylan was like such a special case and it was a scientific breakthrough never been done before and I
guess we just kinda felt like it was meant to be. We were like, “how is this even possible?” Like it’s a proper miracle. So we went to South Korea for the births. It was really surreal, wasn’t it? – [Richard] Yea, emotional. – [Laura] Richard came in the room and said, “oh my god, they
look just like Dylan,” and I was just in shock at this point. How am I even, I was just
staring at this puppy but not really thinking anything. It was only when you
said that, that I thought God it’s got all the
markings in the same place, and it’s like a few minutes old. And already you could
tell it looks like Dylan. I think I was expecting them
to come out looking younger and not as formed for some reason. Being part of this scientific
breakthrough is like you know, once in a lifetime. (rhythmic piano music)

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