Inside George H.W. Bush’s Special Bond With Service Dog Sully | TODAY

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  1. J. Muller says:

    They will be together again.

  2. RoK Bottom Studios says:

    Remember the Franklin coverup.

  3. The Adventure of Xman Luna and friends says:

    What is going to happen to the dog?😭

  4. cell pat says:

    3:00 – Sully already paid his respects to 41.
    He like Sullenberger, are both calm, cool, and collected. 👍

  5. Paula Laye says:

    Sully is totally adorable, bless his heart… Whoever gets him will be soooo lucky……

  6. A Critical Thinker says:

    Sully needs a "Ms. Sully" so they could make Little Sullys and make the world a better place.

  7. Obi Wan says:

    May the force be with sully

  8. Ms. Dy says:

    Just wonder how or if this impact the dogs emotionally.

  9. CrankinBass says:

    This year has been the worst year of my life. So many amazing people gone. Steven Hawking, Stan Lee, XXXTENTACION, and so many more.

  10. Niashe says:

    good bush sr is dead! Time for bush jr to go now.

  11. JD plus says:

    it's a SHAME old man bush got this poor dog! He had secret service and
    millions of dollars and the tax payer paid for his medical care. A
    service man or women could have used a good dog like this!!!!!

  12. kay manning says:

    Feel sorry for Sully a life really

  13. Ameen khan says:

    Sully is a faithful, loyal and devoted dog. That's why we love and adore dogs. All the best Sully!

  14. bling0023 says:

    Sully is a true service dog the Air lines need to take note of for boarding planes and refuse those who want to board with so called companion dogs. Big difference!!!

  15. larasita11 says:

    Only one photo of Bush alive with dog. Where are six months worth of photo ops?

  16. Elvis Stone says:

    I would like to know how many people that pore 🐕 has ate??? to cover for his master I'll take him he be ok

  17. Knight Rider says:

    Me live in Taiwan. We think sully make delicious roast. Mix with onion in peppa. Yum.

  18. puzar jasmine says:

    Crying this moment!

  19. Alex Fu says:

    What a great dog, Sully. Makes me miss my own yellow Lab, Rascal which passed away at 16 in October. He would have been 17 had he made it to this month. Job well done, Sully!! The President will miss you.

  20. E 76 says:

    RIP Goerge H.W. Bush… True American!

  21. TR808 says:

    Number 41 was a Satanist

  22. American Made says:

    "Keeping President Bush company on that last night in Houston" 😢
    Everyone should know a dog's love & loyalty at least once in their lifetime. They really are the best beings on this planet 💙

  23. Adam Khan says:

    Good riddance to this war monger.

  24. Hilde Platz says:

    So he got 🐕Sally right away our VET'S need to wait or buy 🐕service dog.

  25. Guiselle Chacon says:

    Lo siento por el ex presidente .. Encantador ese labrador, los perros , todos los animales son de Dios …

  26. Noelle Mullins says:


  27. Michelle Green says:

    Sully can be a service dog to someone who needs a companion

  28. Aaron Campbell says:

    Sully is handsome.

  29. Morgan Farrell says:

    Mass murderers shouldn't be celebrated.

  30. Dora Tiscareno says:


  31. Vanessa says:

    Good grief you Americans are really unbelievable. Put a dog or baby in any picture and you get a AHHHHH so sweet. Do you think the dog really gives a crap if that man died. He is trained to lie still in front of a coffin.

  32. Vicknes R says:

    So touching

  33. Audilife says:

    Do service dogs feed themselves?

  34. Jeano Gato says:

    Can the Bush family
    keep Sully or not?

  35. loretta young says:

    Sully should of pooped under the casket.

  36. Salu Qawalo says:

    sully saw bush groping women

  37. oscarchong says:

    Thank you for showing something so beautiful in life !!!!

  38. taurean lady says:

    Job well done Sully

  39. margarette thatcher says:

    French bull dog puppy up for rehoming. Contact mail “ [email protected]

  40. Sabrina Doctor says:

    Sully is Handsome & Smart 🐕❤️
    Sully was a “Blessing “ To Mr. Bush ❤️

  41. Seria Mendito says:

    Awwww.👍🏼……Sully!!!🐕……..You are 🥇the Best!!!……..Good Luck in your Next♿️ Assignment!!!…….You Make the World 🌎a Better place to Life 🌈in!!!…….🇺🇸

  42. ejiah azar says:

    I want Sully too.. 😢

  43. Jane A says:

    Good luck sully!!!you are such a good dog!!!

  44. WALTER D CASTRO says:

    SullyS thank you 🙏🏻 much be with Our Commander in chief be with President Bush that’s be are hero

  45. Bernedette Kuteyi says:

    Sully ever so loyal, kind, faithful unlike some so called human beings

  46. Bernedette Kuteyi says:

    Please find him a forever home.

  47. #1 Mario Fan 2.0 says:

    I'm just as sad as that dog 😢😢😢

  48. Toufik Mansouri says:

    What a heart melting look Sully has. I wish I could have one like him

  49. Steve Hofmaster says:

    What an awesome dog,I'm so proud of Sully.THANK YOU !

  50. simonton piland says:

    wanna be friends?

  51. campkira says:

    Cute dog but why news about the dog?

  52. Kosmos de Kosmopoliet says:

    When you hear the name George Bush, all you think about is puppies.
    You don't think about the CIA, MK Ultra, The Gulf war, Iran, the Iraq war, 911, conspiracies, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, Islam, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Israel, AIPAC, Zionism, The Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, the destabilisation of the middle east, Guantanamo Bay, none of that.
    just puppies.

  53. Tough Guy says:

    Wag the Dog, anyone?

  54. Fevzi Aslan says:

    Köpeğin üzüntüsü..

  55. William Buick says:

    Why are you celebrating a man that was executed for treason ? Evil murdering despot ! Good he got what he deserved !

  56. dborg says:

    Sully for president… better than Trump for sure

  57. Kin Slayer says:

    It's true what they say, dogs love their owners more than they love themselves

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