I want to become so powerful that no one can mess with me [I Wanna Hear Your Song / ENG]

– Ms. Ha Eunju? / – Yes. Please come in. Hello. I enjoy drinking hard liquor. I don’t like beating around the bush. So please understand if I sound a little straightforward. I’m not different, so it’s okay. I looked into you after getting a call from you. I noticed that you’re a woman of great talent. So I’m sure you wanted to meet me for a good reason. Let’s hear it. I heard you’re going to become a board member of Shinyoung Philharmonic. And? I need someone to support me. I don’t want to leave this industry. I heard you’re very close to Professor Kang. He fired me yesterday. There are bad rumors about you. Do you think I’m a joke? That I bought an instrument by approaching a rich man? Half of it is true. But I didn’t approach him. He approached me. He willingly bought me that instrument. It would’ve been better if I hadn’t taken it, but I couldn’t bear to leave without that violin he showed me. I’m the one at fault. So I’ll have to bear with those bad rumors. What exactly do you want from me? I want to perform on stage. I want to become so powerful that no one can mess with me. No one. I’m talented. I’m good at what I do. I practice like crazy, and I’m very diligent. What can you give me in return? Your son. Jang Youn. No. Jang Dohoon. I’ll make him leave our orchestra.

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