I Live Streamed My Entire Life for 7 Days Straight (No Privacy Experiment)

– All right, before the video begins. I just wanted to let you
know we’ve got merch. We’ve got merch available. It’s just Digby. It’s like a French bulldog,
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check them out, link in the description, bro, is killemshop.com. Go check that out. Thank you very much,
let’s get into the video. I’ve done something nobody’s done before. Are you sure you want to
stop? Yes, there we go. We’re done. Computer off. Now leave. – It’s so nice. Can you hear me? I forgot I need to talk into this. Yo, Digby’s here, Digby. You have read the title correctly. I’m going to be live streaming
now for seven whole days. This right here is going to be,
I don’t know, the talk lounge. We’ll call it the Beanie
Lounge because I’m sat on a beanie bag right here. Let me show ya. Let me take ya on a little tour. So right now I’ve got
my live stream on here. I can see all your messages. This is where I come just
to sit one-on-one with you. It’s in the living room, but then when I switch to the living room camera… This is the living room. The Beanie Lounge is there. The living room is here. I sit here, get my feet up
on the bean bag and watch TV, and now I’m going to leave
her into the kitchen. So literally I’ve just come from there. That’s the living room and
the beanie, the Beanie Lounge. I’m in the kitchen now. I want to get some food,
and come over, get my food. All right, so now I’m going
through into the office. Now I’m in the office. I’m in the office right now. This is where I’ll be
doing my work and stuff, checking my emails. I’ve also got an Xbox
here, and then from here I come up here, up the stairs. We’ve got the stairs. We’ve got the stairs. You can see the stairs on the live stream, and then through in here into the bedroom. (laughs) How awesome is this? Here’s my bed. This is the guest bedroom in the house. I’m not sleeping next to Moon. I’m going to be here on my own. Moon will be in our normal bedroom. The bathroom here… This is where I go shower, right? The main bathroom. I’m out of breath. I’m out of breath. So that was a little tour of the house. Oh, my God, this is insane. Do you realize how long
this has taken to set up and how much money I’ve
spent on cameras, bro? (laughs) This is insane. Food’s ready and you’re out. All right, so I’m being
told my food’s ready. It’s in the kitchen. Tell me when and I can switch to it. I can go eat food. So I’ma go switch to
kitchen cam, run in there, eat that and I’ll come back in here. You’ll be able to hear me in there. We can still talk and stuff. You can come and sit here if you want. – [Mono] No, no. – Come sit. – [Moon] I’m still in my pajamas. – All day?
– [Moon] Yeah. – You’ve been in your pajamas all day? – [Moon] Yeah, why not? – I can’t believe it, Moon. – [Moon] I’m having a bath later. – On camera? – [Moon] Yeah. – All right. One more minute. One more minute and it’s bedtime. I’m defo getting sick. Come on, Digby, come on. Here, come in here, love. All right, bathroom break. Yo, anyway, that’s it. I’m in bed now. I’m closing the chat. I will see you all tomorrow. I will see you all tomorrow.
All right, so here it is. It’s a seven day stream,
live stream and I’m not allowed to leave the camera. So for seven days, I’m obviously
going to be going to sleep. So here is night one. I’m about to tuck down, go to sleep. You know that feeling you get
when you’re just laying in bed and things are going through your mind, racing through your mind? Everything you’ve done that
day, random things that you’ve not even thought of for
years just sometimes pop up. It’s like that times 100, in
fact, times 2,000, because at this point a couple
thousand people are watching me tucking into bed and watching
me trying to fall asleep. So I’m laid there in
bed knowing that there’s a little camera up there watching me, and a couple thousand people
trying to watch me go to sleep. I’ve thought things I’ve never
thought before in my life. I’m laid there trying to
sleep and I’m thinking, “Come on, you’ve got to get to sleep. “You’ve got to fall asleep. “2,000 people are watching ya fall asleep. “You’ve got to fall asleep right now. “Why aren’t you falling asleep? “It’s been 20 minutes. “Why aren’t you asleep yet? “They’re going to think you’re weird. “Come on, fall asleep.” This was constantly going through my mind. I don’t know how I fell to sleep… And let me just tell
you now, it was one of the worst night’s sleeps
I’ve ever had in my life. I was just constantly waking up thinking, “Oh, my God, what’s that mean?” As soon as I woke up,
I knew I was on camera. There’s no escaping it. There’s no forgetting it at
this point now it was online. It was the first thing I
thought of instantly as soon as I woke up, and I’m waking
up in panics, slight panics. I didn’t let it show on
camera, but I’m waking up in slight panics thinking, “Oh, my God, is everything all right? “Is the stream still going? “Is people still watching me?’ “How many people is
watching me right now?” The first night was the worst. I’m awake. Oh, God, I can’t go back
to sleep, that light. Whoa, morning. (laughs) Morning. I don’t usually have breakfast, but I don’t usually wake up this early. I also don’t go to sleep that early, so I guess I’ll have breakfast. Hi, lad, kitchen again. “Where’s your dog and where’s Moon?” (laughs) They’re both asleep still. “Have you got plans for the week? “You could review people’s channels.” I haven’t got plans for all week, but today it’s 7:00p.m., I’m going to leak my
number and talk to people. (knocking at door) (doorbell rings) Someone’s here. Great, great, great, come in. Come on in, great. Great, come in. Oh, no, which room are we in?
– [Dad] Are we in that one? – [Killem] Well, which one are we on here? – [Dad] Now, this one. – [Killem] Right here, so in this room… Come here, love. – [Dad] No, now what’d you put? (laughs) Yay! – [Killem] Come in here. Do you see this? No. – Thanks. (laughs) I know you’re looking. Yes, that’s it, shout out. You get it? Got expenses? Call us notaries. (laughter) (phone ringing) – Who is it?
– I’ll go out and drink. Yes, are you there? – Don’t put your his number on. He’ll regret it. (laughs) He’ll regret it. He’ll regret it. – What am I having here? – Is that tall? – That’s you’re actual
phone when you were… When you did that. (laughs) – You owe him a pint. You owe him a pint. I won. – We’re keeping busy, aren’t we? – [Friend] Stop, stop,
stop ringing me, you lot. (laughs)
– So you think I am God? – Stop ringing–
(laughter) Ringing. (laughter) – Look, he’s a good looking lad. Got to let him in. – All right. – I’ve got the address,
they’re near Halifax. – All right.
– See ya later. – See ya later. Thanks for coming. Nice seeing ya. – Yeah, you too. All right, so at 7:00p.m.
I’m going to have to run into the office, put the phone
number in the description and then I’m going to have to run back. You can normal ring me, you
can normal text message me, you can WhatsApp message me. All right, I’m putting
the phone number on now and then I’m running back quick. Back, go, go, go, go. (phone ringing) Yo, hello, hello, can you see me? – Yo, yeah, I can see you now. – Oh, nice one. – Not really, we’re used to watching Big Brother and stuff like that. – Oh, Big Brother. – Yeah. (laughs) – Did you catch me sleeping
last night as well? Was that fun? I can’t press accept. I can’t press end. (phone ringing) Hello, am I on? (laughs) (phones ringing) Oh, my God, why do I have two phones now? Hello, hey, hey, yo, hey. (phone rings) Oh, my God. Here we go. I think I’m on top of it. Not this one, this one. (phones ringing) How do I stop… Won’t stop calls. It just stopped accepting messages. Well, the phone call thing was
a massive fail, massive fail. It was nice talking to
everyone who answered, who I could answer and who answered me. One day, seven hours, 57
minutes and 32 seconds. This is crazy. This is getting out of hand. (laughs) I can’t sleep. I don’t feel tired
enough to sleep, but I’m too tired to do anything. I’m so tired, but I’m not
tired enough to sleep. It’s probably that Red Bull. I knew I shouldn’t drink the Red Bull. Morning, morning. I’m just going to go have a shower. I’ma go shower. The bathroom break. The notorious bathroom break. People are getting angry at me for this. People are actually getting angry at me for having a bathroom break. I’m on stream 24 hours a
day, seven days a week. I’m going to need the
bathroom at some point. So you know, toilet breaks,
clean my teeth, shower, baths and showers, and stuff. I’ve got to do these. It’s seven days. I’ve got to do these. Fair enough, you could
skip baths and showers. I don’t want to be gross. I’m on camera. You could skip brushing your teeth. I don’t want to be gross. Again, I’m on camera, but bathroom… I need to go to the toilet. So people are getting angry
at me for going to the toilet because apparently this is
meant to be seven days live and then I’m putting
these bathroom breaks on and I’m going to the toilet. I can’t show that for
multiple, multiple reasons. I don’t want video footage
of myself out there on the Internet of me using the
toilet and showering, naked, with my spesh out. (laughs) And two it’s not even allowed on YouTube. If I did do that, my channel
would be instant deleted. You go to other websites
for that kind of stuff. When I were in there using
the toilet, I felt pressure. I’ve got to be quick,
I’ve got to be quick. So anyway, that was slowly
getting to me over the week. It’s just another thing on top of all the things that’s happening,
people getting annoyed at me for the bathroom break, it’s just… I can’t, I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to use the bathroom. I’ve got to use the bathroom, jeez. All right, here we go. I can do stuff again now. I’m ready. (vacuum cleaner) (dog barking)
Ah, ah, ah, Digby. (dog barking) I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. I’m going to eat 10 tacos. One taco is just like… Gone easy, it don’t even slightly fill ya. I’m going to smash 10 easy. There’s something in the
field in the back of my house. No, joke, looks like some sort of balloon or something that’s landed. Is it someone’s weather balloon? Is it someone else’s weather balloon? Oh, come on, Moon. Come on with Taco Bell. Should I tell them now what
came in the post earlier or should I wait ’til you’re back? All right. The big announcement. It’s more funny than amazing, but it’s both at the same time. All right, so I am now officially Lord Thomas Kevin Staniland. My title isn’t Mr. anymore, it’s Lord. (laughs) I’m lord, Lord Killem now. (doorbell rings) (dog barking) Moon, it’s Moon. My 10 tacos are here. – [Moon] What are the chances? We don’t even know about
the weather balloon. We sent up two now, three. It’s not longer required, so you already got the measurements. – What do you do with
it, you throw that away? – Yeah, I’m afraid so. – What’s there? So there’s the balloon,
there’s the parachute. – [Moon] Oh, that’s
towards it, the receiver, then you go in… – A cable?
– [Moon] So it looked a bit suspicious when I
followed the cable back. – What’s it send? – Tonight from the man up
there, so it’s official. – Highly flammable. It’s all wet through. – [Moon] Pig pen. – One of them lands at the
end of our garden, never even seen one in my life until
we’ve done ’em and now… – [Moon] Oh, was it your
first fall? Didn’t you ask? – I said that looks like
the weather balloon. – [Moon] Let us know. I said it hours ago. Oh, my God, 10 tacos. Oh, no, the hard shells
aren’t hard anymore. The hard shells are all… Oh, the beans have gone black. Hello, all right, so it’s
Asian food taste test. I am curious. Soft drink, Bong Bong. – [Moon] Ocean Bong, Ocean Bong– – How are you saying this? – [Moon] Thomas, don’t offend anybody. If you don’t like it just
say, “It’s not my taste.” – It’s not my taste. ♪ Everywhere you go ♪ ♪ Always check the weather when you go ♪ (burps)
Pardon me. I am going to bed, but… I’m just going to… Watch a little YouTube, watch some YouTube videos and
stuff before I sleep for maybe a half an hour or so. I’ve just woke up for
another day and I always go straight to my computer
and checking emails and stuff, doing world-related things
because I still got to do them at the same time
as doing this as well. So I’m on there doing my computer stuff. There’s literally nothing
to do, nothing to do. Yes, I’ve got the living
room, I’ve got the kitchen, I’ve got the office, I’ve got the bedroom, and I’ve got stairs. I got cameras in five different places, five different rooms. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not allowed outside. I’m not allowed off camera. No cameras outside, I can’t go outside. What do I do? I watch TV, I play on
Xbox or Nintendo Switch, I talk to you guys, I eat food, and then that’s pretty much it. That’s everything I can do, so just doing them repetitively over and over all day, day in and day out. I feel the pressure. I’m feeling the pressure
because when I do my own thing, when I just sit and watch
TV, play some Xbox games, you all guys were clicking off. I felt pressure to be
entertaining for the full time. I just have this
repetitive cycle going on. When I wake up, I just
think, “Oh, here we go. “Here we go, another day, another day.” Alex, yo, so many people. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it. This is the most stressful
thing I’ve ever done in my life. Digby, pig pen. – [Moon] What’s happened to papa? Quick, save papi. What happened? (laughter) – [Killem] Digby. (laughs) Oh, my God, I didn’t realize it. I didn’t realize. That’s why I don’t, and
we’re half way in right now. Don’t forget, we’re not even halfway in at this point and I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. I couldn’t be bothered to do anything. I didn’t know what to
do. I had nothing to do. I just wanted it over
at this point, ’cause don’t forget, we’re not even halfway in. That amount of time, that
three days constantly doing nothing is a long,
long time, plus you’ve got the pressure of knowing
everyone’s watching you. You’ve got to be entertaining. You’ve got to have new things to do. Three days is a long time
and I’m not even halfway in at this point. I realized, double what I’ve done now, I’m still going to have another day left. I was done at this point. I just had a mental… breakdown within myself and it kind of showed on camera. (laughs) “What are you allowed to do and not to do while doing this stream?” Thank you, Rich Biggs,
thanks for the five, bro. I’m not allowed to leave
the stream, I’ve always got to be on, and then
I can do anything I want on the stream, I guess. Moon has left to the shop. She’s getting some stuff
for us for our food later. She’s getting some baking
stuff so I can bake a cake later, and she’s
getting me an energy drink. I like how you think you’re
chilling in the living room. Digby’s gotten into this bean bag. We’ll watch it. – [Moon] What’s going on? – He’s gotten on bean bag on his own. (laughs) Is this the large mix bowl? – [Moon] No, we just need that little one. – This one? – [Moon] Thomas, please be
serious with it, it’s… Food, you don’t mess around with it. That one that looks like a flower. No, without the… Open, down one. That’s it, nope, back. Yeah, and plus and minus two,
plus two, 100, nine and ten. Go over to the sink and put
three spoons of water through it and mash it in that little bowl, just a fork and mash it up, make puree out of it. Get your three fingers, get a good pinch. That’s it, clasp those back
on, you can do some gaming. – I’m doing some gaming now. “What game are you even playing? “I just joined.” That’s George. It’s Minecraft, everybody knows Minecraft. I think it tastes good. – [Moon] All right, yeah. – That’s very nice. – [Moon] Very nice and all. (phone ringing) – Hey, you. Here we go, another morning,
another day, and nothing to do. “Good sleep?” That’s creepy boy 298. Yeah, it was actually decent. When I finally fell asleep it was decent. (video game) – [Moon] Come on, just wait. Good boy.
– [Killem] In, in, in. Four days, I can’t believe it. “Did you film outside in real life?” No, I’ve not been outside in four days. (dog barking) – Can it go into a room? – Which one, any? – Yeah. Hi. – Hello, Jada. – Hi, neat. – You go in there. – How ya doin’? (laughter) – I’ve got to put on this one. It’s on then. – Okay, hi. – Yo, I’m back. Toilet, brushed my teeth,
showered, got dressed. She’s here. He’s here. Father has arrived. (playing Bop It) Ow, I bopped it–
– Oh, all right, moving on. – Oh, sure I’ll play. I liked your way because my
way I’ll fail again at it. (playing Bop It) Are you next? (lounge music) Is someone coming up? (laughs) Oh, nice one, thank you. (laughs) Yo, he just turns up, throws
me a box and runs away. (laughs) Doing the same tomorrow? Yeah, probably, and then
it’ll be the final day. I should be sleeping, so should you. Thank you, Tracey, I appreciate it. I’m going to bed soon. I’m going to bed. Digby, Digby, Digby, Digby, no! Get a bathroom break and get ready for some fun. Just over a day left. We’re almost six days in. I can’t believe it. I cannot believe it. There were places in this I
thought we’re never going to get this far, seriously. At some point I thought, “This is it. “I’ve got to end it. “I can’t do this,” but here we are. Moon’s just ran back. Does that mean food soon? Food from TV. “Would you ever do this
again,” asks Martyn Sandford. Thank you for the five, bro, unfortunately the answer is a definite, “Hell no.” Definite, “Hell no.” (doorbell rings) Come in. Drink, drink? – Please. – How do you do it? How do you do it? – [Dad] There’s no one upstairs. How are you not here, and I went down and bought the champagne? Come on then. – I can’t play this
because you’re talking. (playing Bop It) – You were doing rather good. – You used to beat the cup
with the family, come on now. – Now? – Is Digby caring for something? I missed it. Good boy, good boy. You dropped all those? – There’s a good boy. You little boys. – He’s down ’cause that was mean. I can smell fish. Are you cooking fish, Moon? Moon? She’s just sleeping all day. Here we sit in the Killem
house with just 19 hours, 40 minutes remaining,
things are getting heated. – [Moon] Thomas, are you playing in there? – I can sign him in again, bro. Yeah, what are we playing then? – [Moon] We’ve got loads of games. – Bubble Gup, all right then,
throwing cards out there. I need a two, three, or a four. Now we’re getting a three. (laughter) Here we are, final day,
less than a day to go. Me and Moon decided we’re
going to play games. We’re going to sit up at
night, play some board games, have some energy… I had a couple energy drinks. It was real fun, and to be
fair, a lot of people are saying this was the best night of them all because we was literally
having so much fun playing these board games. We were playing Frustration,
if you know what that one is, we played Uno, we played
heads up thing where you put a piece of paper on your head and you’ve got to guess what
it says on your head, we were playing this German
game Moon taught me, real fun as well. We actually, genuinely had a
real good time, and everyone else agreed that that was
the best night of them all. We’re coming down, we’ve
got 16 hours to go. We’re up, we’re playing
games, we’re all good, energy’s going and then… Yeah, the plan was to
stay up all night, but this happened. 15 hours left and I’m not
sleeping, I’m staying up for the finale. “I feel like I personally know
you after these seven days.” Thanks, Amber, that’s nice. Well, you’ve all been in
my house for seven days. It’s just, there’s nothing else to do. I can play Xbox, I can watch TV. That’s it, Digby’s asleep, Moon’s asleep, I’m going to sleep for four hours and then I’ll be live for the final four. So, yeah, I will see you all soon. Quick bathroom break. I’m getting my jammies on, brush my teeth. (alarm clock playing) Morning, hello. I’m so tired. I just want them 14 minutes to disappear. Come on, come on, 14
minutes disappear, please, and then we’re down to the final hour. “Will he do this again?” Hell nah, hell nah. I feel like I’m way too close
to the camera just then. So here we go, the final minutes… and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. At this point in time,
I’m just looking forward to the clock ticking over. People are asking me, “Are
you going to do this again?” “Dude, you’re going to miss this.” “This has been fun stuff.” So I keep saying, “No, I’m never
going to do this ever again,” because it’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I’m very much looking
forward to that timer ticking over and then I can just turn the cameras off and live my life,
go outside, do anything I want to do without the
pressure of people watching. I was very, very much looking
forward to doing this, but at the same time, I knew, I knew and it was true, it’s lonely. I knew at any point, any
point in time, I could just load up chat, talk to you all, all of you guys watching and just
ready to talk at any time. That was a very nice feeling. That feeling was, honestly,
that was amazing feeling, but at the same, I was happy
to get my privacy back, do what I want, no pressure, no numbers, but then at the other side, it felt like a massive empty hole. Since the live stream
ended I’m just non-stop, almost non-stop. Am I tired from being so
stressed for a whole week? Do I feel lonely because I
don’t have you guys to talk to? Is it a combination of both? I don’t know. Anyway, let’s watch the final
moments and I hope you enjoy. Thank you for watching,
it’s been my pleasure. Go, go, go quick. – [Moon] Why is people never tell me that people are coming? – Sweet, sweet, hey, yo,
we’ve got six minutes. Six minutes left, quick. – [Moon] Quick, I’m
technically in my pajamas. – “Your cousin is hot,” says Carrie. (laughter) You’re in, you’re in? – [Moon] He’s the good-looking
one of the family. Thomas was not so fortunate. – Three minutes, three minutes. 25, 25. – [Moon] Come on, almost 5,000 people… Over 5,000 people, Thomas. There, look. – 5,000 people watching. – [Moon] That’s more than the cumps. – Paula O’James with, “One
touch, peachy, cutie.” Charlotte died, sign of the awesome game. Come on, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. (cheering) – We’ve done it. (laughter) – [Moon] Oh, my God. – Thank you, thank you, enjoy. Oh, God, that’s right down the neck. That’s cold. Thank you very much. I will see you all again. I appreciate you joining, goodbye. Computer off, now leave, we’ve just got to
find the final part, yeah? – [Moon] What are you doing now? Is he going outside? – Come on. – Glitter all over me. It’s so nice. – [Moon] A stunt of you.
– That’s nice, thank God. Thank the Lord, that’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. – [Moon] It’s like downfall
of an imperium, Thomas. ♪ Bitch, I got problems on problems ♪ ♪ On problems, on problems ♪ ♪ On problems, on problems, on problems ♪ ♪ I solve ’em ♪ ♪ I run through the money ♪ ♪ The pressure be calling ♪ ♪ Left all my blessings ♪ ♪ I feel like I’m falling ♪ ♪ The birdie is back ♪
♪ Tell me I’m garbage ♪ ♪ I’m going through something ♪ ♪ That’s why I ain’t calling ♪ ♪ Phone in progression ♪ ♪ To show that I want it ♪ ♪ A foe in affection ♪ ♪ I summon and dub it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause, bitch, I got
problems on problems ♪ ♪ On problems, on problems ♪ ♪ On problems, on problems, on problems ♪ ♪ I solve ’em, I run through the money ♪ ♪ The pressure be calling ♪

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  88. Jim S says:

    Hi Thomas, would you mind taking part in a radio interview at our primary school in Newcastle under Lyme, to talk about how you became a successful YouTuber? We have a professional studio and you will be interviewed by our professional year 6 pupils. Please D.M me on Twitter @thevoidregular

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