I Kveld Med Ylvis – Season 2 – David gives away his poodle

– We´re going to talk about your dog. It doesn’t seem to work out?
– It hasn’t been working at all. – I´ve said this before and Oslo, Norway doesn´t like dogs. – Norway doesn´t like YOUR dog, that´s the thing here. – No but the atmosphere is threatening and vicious, in fact it´s gone so far that I´ve placed an ad on Finn point no: Dog is being given away. – Finn point no? In Norway we say Finn dot no.
– I see. – It says: Large poodle is being given away due to relocation. – You placed this ad on Finn ppoint no, so …. you got rid of the poodle?
– No. Nobody wanted it. – Ungrateful bastards! I´m offering…. In Sweden people would be: “A dog, we can eat it!” – But over here…! – Damn oil nation, you´re all just: “No, we have bread and cheese”.
– “We don´t want poodle!” – “We don´t want fur in our trap!” It´s really ungrateful.
– In our trap? – Damn, things were different during the war, then you ate what the hell ever!

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