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[upbeat music plays] Hello there! And welcome to another weird video. If you guys dont already know this by now like, part of my hobby in life is to just roam on the Internet and look for very strange and weird things that I put to the test for you guys! Because a lot of the times I find
myself looking at things, and I’m like… Does this really work? Are they playing me? I filmed a similar video last week on
weird Instagram beauty hacks that I put to the test. So if you guys want to check it out,
it’s going to be linked down below. Thumbs up if you love things that make
your life easier like beauty hacks. Like why not? Why live a difficult life when you could live an easy life? Know what I’m saying? I encourage you to follow me
on my Instagram and Twitter I’m actually posting like many beauty hack videos Or just mini things — mini hacks, ya know Even if you’re a guy! They may help you out. There’s just gonna be things that will
help you out and make your life easier. I also wanna announce that I have a vlog channel! It’s not really like an announcement I’ve had a vlog channel but some of you
don’t really know that I have a vlog channel I plan to get really personal with you guys
on there, just have some really chill talks Let’s get on with this weirdness First beauty hack that I was like what the (clap) …Sorry Putting red lipstick on your face. Now you might have seen concealer lipstick but this is not like that at all. Mari Maria Makeup, she has
an Instagram, this is where I saw it but she also has a Youtube channel which
I’m pretty sure she might have it on there So really all she does to clean a
really beautiful base is add some lipstick And just going to add an x right here Dayum! With this alone I’m like what the heck?
Like how is my foundation gonna cover this? I don’t know, girl. And right there. I’m a little nervous Then she proceeds by putting on her foundation. I don’t know if this looks promising.
Does this look promising? Write down below how promising this looks
because this doesn’t look promising. Then she just proceeds to applying… Oooh, that’s not pretty! Oh my Lord, Jesus Christ The lipstick she used actually stayed and didn’t do this. Okay, um… (humming) Okay. Now, I don’t wanna describe what she did. I look crazy right now. I look crazy. When she did this, the lipstick just frickin’ disappeared! What did I do wrong? [speaks in Spanish] Okay. [laughs] Hm. So I’m just gonna stop right here. Clearly this is a giant fail. Now, like I said, whatever she used… didn’t spread out – I still don’t get the point of this. Like, can someone enlighten me down
below in the comments? I’m confused. Next weird beauty hack I saw on Sarah’s Beauty Corner which, by the way, she slays DIYs basically she takes little beads and some lipgloss and basically applies this on your eyeballs! This is really cool, it gives a really beautiful,
like, just artsy look to the eyeball. For me, this is never possible
because these things weigh a ton but I’m guessing the lipgloss and this, it may work. She actually used sprinkles but these are just little beads. I’m just gonna put some lipgloss on here and I’m just gonna make my eyeball sticky (music) Taking some of these and I’m just gonna tap this on to my eyeball, I guess. Oh snap (music) Now it doesn’t stick on fully.
As you can see, there’s some sparse spaces. Okay, so here’s a nasty thing I just did I licked my finger Because if you add gloss to your finger
then it’s not gonna unstick itself. But if you just add a little bit of spit or water,
whatever you want and it will. Ooh, this looks awesome. So I wanted to show you guys how cool this looks. Now… it’s heavy and this is definitely not something I believe is good for your eyeballs or for you to wear out but I think the idea clearly works. It’s very beautiful, appealing. And I think if you take really cool,
like, Instagram pictures this is, like, a very rare look. So it’s a cool hack! Oh, it did it. That’s nice. This next beauty hack is going to blow your mind because it blew my mind up. This hack was actually tested
by Makeup Wearable Hairstyles and what she did was- you know when you create a braid and you kind of struggle ’cause you have to, like hold you hands up and you don’t really
know what’s happening in the back. So this one requires your hair forward you’re actually doing what you do
in the back but to the front, pretty much. So you’re braiding your hair all nice and then you just go- (flip hair) And it creates, like, this beautiful braid.
So we’re gonna test it out. I’m excited about this one! I’m really excited! Alright, so the very first step is to split your hair as you normally would. Then your gonna take the hair from the crown. And all your gonna do is tie that underneath your chin. I know. It looks really strange. And then what you’re going to end up doing is putting another, uh- little elastic right here. Alright, so then you take a little bit more. And the other side and you take that forward and you’re gonna tie it right above this one. I’m gonna stick this entire thing in there (music) And with this bottom point I’m gonna add another elastic right here. (music) Alright, so then you just basically
repeat the same process. Grab those two ends and you add it to this first one. So that top one. And then you take this and you pull it through this one! (music) And then what she did was kind of
extended these pieces out. Now if you have really layered hair this might be a little bit difficult ’cause it might actually come out but just try your best. (music) If you have fluffier and bare hair its gonna look a lot better. Alright, so the last step of this crazy hair hack is basically put your hands through and all we’re gonna do is flip it over. (music) Clearly it doesn’t look as cool as hers. I actually tried this one out before, I’m posting a little Instagram clip and it works. Mine didnt look as great just because, like I said I don’t even have that much hair to begin with. But if you do have a lot, like, voluminous hair then definitely check out my Instagram because I’m putting the video on Instagram today. But this one totally works and
I think it’s a really awesome hack. I definitely saved the best for last, the craziest beauty hack I’ve ever seen in my life. Which is basically instant thigh gap. Sounds crazy, right? It’s instantaneous. Basically, Marisa Rachel came up with this and what she did was, she takes plastic wrap and just wraps it around her thighs really tight to the point that it creates a thigh gap. Really all it is, is just taking plastic wrap and wrapping it really tight. I’m gonna show you guys before and
then I’m gonna show you guys an after. And you guys be the judge. Alright, guys, so this is before. I apologize if you see my dog’s hairs anywhere. So basically, as you can see, my thighs are not like this my thighs- can you guys see properly? Yeah. My thighs are like this! So [clicks tongue] that’s what’s happening. So this is the “final result”. As you can see, I literally can’t close my legs. They’re so squished in there! This is torture. I’m sweating up in here, I feel like my thighs have waist trainers on them right now. I do not like it. Since it’s so tight
right here, this stuff comes out. Because this is so tight on the sides, it’s kind of giving me like an extra booty,
like my booty is right here. [sarcastic] This is my real butt. And then this is just my thighs. I do not recommend this for anyone
you cant even breathe! I’m sweating up a storm up in here. [unclear] Not a great hack, honestly. If you enjoyed today’s video,
don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. For more insane beauty hacks,
makee sure to subscribe right down here! To join the weirdest family on the internet! Check out my last beauty hacks video
and check out my vlog channel if you’re interested! If you haven’t already, make sure you
follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I’m doing a ton of mini posts of all types of hacks, a wide range of different hacks from beauty to lifestyle to just…
eating because everyone loves to eat. I love you guys so much!
I hope you have an amazing day! Don’t forget to live weird or die normal Byeeeee!

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