I WAS ON TV! + Life Updates

Hey guys, it’s Ro! I wanted to make an update
video because there are so many things going on in 2016 and I wanted
to keep you guys in the loop. The first is that I attended LA Cookie Con! That’s right! There is a convention now
for Cookies, and it is amazing! There were so many other fellow foodies at
the convention and those who love sweets, I felt at home! It was really fun! I got to do a Q&A panel
where I got to talk and answer so many questions with you guys. I answered questions
about YouTube, baking, how we made the Cookbook, a whole bunch of
things. “What are you gonna make for your boyfriend
for Valentines Day?” “Oooh! Thanks for putting me on the spot!” And then afterwards we did a big fan meet
and greet that was so much fun, I got to meet so many of you guys, and I have
lots of pictures! Second update, if you guys missed it, is I
was a guest on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, I baked hidden heart cupcakes
with Cristina and Mark, it was so much fun! I’ll put a link down
below where you can go watch it online. And when I was on set I met Dominic
Monaghan, it was so cool! I’m a big fan of all of his work, he played
Bolt in X-Men, Charlie in Lost and my geeky favorite, he played Merry in
Lord of the Rings! He was a Hobbit, and I love Hobbits! I feel
like I relate to them, they love food so much! Third update, is I got to meet John Stossel
while I was in New York, we sat down and we talked about YouTube and my experiences
in the digital world for his TV special Tech Revolution on Fox News. It was a lot of fun, he was a great guy, but
let’s talk about what’s really important…. He had a great mustache! It was like rewmp!
Perfect! Fourth update, you guys know me, I’m a book
worm, I’ve been reading a lot. Look at all my new books! I got Grace’s new book, I just started this
one, I just finished Lindsey’s new book, and then I also just finished The
5th Wave, it is a sci-fi book, it is amazing, I absolutely loved it if you
guys are into sci-fi stories. And then the book that I am currently reading
on Audible is Allegiant, this is the last book in the Divergent series,
I’m about 1/2 way through, I won’t give you that many spoilers, I will
just say that you figure out what’s outside the city, what’s beyond the wall.
And you also figure out what it means to be Divergent, I found this really
interesting, this was so good! You guys suggested Allegiant, which is perfect
timing because the movie comes out next month, so I will know what’s up! For those of you who aren’t familiar with
Audible, it is an app where you can download books and listen to them, like listening
to them on tape, books on tape, I like to do this because I
have difficulty reading, so I like to have my physical copy, but then be
listening to the story and follow along. And a big thanks to Audible
for teaming up with me to make this video, it’s really easy to use, the
app looks like this. Here are all the different books in my library,
I have a lot of them now, I’ve been using this a lot! And down here, is Allegiant, so you just click
on it and there’s a play/pause button here. “What I am worried about is how long it’s
taking them to deal with us.” As you can see, it is a new way to experience
books and I love it! If you’d like to try Audible, you can go
to Audible.com/RosannaPansino and you will get a 30 day free trial and 1
free book. Again, that is Audible.com/RosannaPansino 5th update is I have been doing a ton of collabs
lately, I’ll be putting links down below to all of these. We did 2 collabs with Shane Dawson, 1 where
we made the Pokéball Parfait on Nerdy Nummies and 2 where we did the Popcorn
Challenge. Also played 2 challenge games with Alx James,
we played the Pop-Tart Challenge game, and, eat it or wear it. Where I wore
most of everything. Also did 2 collabs with iJustine. We did the
Starbucks Challenge on my channel, and on her channel we did the cake
decorating and baking challenge. Max Schneider and I played the blindfolded
drawing challenge. And hung out with Captain Sparklez to play
the No Thumbs Challenge and the cereal challenge. Update number 6 is that… Well it’s less
of an update and more of just a general announcement, I am obsessed with Watermelons!
Look, I’m even wearing a little watermelon sweater, I fell in love with this. And, I just got my KitchenAid Hand Mixer and
Stand Mixer in the color Watermelon. 🎶 It’s true looooooooooooovvvvveeeeee! 🎶 OK! And, speaking of Watermelon, fellow YouTuber
Meg, we met in DC, she has a line with PB Teen, where, look at
this you guys, it’s so cute! It’s a phone holder, I put it on my desk,
and my nightstand, and you can plug in your little cord down here, but this
one of the pieces in her line. There’s also a rainbow and, like, a happy
face. My sister loves the rainbow one, because she
likes rainbows. But look at this! Mmmmmm! Dee-dee, da-dee-dee-dee! I don’t know if you guys have checked out
Meg’s line, but I am absolutely in love with it. And Meg, thank you for making something watermelon. I am obsessed and I will put a link down below,
so you guys can go check it out if you want to. Plug him in here, I gotta charge my phone. Huuuuuuh! I need a watermelon phone case! What am I doing? Last and final update is, I got a lot of questions
from you guys asking, “How’s Cookie?” “What’s up with
her?” “How’s she doing?” She’s doing great, she plays hard, goes
on walks and then snoozes the rest of the day! I’ve also been getting a lot
of questions whether Cookie is a French Bulldog or a Pug, and, she has the
coloring of a Pug, but she is very petite, she’s just a very small French
Bulldog. She’s a little runt, like me. French Bulldog have the little bunny ears,
so, French Bulldog, but if you go like this… It’s a pug! French Bulldog…. A Pug! And, I have been spoiling her and been getting
her tons of outfits. She probably has more outfits than me now,
I got this cute little hoodie. It’s by Pen and Pooch, what I really like
about it is it has this opening here so that when she has her harness on,
we go on walks, and it’s cold in the morning, I can keep her hoodie
on while we go on our little walks together. And, you guys, I have to show you this, I
got her this cute little sweater, it has a poo emoji on it. OMG, I just got her changed into her new outfit. Look you guys! It says, ‘Poo Happens’ Right? And it’s funny because… She has little
poops! So, those are all of the updates that I have
for now. Let me know in the comments down below which
book I should start reading next because I am 1/2 way through Allegiant, so
I will need a new book soon. Awww! Alright, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Meh-meh. This is what she does when it’s dinnertime,
yes! Yes!

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