I Knew It Was Stolen, Web Extra, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER 1: We’re going to be
stopping in a green Mitsubishi up here. It’s right brake
light is out, so we’re going to stop and talk to the
driver and see what’s going on. OFFICER 2: I got him. I got him. OFFICER 1: Hands
behind your back. Hands behind your back. Hands behind your back. I got him. 6-5 Franklin. Can you put us on
a vehicle stop? We had a subject
run from vehicle. We got him detained. Why you running? Whose car is that? Whose car is that? SUSPECT: I just pick it up
right there down the street. OFFICER 1: What
you running from? SUSPECT: I knew that
damn car was stolen– OFFICER 1: Oh, you
knew it was stolen. SUSPECT: –but I
need to get home. OFFICER 1: So you took that
vehicle, knowing was stolen because you had to get home. SUSPECT: Yes, sir. OFFICER 1: How do
you know it’s stolen? SUSPECT: It’s obvious. OFFICER 1: Why is it obvious? SUSPECT: The damn
thing don’t match. OFFICER 1: Spread
your feet real wide. SUSPECT: They got
two different plates. That’s how I know it was. OFFICER 1: Two different
plates on there? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: So you know it
was stolen because of that? SUSPECT: No. I was told that it was. I was just trying to
get the hell home. OFFICER 1: OK. OFFICER 2: The keys
are in the ignition. How was it stolen? Did you have it
running somewhere? CAR OWNER: This is my only key. OFFICER 2: So is that
a shaved key, then? Probably going to be. CAR OWNER: That’s not my key. OFFICER 2: We
actually have not– OK, I haven’t
removed the key yet. This key comes back to a
Dodge, or not comes back, but it’s for a Dodge. You can see the Dodge on it. So what they’ll do is
on these older Hondas they’ll shave these
keys and they’ll put them in the
ignition, and this one happened to start your car. OK. It looks like he didn’t
take your car and crash it, so we’re able to get you your
vehicle back and bad guy’s in custody, OFFICER 3: Stop here. OK, Audrey. Deep breaths. Come on. OFFICER 4: She’s playing games. AUDREY: Will you
let me snort it? OFFICER 3: Snort what? AUDREY: My black. OFFICER 3: No. Listen, Audrey– OFFICER 4: She just asked if
we let her snort her heroin– OFFICER 3: Yeah, she
wants to snort her heroin.

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