I Confronted A Fake Service Dog!!

Me: Aww You’re so happy! *Music* Me: So I know I caught it on my GoPro camera, Um, there’s a chihuahua here in a cart and it’s really annoying because it looked like it was about to lunge at Caspian (my service dog) out of the cart. and when I first walked in the lady was like, “Oh you didn’t bark or bite good job” that was something that- like service dogs aren’t supposed to do that either way, also, like when Caspian started barking at dogs, I took him out of PA for a while to work on that Me: Come on! let’s go this way. Good boy! good boy! good boy! Come on! Hup hup, this way! Good job honey! Good boys! Good boys! Come on! Let’s Go! Me: It’s like in a cart over there That cart right there I’m kinda super tempted, I know I asked an employee to take care of it but, it doesn’t look like anybody really got on it so Me: Hi!, Dog Lady: Hi Me: Is that a service animal? Dog lady: Yeah! Me:what tasks does it preform? Dog Lady: What tasks? He performs an emotional task. Me: Oh, well emotional support isn’t a task, under the ADA- (Chihuahua growls) Leave it. *Chihuahua barks at Caspian* Me: Under the ADA law it’s illegal to bring Emotional Support Animals into public places They don’t have the same Access rights as service animals Lady’s friend: ohhhh Me: I actually have ADA law Cards if you would like one, it states all of the laws for the ADA Lady’s friend: Oh you have one?! Me: yeah, I have one actually. Lady’s friend: He got attacked? Me: Yeah, he got attacked by a really huge german shepherd In arden mall about a couple weeks ago (I meant to say months) so he’s still recovering from it Dog Lady: He- My dog, he is a service animal. Dog Lady: He is a service animal Me: soryy, I shake because I have really bad anxiety and PTSD and stuff so when I see other dogs and stuff it really amps me up, but um, anyway, emotional support animals actually don’t have public access, that (the card) states all the uh, questions you can ask to a service animal and also service animals aren’t allowed in carts because there are people who are severely allergic to dogs and- Dog Lady: He’s in his bed! Me: Well, that doesn’t really matter because the dog bed has fur on it, and it’s a company of any store that provides food, or any store in general Even pet friendly stores, that they are not allowed to be in carts just because there are people who have severe allergies Lady’s Friend: I am. I do. me: and- Lady’s friend: certain dogs I’m allergic to Me: yeah! some people like die from it and need an epi pen so it’s really important because the dog is leaning up against the cart where someone would put their hands, even though he is in a bed- Dog Lady: Well, we always wipe these things down Me: well the point is, is that it’s still not allowed to be in a public place um, there’s also no such thing as registries for any service animals or emotional support animals just because um…. it’s infringing on a disabled persons rights Me: I don’t doubt that you really do need the emotional support but- Dog Lady: Yes I do. I’m depressing.. Me: hehe… I don’t really doubt that, I am too, trust me but um…. they have to know at least one task which a task is basically something to- Lady’s Friend: He’s (caspian) laying down Me: Yeah, haha, he does that A task is basically something to help a disabled person migrate- Lady’s Friend: Can I get a card for my friend? Me: yeah sure! You can totally get a card! and thank you for listening! I tell a lot of people this who do bring their untrained pets in here who bark and growl, and I just noticed you guys were saying like “oh you didn’t bark, I’m really impressed!” Dog Lady: Okay….. thank you. Me: I just- I’m sorry I had to bring this up it’s just it’s something that’s really important and it is federal law and if you get caught doing that, like for your guys’s saftey, you could get fined $1,500 and up- *Lady’s friend whistles in disbelief* Me: and you could do considerable jail time because it is medical equipment and it is illegal to uh fake,not that you had the intention of faking but when you bring an ESA into public, it is automatically assumed as a service animal- Dog Lady: I’ve got a doctors letter for him. Wouldn’t that be the same? Me: No, um, unfortunately the ADA does not protect ESA’s Under federal law and- Dog Lady: what’s an ESA and ADA? what doe that mean? Me: ADA is “Americans With Disabilities Act” ESA is “Emotional Support Animal” so the little chihuahua It’s a chihuahua right? Dog Lady: Yes. Me: so basically the ADA, “Americans with Disabilities Act” They don’t cover rights for ESA only for planes, and fair housing so you wouldn’t have to pay, and you do have a doctors note which is good. You didn’t like pay for registries or nything which is a total scam and like waste your money, which is really good! Dog Lady: But I have a doctors note Me: having a doctors note doesn’t allow an ESA into public just because it is um, federal law, and they don’t have rights underneath the federal law which overides any doctor’s note or anything like that Lady’s Friend: That means your dog has got to go for training or something? Me: Under the ADA you can owner train, that is an option, I owner train because I train dogs. I train service animals He is personally mine Me: you can owner train or you can go through non profit organizations If you sincerely have a disability and do need a service dog like if you have PTSD or you have POTS or something like that where you pass out or something, I sincerely suggest going home, doing some research and looking up how you could possibly make your chihuahua a service animal with the right amount of training so you don’t have to worry about it barking unfortunately like mine did, I’m still so sorry about that(Even though he didn’t. IDK WHY I SAID THAT WTFFFFF) Lady’s friend: is that expensive, going to training Me: They have non profit organizations you can go through but the wait list is up to two years which is normal because it costs about $100,000 to train a service animal and to house them Lady’s Friend: How much?! Me: $100,000 and if you go through a profitable organization you have to pay, only pay $10,000 to $20,000 but they help you with fundraising but if you wanted to go the owner training route I suggest, if you don’t have any personal training experience like I do, going through a personal trainer for obedience and that could cost like $60 a lesson or something It’s just normally I don’t mind ESA that are in public that are well behaved and on the floor it’s just yours is in a cart and you were all like “Oh glad it didn’t bark” and I didn’t want to run into you guys again and have it like jump out of the cart or anything Dog Lady: do you take a picture of him? is that what your camera is out for? Me: oh yeah! I always film everything, I never film people though uh I just have it in my hand it’s not recording or anything like that it’s just in my hand, I turned it off but yeah, the ADA does state ESA do not have public access rights that’s pretty much it if you have anymore questions there’s a ton of, there’s the website for the ADA is actually on those cards that I gave you and um, if you do end up making your chihuahua a service animal you do have to be legally disabled and I’m not gonna ask if you are because that’s personal information and I would never do that but you do have to be legally disabled you have to be diagnosed, that’s what it means to be legally disabled by a doctor You can’t self diagnose Dog lady: I have a doctors note Me: Okay! so that’s um, pretty much it I just wanted to tell you so you guys don’t get into trouble because the one day, because even caspian acts out sometimes because we do get fakes and he did act out some days and I was able to correct him, as long as your dog is under control, it’s really fine but it’s really important. Dog Lady: He’s always under control Me: but it’s really important if you have that random moment where your dog does act out you’ll get caught and it’ll be against the law and you’ll have lawsuits on you because it’s technically an ESA instead of a actual service dog or service dog in training so I just wanted to tell you guys Lady’s Friend: can you sue an owner when they attack your dog? Me: Yes you can, because that is interfering with medical equipment he is protected under federal law so it is illegal to um… basically distract him, like making kissy noises and saying hi, to touch, pet and that includes your dog getting attacked so we had video footage and i had to sue that guy because, he damged my medical equipment and we are still recovering from it it’s like stealing someone’s wheelchair and breaking it with a baseball bat you would have to pay for it because it’s their medical equipment service animals aren’t recognized as pets but mainly as medical equipment so they have all the same rights medical equipment does Lady’s friend: where do you buy these shoes at? Me: there on amazon, my busy dog shoes dog lady: my daughter can find that out she’s always on the interenet Lady’s friend: so when you go home you take them off huh? Me: yeah, we take em off, the pavement is just so hot outside today it’ll burn his paw pads so we always protect his feet *Lady’s friends phone rings*

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  1. Sam Bandviks says:

    E D U C A T E T H E M

  2. Service Aussie Caspian says:

    Also I would like to say I apologized for Caspian barking when he did not at all. I always apologize for nothing when I get nervous. It is something triggered by my PTSD,

  3. Jojo's Universe says:

    You did awesome!!! I could never do that!!!

  4. Madison Heinzen says:

    This was great!

  5. lydia says:

    how can you understand peopleif youre deaf? not being rude, just curious!

  6. Jaisa Stanley says:

    I always get an manager and they normally tell them to remove them from carts. Its annoying they wouldn't do that in this case. Its also annoying that people don't do there research and just assume this stuff.

  7. Twitch Happens says:

    Hello! Here from the "Your fake service dog sucks" page. Thought I'd watch the video and leave a like for you.

  8. SurfingPikachu17 says:

    The lady sounded fully unaware of the ADA rules. It can be confusing. Thank you for being kind to her and sharing so much useful info! ♡

  9. Oakland At Your Service says:


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