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I’m a Pet at Dali Temple ~ Episode 12 ~ I know. That’s Mrs. Du. I thought that was a dream. I… I… I can jump high. You can only do that,. But because it has somthing to do with the five-color stones. the more stones you have the more it makes you behave like a cat. You… You really are a monster. hey… You are the monster. But, the more I will gather all the five colored stones, im getting one step closer to come home. Sir, because Miss Ru’s health has fully recovered, then , we have to go look for the ghost grass as soon as possible. Because, the life cycle of ghost grass is relatively short, so we must make the most of our time. I found this in Mrs. Du’s room, there are two maps. There must be a lot of clues here. Xuan Yu, we will split up from here to search. You and Zhang Hen go that way. Xiao Lan and I are going this way. When you find it, we meet again here. Yes. Come on Come on Will something happen? You don’t trust me Of course I trust you. But, are we also going to separate? I will not let you separate from me. There are none here. Zhang Hen said, this ghost grass, usually grows in a dark place in the cemetery area. This place, seems suitable. But there are no signs of ghost grass. But said Zhang Hen, the life cycle of ghost grass is relatively short, what if it turns out now has passed its growth period? We have to find a place to spend the night . There is a cave over there. We have to spend the night there . Overnight? How can you say that casually? Sucks. Come on Why are you just standing there? We are pretty lucky. Someone must have been here before, so there is still left over firewood. That day he … said something about he couldn’t do it without me. What exactly did that mean? – You …
– You … – I …
– I … Have you ever thought about, when you get the ghost grass,
and cure the poison in your body, Is there something special you want to do? later.. I will wait for the time. Why can’t you be more open about yourself, and give yourself a little hope? Or is it because, you don’t want to know,
because you’re afraid of what will happen ? it’s not that, but why talk about things that cannot be predicted? that’s why How about this. I can palm read you. I’m telling you, don’t underestimate me as a Yin Yang teacher. I’m also good at palm reading. give me your hands. Here. Didn’t you say you want to read my hand? You have so many. I have to feel it in order to read it. OK. This time it’s serious. Your lifeline is quite long, you will live long. This time, it’s not a problem. Wow God, how can there be someone like you. Why is your line of thought so short? You are the one whose line is short. I am just kidding. Actually, I learned everything from my grandfather. I tell you, my grandfather is really great. He knows a lot about destiny. You and your grandfather, seems to have a good relationship. Of course. My grandfather is the closest person to me, unlike you and your father … Sorry. In fact, that time, I overheard your conversation. I… I just happened to pass by. I heard you talking about your mother … which I feel a little strange. Do not get me wrong. I have no other intention. I don’t remember that much about the time I spent with my mom. I remember when I was young, my nurse’s host told me, that there is poison in my body, because of my mother’s destiny. Then, Have you ever asked why? Before I have the chance to ask, my father knew everything. and he beat him hard. Since then, no one else dared talk about my mother in front of me. Not suprisingly, you are still looking for your mother. This five-color stone, Is the only thing she left me. Apart from this, nothing else. Actually I was thinking, if I went to Qingshui zhai, I can use this five color stone, to get information. But now, Mrs. Du, the person who understands this five-color stone has died. This may be the fate of my mother and me. This is yours now. But, you said you would give it.
after I get all five. You need it more than me. Just take it. This time, when you are in danger, won’t this help you recover faster? I don’t want It. It’s the only thing you have left from your mom. But to me, You are as important as my mom. what is it?… Let’s go see . Yes. This place, I think I have been here before. In a universe of four seas, heaven and earth swap places. The reincarnation of life and death, only a cat’s soul can solve it. So this is the place. What’s wrong? The spell on this urn, is a spell that I recite when I return to time in this place. Doesn’t this mean this place is a gate for me to return home? This means, as long as there is enough energy, you don’t need all five stones, for you to go back home. Congratulations The time has finally arrived. But, but I’m not mentally ready yet. Try to think, like Xuan Yu, Zhang Hen, if they don’t see me, they will be very sad. right? In fact, the person I don’t want to leave is you … Qing Mo Yan. You just have to tell me, if you want me to stay here, then I won’t go. Okay. Don’t think about it. Didn’t you always say you want to go home? This is not your place. go back. Just, I mentioned the spell. Then there, there was a strong wind … I immediately … Qing Mo Yan, you … What are you doing? Time’s almost up. Let’s go find the ghost grass. Just recently… he just hugged me. What does it mean? Is it possible, he’s not willing to let me go? Zhang Hen, Don’t be afraid. Even though it’s very dark here,
no matter what happens, I am here. Oh, really? Then, you should walk in front of me. Why do you keep holding my clothes, and walking behind? I am not afraid.
I will walk in front. Just follow me Don’t be afraid. Zhang Hen. move You are heavy You … what are you doing? Hey, you. Do not like this. Zhang Hen, isn’t this the ghost grass you mean? Roots, leaves, veins … this is definitely ghost grass. Let’s hurry and tell Sir Zhang Hen, didn’t you say this ghost grass, usually grows in … Cemetery area. Zhang Hen, there is a grave! Sir, it’s really not easy for us … faced so many difficulties to find the ghost grass, even to the point of falling almost dead in the valley. But, luckily I’m smart, so I could find the ghost grass, in that scary grave place. Is it true? For me, because Zhang Hen could estimate it correctly. Sir, You have to praise me. Thank you, sir, for the compliment. After arriving at the Dali Temple, I will make an antidote soon. Later when you get all the stones, I will bring you back to the place. What? Mrs. Du died? Correct. I searched all the rooms, but didn’t find the ghost grass. Is it possible, there are others who are also looking for ghost grass. I do not know clearly, but… Just say it.. A few days ago, I heard people in the palace talking about, The head of the Dali Temple, Lord Qing, asked permission to travel to the Emperor, to travel together with the Crown Prince. Seems like, trip to Qingshui zhai. Qing Mo Yan. How could it be. Why did he go to Qingshui zhai with the Crown Prince? I dare not ask. But I am worried, the death of Mrs. Du, has something to do with Qing Mo Yan’s people. Head of the Dali Temple, what exactly does he know? Qing Mo Yan, I don’t want to go. Don’t leave me. Luckily you didn’t leave me. Don’t blame me I’m just worried that this poison in my body will hurt you. I always think, my whole life, I will never get a chance to feel happiness. The result of thinking that almost makes me lose you forever. Xiao Lan. Wait till I cure this poison in my body, and I will definitely not let you go. Your son greets, Mother. Your servant greets, Your Highness the Empress. What do you do here at night? I heard you traveled recently. Why didn’t you tell me? Mom, don’t be angry. Me and Princess Liu Yang,
we just travel for fun. And we did want to worry or make you nervous. So we didn’t tell you. Having fun? Where are you two going? Qingshui zhai. Have you ever heard of that place? Where is it? I’ve never heard of it. Your trip this time, did you find anything strange? Do not hesitate… to tell me. Mother, my trip was very comfortable. However, every time Liu Yang traveled, She always kidnapped. Fortunately, she was able to return safely. But I still can’t feel safe. Something like this happened? Is Liu Yang alright? Before, I always hoped that you would never leave the palace. for fear you will face dangerous events like this robbery. I misunderstood. That is not robbery. But honestly, compared to robbery, they are ten times more dangerous. I heard the Head of the Dali Temple, Lord Qing, find a group of comfort women who are taken prisoner. Based on their investigation, it was someone named Mrs. Du, which captivates them to draw blood to develop pills. This woman is really very bad, and cruel. I want to know, if you ever heard of someone like that? I haven’t traveled outside the palace for a long time. so I don’t know what happened outside the palace. From now on, don’t travel again to a place like that. Next time you want to go out for fun, tell mom. Let the emperor give you a trip to Jiangnan later. It is a very good developing place to visit. In that case, I thank you, Mother. Okay. I will go to Liu Yang’s place. Lian Er, let’s go Goodbye, Your Highness. Your Excellency, could the empress have heard anything? If she finds out about Mrs. Du, then we don’t … If my estimate isn’t wrong, now she must be after Qing Mo Yan. If all of my estimates are correct, then I don’t know what else your mother is hiding from me. Hurry up Everyone put it here first. Be careful, ok. Be Careful. Hurry up There is more? Hurry up Miss Ru, you’re awake. Xuan Yu, it’s you. What happen? Sir… He ordered that all your belongings be brought here. It means, you can go back to the Dali Temple. No need to stay there anymore. Is it true? I can come back again? Then where is he now? Zhang Hen is taking his blood for treatment. Take blood? Zhang Hen is really too much. Does he want to make soup?
Why do you draw so much blood? Even though it’s only a small wound, you have to wrap it carefully. If not careful, this will be, what do you call, tetanus, there will also be trade such as bee stings. So it must be wrapped carefully. Don’t you have to give medicine first? Never mind, forget it. But, Xiao Lan … Why? Your dressing doesn’t look good, right? Is it true? Doesn’t this look good? – I don’t think it should be bandaged.
Hey. What do ancient people like you know? Wrap the wound like this, do you know? Your treatment is enough. Stop opening it. Do you… you want to tease me? I do not understand what you are talking about. Hey, stop opening it. Since returning from Qingshui zhai, I still have many questions regarding that case, which I haven’t been able to solve. You also just recovered. return to your room. Zhang Hen. Don’t you think boiling medicine all day here, really tiring? What if, I help you. Making new medicines, not the same as making a normal medicine. The amount of fire, must be really fitting. Yes. This medicine for example, only need a small fire, boiled again for three times, after it’s finished. Three times? Yes. How long is that? Three days. Three days? Ouch, My stomach hurts a lot, Zhang Hen. Ouch. If there are any problems, do not call me. I go first.

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