I eat dinner with my German Shepherd/Jem obiad z moim Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Oh right, this is my dinner. Chicken, bread, salad, some ketchup What are you doing Major? So And you were And you were very nice, so this is your dinner Half is dog food half is fried chicken, like my, right? Are you hungry? Dog food kept in the fridge for such a hot days, additional yes, a cold water Your almost ice creams, what? Enjoy your meal! Truth, that it’s good? Eat for health There you have water to drink Here is also Almost like a soup From dog food & chicken You like it a lot, right? You wanna sit, but you already ate & you must take more Eat all, we have a very good dinner today, right? You always have good dinners A comfy Major, as you see Did you end? It was tasty Bowl is empty? Empty Do you want more? This little piece for a dessert? You wanna? Come You had a lot You’ll get supper in the evening Yes? What you gonna say now, Major? Exactly Later

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