I Mailed Myself to the Desert With Pet Lizard *OMG* Met Coyote Peterson From Brave Wilderness (Skit)

hey treat here well that’s my cheese you
know before we get started make sure you put bhaskar button and turn off patience
yeah sure so today I’m knowing myself to caddy
Pearson my mom dad think his name is coyote Pearson but it’s really not it’s
ke Pearson and I gotta tell you I’m gonna show you look guys what I brought
guys I brought my guys we must be on the road okay I got a so what I brought
Libby yeah and I brought her some breakfast and she’s a breakfast I’m not eating the meal worms they’re
gross I’m not eating this I’ll show you what I mean YUM totally brought a granola bar yum yum
Union is water that’s my favorite any true I always forgot to show you my lizard
silly me she’s so cute
turning is let me guess look if you have a beauty dragon like this name real
lippy and wouldn’t you get her a big you get your lizard deletions
it’s so cool guys and I guess I need three guys you have any pets tell me if
you have a gecko that cool come come below if you did she’s
scratching on the glass she went to get out here but if you have a gecko tell me
in the comments hmm there’s just really hot in here
got my bookie we stocked maybe therefore as you’re picking us up
you’re okay lippy we must be on the airplane I think I’m
gonna rule it being now push we’re all on a bumpy road cuz that’s not safe
okay here we go hey keep it tickle monster hey it’s
tickle monster she doesn’t like me here – come on – car
doors guys I helped my mom feed her every day she eats like carrots peas my
arms and like rainbow a bowl things I saw her one day it’s gross she’s the so cute
you’re doing chair closer she’s selling her belly so cute I think I’m gonna feed
her now I reckon let’s feed her and caramel up we got the mealworms let’s
feed her GED she’s a word unity read the other newer sis scratchin gosh she ate one but
there’s still one more left she didn’t eat it because she can’t find it yet do
you think I should help her yeah I should help her well guys I’m your shadow down top on
this she’s not hungry for love yeah I forgot to put on my a Natasha you always
have to play and especially after you hold your list your pets or lizard don’t
know who your heirs there we go oh it got run more nothing on my blanket
guys it is time broken number here yummy mmm don’t have chocolate chips inside
mmm they’re even good or like this hmm I’m gonna eat a hundred by Kings not em they’re really good
no no me littlefield like these I do wrong – Nukem I am jor-el you mean your
promise guys what stuff Mandy
guys I think they’re putting me on the truck I think wrong the road yep
Brock it looks like we’re on our way to Coyote Peterson’s house. gotta finish my granola bar Lippy stop making noise. I want
nice and quiet in here this is quiet in Utah my fingers are so
chocolatey that’s the yummy you know was me a drink
wait eat something songs that fit easily though because if you don’t have a
fridge just go get one will of your parents even put water in it he does
yummy yummy num always made jido after you eat a drink
oh yeah drink yeah I never eat a volume reasons are slippery that’s better
when the hands are slippery just use your mouth that’s kinda werid, mmm yummy really crunchy youichi how you’ve come
with a first time comes like a neatness
you feeling a beer sometime and I will watch it the shoe actually mounted your
video not and I was here chittering so good I’ll hop – um plugin be from maybe I
have to play you down if you came indoors okay you did it like five times
I get it eat drink you have a drink when you eat some cheeto immediately baby she’s so adorable whoa hmm I cannae Pearson is really cool I
watched all of his videos mostly his kids neighbors popular s’en and not a
weird name you know just the other girl at the park
there was another girl at the park one day in – her name was Trinity – with my
friend Aubrey is that so weird it’s so weird
just like I watched she’s got pinched by American lobsters I’m gonna fight
another yeah just whoa hi piercing is really cool and she’s got another
American lobster door don’t drain Gary if I’m pinching yeah and publish or grab
her and apparently lobsters did you go I thought you and
bagging earthing verify should I look at you that out the box whatever she’s finally done
shading she’s so cute ice you have any pets and tell me what
their manger you gotta take good care of them my lizards gonna die soon to
justice deal like this forever ever never never guys I hope Cape Harrison
rules like my lizard he always goes like in the wild or the desert desert defying
lizards but I really hope sheesh wait the box top I better put my baby
back in here this day I can’t Pearson’s house box is looking hard cuz they’re made out
of cardboard bring my way out of here guys I’m not hey Pierson says I am ready
to gather the Box have a venture of Cade Pearson I’ll see guys tomorrow bye what
are you doing in the desert I explore the desert my mind is fixated on one
thing and one thing only lizards or I can’t if your son let’s go catch some
lizards holy cow alright um whoa those teeth are super sharp mm-hmm I hope he’s
okay I’m coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we’ll see on the next adventure

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