We did This is Fetty she’s a French Bulldog, and she’s only four pounds We got her on Friday, July 19th, and I can’t keep her a secret for any longer So I decided to make a video focused on her and share it with you guys Then we obviously had to show grizzly and Bianca to fun T and Yes, I do have two other dogs and no I’m not crazy. I’m just simply obsessed with dogs and They got to meeting each other. They slowly sniffed each other We wanted she let them see each other slowly so that no Catfight would happen or them one start growling or any bad things that would happen So we slowly introduced them into each other and they immediately started playing and having a great time But there were some moments where you can tell grizzly and Bianca were jealous of her Twenty was born on May 23rd 2019 Near Mt Hmm you showed you Fenty is eight inches tall and 12 inches long Lane Four pounds so she’s an itty-bitty little not get packed with love and fully grown She’s gonna be about 11 to 12 inches tall weighing 16 to 24 pounds And if you want to keep up with her wonderful Life and you want to watch her grow? You can subscribe to this channel because I’m gonna be doing Fenty Fridays. Yes Where it has to do with Fenty or something dog related, she’ll be in the video and you’ll get to see her grow up But you can also follow on Instagram Sent eat the French eat it Frenchie with a Y if you want to stay up to date with a wonderful life Hey fan T As we’re playing outside a hawk decided to come so alright it decided to pick up little Fantine and bring her inside because we want to be safe and Better safe than sorry She’s the cutest little nugget ever Subscribe to my channel if you want to see this little nugget grow up and you want to see fenty Fridays of me uploading a new dog related video with fancy anna and grizzly and bianca if You hear to bring bad vibes and hate Sis, bro, you better leave. Goodbye Okay give this video like if you enjoyed it, give it a dislike if you didn’t enjoy it and I hope you guys are excited to see Fenty grow up as much as I am. I hope you guys enjoyed this video And I am hosting the giveaway a macbook air you guys should go check that out i’ll see you guys very very soon Bye bye

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