I’m still lucky – Unexpected win

I prefer to help you ah..152 mm T49 is not in it’s prime anymore *YOLO SQUAD* Did you see that Bulldog? My goodness! That Mod My DPM loses My armor wins Hah..fool! Sorry I missed Can you two? Turn, fool! Absolutely stupid We are losing this side too, horrible Plus my long reload Crazy! I can’t go anywhere I’m behind you, on the way *LTTB is only one shot Ah..Blaze The Glacial I give my turret I’m being tailed! Who is behind my ass? Blaze, I’m behind you OK, he bounced Who first? Glacial is one shot Yes, he bounced I’m dead How could you die? Tha’s a Blaze Ah..the IS Blaze bounced GO GO POWER RANGER! Poor you! Reloading? Me reload I think he is lagging Pay attention to him! He is facing at you Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, bounce! I think he can’t pen Just Bismillah Bismillah! Bismillah, no! Low roll Me reload I just need a HE And he just need a HE too He just need a HE and you die Insane! Shit, a Lucky Player! Just we both who actually played Just look Very unbalanced 5k, 2k, look at the Bulldog! The IS, my goodness! Go rush till you die! Copy that! Nobody Ok HTs is going to middle Left side is empty Go sleep (T49) Get ready from the middle You from below, gotta be good I got it Come on down Are you sure down there? I think you should be from left Too many? Abort the mission! I’m from up here Ah f*ck too many! I’m dead It’s true, you died early Sorry Apparently there are still more people there That was unexpected Chill out, boys! 3, 2, 1 Please, one shot And given low roll What are these guys doing? 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I’m so lucky, right? I’m absolutely lucky Again! IS-6, right side! I know IS-6, and Pershing too That’s what should have done Why made it so difficult 3, 2, 1 Hello, Pershing T-44 is here I guess Oh it’s RHM Who goes first? IS-3? Ah, the IS-3 missed Ah behind me! Right behind me The crispy one first! AP! HE-HE! Reload-reload while going there M again, 5k! But… My goodness! And the IS-3 is one shot And he is coming to you How that pen?! Wait! Wait for the IS-3 2 shots How many seconds he reloads I don’t know Kinda fast M again brothers and sisters! ♪ YOU GOT FEELING ♪ Ladies and gentlemen! THANKS FOR WATCHING

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100 Responses

  1. Humpy Da Whale says:

    what are the songs in the intro I would REALLY love to know

  2. Cat gaming says:

    Amazing battles

  3. Cat gaming says:

    Check my channal isu-152 battle

  4. Arel Habib says:

    This video series explain everything in asia server XD
    Pls keep up and post more about this series, i really love seeing this…

  5. Josef stalin says:

    angga_el: im still lucky

    Me after 2000 fights still just chaffee: well shit imma go commit die

  6. Макс V says:

    Видео поднимают настроение) Спс за хорошее настроение)

  7. interminator 573 says:

    You dont need to camp with t28 defender.. you van use it like a heavy tank😅😂

  8. Delvin Raditya says:

    IS gak bisa pen front armor, jadi nyerah

  9. Loops and other Edits says:

    I love Buttercup! Thank you! 🙂

  10. Mateusz Cirocki says:

    Anggeal your kills are so satisfaction for my eyes they running under you gun and boom and boom

  11. Norbi_Gamer _YT says:

    Still noone watches me but wants to see him laugh like that…I DONT UNDERSTAND PEOPLE….

  12. E- animation says:

    Angga_el = LUCKY BOI / RNG has said YES

  13. tell_me_Simon Simon says:

    You like this song?

  14. Никита Пресняков says:

    Нет слов)

  15. gaming world says:

    Anggeal bro, how you see behind without rot your tank gun? Any mode or game setting? Plz, help me.

  16. alex28 Carolina says:


  17. Lukas says:

    That's some Asian teams right there

  18. Black_Puma 98 says:

    How is called the song at the start of the video please ;-;

  19. Daniel Hansen says:

    Bang nama back sound opening nya apa

  20. gamezone hub says:

    Hey bro are you muslim

  21. Tamás Kalmár says:

    Anggael : I bounced one times so Im not lucky
    Me: I pen one time so I'm lucky today

  22. Bubu says:

    You are noob, change platorm then talk

  23. vodor 234 says:

    The best part is that u are a Muslim

  24. TikiTikiTaliban says:

    Love my t28 people underestimate it all the time, always hilarious when heavies try to face hug and underestimate your pen and armor

  25. Đăng Bảo says:

    hehe guud boi!!!

  26. Channel For Retards says:

    Can you make a video showing your stats?

  27. Taylor Turensky says:

    New video title my background music is better than my videos itself

  28. DPM s11e33 says:

    Can I link to the voice-over mod?

  29. salama khaled says:

    One of the best things is to add buttercup

  30. Steve Rogers says:

    Do you have a credit card?

  31. Trần Vũ Quân says:

    nice(btw when you will upload sheridan.exe?)

  32. EDS Phantom says:

    T28 Defender kills gets IS-6 Higher Tier Tank Eliminated badge wait that’s illegal

  33. 加賀航空隊 says:

    0:55 what’s song?

  34. Gehram Solinap says:

    The intro 💯

  35. SamuraiiX says:

    Bismillah lmao

  36. Mohana lakshmi says:

    You indeed met toxic players

  37. Fr1d4y WasTkn says:

    question anggeal how do you use british commander voice? i really like it and no one tried to shoot your lower plate (if t28 defender has one xd)

  38. ryan 02 says:

    Bang next pake m4 rev dong
    Boleh gak :3

  39. FCPY says:

    Me da la opción de subtítulo automático en español Lol

  40. Gabin BESSET says:

    And now I want it 😭😭😭

  41. benjabrown2005 says:

    angga_el needs a nerf

  42. Mr Bucketmax says:


  43. Martin Ralph says:

    Unreal so many incredibly lucky games 😂 Wish I just had 20% of that luck 🧝‍♀️

  44. Bernard Teuf says:

    Player bulldog rata2 kayak gitu anjing bang wkwkwk

  45. ファビオ・アウグスト says:

    Glacial toxic

  46. SilentRonin _ says:

    Наши есть

  47. Lucky Yeager says:

    I wonder what that IS was thinking

  48. jero jaramillo says:

    So that Is why i get just class 1 with 4.3k with my defender

  49. Alid Fk says:

    E75 : banzai!!!!

    T-28 defender : are you chellenge me

  50. Тимур Гасанов says:

    Anngael can say how do you insert sounds and video moments into the video?please)

  51. Колян Крутов says:

    Ржу со вставок русских

  52. Plastic Saga says:

    Woa you love butter cup song? i see you use Butter Cup song so much

  53. AXOM Trần Dần says:

    Need more video like this pls

  54. ANDROIDTUBE AR says:

    Ur a Muslim ?

  55. 킹스맨 says:

    0:55 What is song name?

  56. Matthew Hoyos says:

    Nerf anggael

  57. Qırımlı says:

    Bismillah power

  58. Davi Freire says:

    I would like to have T28 Defender sooo much! Prot is my favorito tier 8 and i bet the defender is even better!

  59. Руслан Синятулов says:


  60. WoT Blitz fr - TFLT says:

    totally lucky XD

  61. Ильдар Исмаилов says:

    чте за ебанные алгоритмы у ютуба? какого хуя он отписывает от каналов которые смотришь.?

  62. mauro choque says:

    I wanna see again the macaco anggael

  63. Govnar Gamer AR says:

    u lucky dude XD

  64. ThePatrioticDog says:

    3:40 that 112 just gave up on the game

  65. Sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ツ says:

    T49 isn't in its prime? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  66. that idiot Neo says:

    I want that crew voice 💀

  67. شمالي مزيون 003300 says:

    Nice xd lS noooob loool

  68. siwydaniel says:

    What can I say. Foch you lucker boy :-).I love your smaile

  69. Anthony Stejan says:

    0:57 you brought it back lol, thanks anggael, great video btw

  70. - Paul05 - says:

    From where tf came all this E75 Eagles, in 2 years i havent seen a single one but now in 2020 there are so many… are they the corona-virus of wotb? 🤔

  71. Hiroshima Midnight says:

    Defender G.A.Y

  72. Brother Bolt says:

    I love how you end the video with ur intro song

  73. Intelligent Vegetable says:

    hey angga!! do you recommend the t28 defender? i’ve been looking at buying it maybeh

  74. Jaisu Gredysa says:

    Wow nice anggael great game in tier 8

  75. Rubah Biru says:

    0:38 Don't forget to turn on the caption
    Me: Sorry that feature is useless for me xD

  76. Dong Dang Khoa Vo says:

    Lmao love your intro XD

  77. حيدر محمد says:

    GG 👏👏👏👏 …. IS NOOP .. 😂😂😂😂

  78. Yasser _ says:

    You are so lucky 😂

  79. Kieran Gallears says:

    8 was dancing to the intro music UwU…………what is it?

  80. Kieran Gallears says:


  81. Kieran Gallears says:

    What is your favourite tank

  82. Vorname Nachname says:

    What is the name of the first Song?

  83. rafi akbar wijaya says:

    When you 4vs2 and its still lose beacause HT is nub
    Your HT team: 4:20

  84. 사람 says:

    I'm lucky players
    And 0:57 l like this play

  85. JUSTIN Z_GAMING says:

    Im eating tho, ur video is fun to watch until i forgot to see my fud and i realize that i eated green chili

  86. Статист 70% says:

    Кто русский , оставьте лайк

  87. Омайгад Данила я что DCP-173?? says:


  88. tomas uher says:

    How many M you have? ( I thing 200+)

  89. Viorica Berca says:

    Angaeel try a 1v7 in room you with grille or a very low armo tank tier 6 (Take tier 10)

  90. David Ames says:

    I love how in the intro when u amo rekt the t57 heavy, the is4 begins to hesitate and back up 😂

  91. BABAY WoT Blitz says:

    When I had watch anggels' video I decided to create my own channel and make the similar video. Good job!!!

  92. 疾馬· says:


  93. PRODRAGON 78 says:

    Come back world of lolz

  94. vkirov HH says:

    poor IS if this would happen to me i would just give up ang give the win to IS

  95. danio3334 says:

    What idiot is playing Blitz on the computer?

  96. J a r J a r 90s says:

    How much money did cost you the license of ButterCup Song ?

  97. ho mura says:

    IS is FKen bot? lol.

  98. Christian Cuenca says:

    Don't buy IS8 and IS7 when I was using IS7 I got one shotted and also IS8 one shotted

  99. 鷹見野劍仏 says:

    Is lol

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