I have to give up this Golden Retriever puppy

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  1. Jay Bee says:

    I started crying when I noticed when this did was published a day before my birthday it's like a birthday present from Rocky cuz he's getting adopted it's the best present I had

  2. Jessica Miller says:

    good luke

  3. Annie Owens says:


  4. Koppa troopa says:

    I am so happy for him

  5. Unicorn Factory says:

    I think why people dislike is people Was crying and there tears started to blur And click the wrong button

  6. Olivia Boyd says:

    Why does Hal have to be in that little box to eat?

  7. mathew cook says:

    I’m still crying at this video Evan tho It was last year :C Jalapeño have a nice life bc u deserve it!!!

  8. Day in a life as besties says:


  9. Brayden Kindel says:

    God bless you

  10. Polina Aronova says:

    I thought he was going to kill the dog oof

  11. ProDog 100 says:


  12. The Donovans says:


  13. Thila Rahju says:


  14. The Tea and Book Lady says:

    Jalepeno wow hope your keeping in touch with rocky. I’m so slow watching these videos hehe

  15. Stacey Thirman says:

    Jal is the cutest puppy that I have ever seen. The best name. Jal i wish you the best of luck in your new home

  16. Alyssa Ross says:

    He reminds me of my German Shepard that ran away I’m crying one like to give me hope he’s ok ?

  17. Maëlle Jarvis says:

    I hope you have the best time in your new home ?

  18. Amy Castro says:

    Thank you Jill, congrats 'lil man!

  19. Brielle Lang says:

    You are welcome to my life

  20. Shrek 697 says:

    So happy and sad

  21. Carol Janson says:

    Good luck

  22. skimura2686LandyLala says:

    Jalapeño you’re such a lucky dog to have Rocky and Kelly. Jill you’re such a brave selfless woman to adopt dog with special needs! My hat is off to you!
    Rocky and Kelly you’re the best people in the world to help these dogs get adopted and showing them the world can be a loving place.

  23. English Rose says:

    Thanks Jill. I’m sure he’s bringing you so much joy.

  24. Marty LoveyourBody_Nutrtition says:

    Congrats Jill

  25. Tiffany Ford says:

    I cried happy tear I love that dog

  26. diapedesist says:

    Rosey posey I agree ppl who dislike this gets 3884[email protected]9292922929299292399338477484933874747737737484838 slaps -:( I’m mad for ppl that dislike this video

  27. Akali KDA says:

    My Favorite Dog Is Golden Retriever :> Because Its My First Ever Dog. But When I Turned 13 Years Old He Died Because He Was Too Old. Hes Also Really Really Big He Is Bigger Than Me. The Name Of My Dog Is "Sander" He Died In 2015… I Shared This Because It Was Very Emotional. My Dog Died While I Was Having Fun With My Other Friends. And While I Was Having Fun I Got The News From My Dad That Sander Died… It Was Very Emotional Please Like If You Love Dogs And Especially If You Love Golden Retriever.

  28. Robert R. says:

    I don't know how you can do this?? How long did you foster Jalapeno? I used to foster but only for a weekend, any more and I'd fall in love with the dog.

  29. Josie Mabry says:

    Beast luck

  30. Megan Buttery says:

    i hope he's gonna have a nice future

  31. David T says:

    Thought of Hal today and came back to see this vid again….. lol, always thought " Hal" being short for Jalepeño was hillarious…..

  32. Savannah Freeman says:

    I cried the whole time ??

  33. Nicole V says:

    It was so sad and happy I hope Hal didn't think they gave him away because they will love him

  34. Abbie Sibley says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M GONNA BE HEART BROKEN NOOO WHYYY it's gonna be so hard to move on f eh om this little fur ball of happy Ness 🙁

  35. It’s Adriha says:

    He is not a golden retriever he is a cocker spaniel

  36. Bill Olsen says:

    Happy Jal found a new home. That's some long tail he's got there, his new human better remove all knicknacks from low-lying tables.

  37. Mandy B says:

    Wonderful family for a special pup. Here's to many happy years together ?

  38. Isobel and Gussie says:

    I train Dogs in Saudi Arabia

  39. Isobel and Gussie says:

    Bless you

  40. Lexie Bloxsom says:

    Good luck

  41. Agnes Aquino says:

    Why you give up your puppy you are the best owner they admire you so much
    Rocky Kanaka unless
    You plan to go long vacation with your wife i hope you meet
    Again your puppy say
    Hello and play with him.and cook him
    Delicious food for favorite puppy

  42. Agnes Aquino says:

    I hope your puppy will
    Not cry or sad i hope
    Puppy.will have good owner to take your puppy good home stayed nice family

  43. Agnes Aquino says:

    Dog.looked sad but.
    He's happy to find nice family with kids
    And puppy will be happy nice family will
    Adopt me forevermore

  44. Grace Boyle says:

    I’m so happy for him. I have golden retriever of my own.

  45. Jenn Mize-Clarke says:

    My mom sed I cold start fostering animals.

  46. Angie Millard63 says:

    Super mom Jill for adopting Jalapeño (Rocco) ????

  47. denimm72 says:

    so, so, so happy for this doggo to get his forever home

  48. nightmare dead star says:

    omg I live in the next town and I have a golden retriever in dessert hot springs

  49. Stacey Lowe says:

    I am so happy and sad ?????

  50. Mel Serrano says:

    I am crying so bad because my brother just came home because he moved out 20 weeks ago

  51. Sinead O Sullivan says:

    Good luck!

  52. Ella Křenková says:

    Omg it is sooo sad to see The Puppy Being soo happy ?????????

  53. Junior 5678 says:

    Who else takes their dogs on a walk without a leash

  54. T Featherston says:

    You Worked So Hard To Get Here And Now You Have To Give The Pup Up ☺ But ?

  55. Bex Salerno says:


  56. Chantel says:

    Awe ❤ I'm happy hes got a forever home though I hope he is thriving and the new owner still has him and hes happy and healthy ❤❤

  57. Shellbell Roche says:

    Soooooooooo cute

  58. zizi kang says:

    I am heart broke

  59. Sniper _ says:

    Yes a lot of tears
    Whish you best of luck Hal

  60. Kristan Malewicz my music says:

    You are the best hail

  61. Maisy Simpson says:

    The 320 dislikes are the ppl who didn’t get Hal

  62. Sophie Kowalczyk says:

    I’m so happy that jalapeño got a home and I had happy tears

  63. Tabi’s Corner says:

    Roses are red violets are blue I feel bad for you do you too

  64. Camila's World says:

    good luck jalapeño

  65. Lenny Ivanenko says:


  66. James Sutliff says:

    I love that puppy and hal your great dog, you have a great mom and family

  67. Blackbeaar Blackbear says:

    This is so sad ?

  68. Pets4life !!! says:

    This puppy is adorable ? xx

  69. Flo Gubbles says:

    i hope he has the best home

  70. Super rainbow Family says:

    Good luck.???

  71. xxalexaxx love says:


  72. Katherine Ramos says:

    I hate those 320haters they are missing out the cuteness

  73. Shug73 shug says:

    Who’s owns a dog ? and is watching this in 2019

  74. Audriana Staggs says:

    That is really sad giving away that precious golden retriever how will we ever get used to sitting in that thing where he gets I hope you have a good life I hope that you survive as long as the owner is watching

  75. Willow Lynch says:

    <3 <3<3<3<3<3

  76. Callum Williams says:

    Best luck

  77. Aiden The Chill Gamer says:

    Dont adopt Dogs guys PLSSSS Rescue them!
    adopted dog = like
    rescue dog = comment

  78. Bun puthi rachana Lim says:

    Why am I so emotional I’m so sad even tho I’m watching this in 2019 but I so sad????

  79. F Bizzy says:

    Hope he has a good time with his new family

  80. Jeromy Miller says:

    He is so cute I cold DIE!!!

  81. Lps florida cookie cat Ans says:

    Good luck halipinyo

  82. Namjoonie Bear says:

    I hope u have the best life jalapeno!I love u soooooo much and u are the best pup ever I love u!!!

  83. Evelyn Crooks says:

    I wish you best luck with your family

  84. Julieann Decker says:

    Wishing you happiness forever, Jalapeño! ?????❤️?

  85. sushma v says:

    My family and I rescued a beagle from a lab where they test on dogs and I know how happy a dog is when it gets adopted. ???

  86. Odessy The Collie says:

    Best luck jalapeno

  87. SamTheSpaceQueen says:

    i own dogs! and also i wish that dog the best hope i can :C

  88. SamTheSpaceQueen says:

    pls keep doing this! <3

  89. Gemma Miras says:

    Would love to see how Jalapeño is doing now …

  90. Tim Conroy says:

    You have a good life with your new owner doggy

  91. Nancy Soto says:

    Joshua Tree??

  92. Jenny Faulkner says:


  93. Elephant Lover says:

    Good luck Jalapeño! I was crying happy tears for you when I saw this video

  94. Komal Sharma says:

    I was bursting out with tears when Jal left he was such a go dog ?but I was also so happy for him?

  95. Poppy Kennard-Barden says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww… you two made me cry aaaaaaaah but happy tears love hal hope he gets the best life and I love what you do, I love animals and I would love to do what you do
    Love youuuuu
    And wish you the best hal?????????????????????????????❤️?❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. Amelie Zambrano says:

    I lost my dog a week ago

  97. Always Happiness in the World says:

    That touched my heart I could not stop crying

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