Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch. Snapshots: M41 Walker Bulldog [World of Tanks]

When the M24 Chaffee came into service its 75mm gun was considered a substantial improvement and it was very well regarded. However, it was also very soon discovered that the 75mm gun was not good enough either and there was a program started to mount a high velocity 76. This was the T37. After a couple of phases of development the T37 eventually evolved into the T41. Standing behind me: The Walker Bulldog. You start off with an eight cylinder Continental Engine cranking out 500 horsepower and that’s a good start for a vehicle that only weighs in at 20 tons. You have four crewmen. The Assistant/Bow gunner has been dispensed with, and instead his place has been taken up with by 76mm Ammunition The Driver remains in the front left. He has the Automatic transmission system. For steering he now has sort of a T-Bar system instead of individual tillers, and he has only two pedals, the brake and the really, really, big accelerator. The other three crewmen are, of course, in the turret. On the left hand side you will find the Loader, he services the 76mm with eleven ready-rounds. The rest of the ammunition is stored either under the turret or in the front right of the hull. On the right hand side, the Gunner has his power and manual traverse controls, as would be expected, and behind him is the Commander. The Large Bustle at the back, you would expect might have extra ammunition but no, it is entirely filled with radios. Remember it is a light tank; its primary function is reconnaissance, not combat. Although if you have a 76mm, why not shoot at something if something makes itself available to you. The suspension continues more or less from the Chaffee. You have five road wheels per side, Torsion Bar suspension on good solid single pin track, with Chevron rubber blocks. As a light tank, Armour was not a priority. The thickest in there was about one and a half inches and that is basically at the front of the turret and the mantlet. Everything else you were lucky if you had about an inch of armour. But again, this wasn’t designed to engage enemy tanks in combat. This was designed to be survivable long enough to conduct your Reconnaissance or Cavalry duties. In addition to the 76mm there was the coaxial.30 calibre and there was also a pintle mount at the top of the turret for a calibre.50 for anti-air or infantry purposes. There was also a pintle mount at the top for the commander, for primarily anti-air purposes. The gunner had two sights, the traditional periscopic sight that went through the turret roof and he had also the direct vision telescope, mounted coaxially to the gun. This telescope is actually hidden behind an armoured shutter. If you have a look at the front of the mantlet, you can see where the armoured shutter is and this gave a little extra protection to that back-up sight. The Driver in the vehicle is actually given a bit more visibility than usual. Ordinarily, you have simply the three periscopes, front, slight left, and slight right In this case there is also the possibility of a periscope mounting in the hatch. And he also has one over his left shoulder, which faces slightly to the rear. Not good enough for reversing but certainly more visibility than he would ordinarily get. The tank is well equipped for stowage. There were sponson boxes on either side of the hull, and there was also a large stowage box on the turret bustle. The mantlet cover was simply for weather effects; to prevent rain and wind from getting in the crew compartment. The main gun is a 76mm M32, equipped with a ‘T’ Muzzle break and a fume extractor to stop the crew inside from being suffocated. The top speed for the vehicle was 45 miles per hour, which wasn’t bad. The problem though was, that the engine was so fuel hungry that it would run out of fuel barely under a hundred miles and that wasn’t at 45 miles per hour. Originally the vehicle was to be named the ‘Bulldog’, however, after General Walker was killed in Korea, the vehicle was slightly renamed in his honour and is known as ‘Walker Bulldog’. For what it was supposed to do, the M41 was actually very good. It was mobile, it was well armed, it had a good radio system, it would get where it needed to go. However, later, additional requirement was added, it had to be air transportable, to fit in the backs of airplanes which were getting bigger and more able to carry tanks. M41 didn’t do that job so well, so new light tanks had to enter service to replace them. However, M41 did have a good long service life in the service of friendly foreign nations.

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100 Responses

  1. TheMinecraftHoarder says:

    new line of US light tanks: confirmed

  2. Lovro Grlj says:

    What material is that gun mantlet covered with? You can see something similar on T54E1 and T69 as well…

  3. Greifer says:

    4:00 IS-3 behind? 😀

  4. Haglar says:

    thr Chaffee mm tho Im always in tier 10 games in that lil' thang

  5. Gabriel Vanasse says:

    Tier 6 American Premium light tank

  6. Snipersight00 says:

    Ammo storage at the front! What could go wrong? lol

  7. Bikaz9 says:

    Just as a little improvement: Would you mind using the metric system in these reviews? Its really distracting listening to a pretty weird system that not even the US-military uses, nor is it used in world of tanks itself either.

  8. 태극기가이랬으면 says:

    I already decide to get the M41 Walker Bulldog because of respectation from General 'Walton Harris Walker' sir. He is the only one in US general who don't give up My country. He said "Stand or Die." to his soilders for unknown small penisula country. But he died by car accident which cause South Korean soilder ammo truck driver. Mr Walker was on car to celebrate his son's award. What a tragedy.  It was that bullshit's mistake, and Lee Seung man, South Korea president, ordered that soilder execute by firing squad. but Walker's familly denied it. and that soilder saved.And the most shocking is Republic of Korean only knows Douglas MacArthur not Walton Harris Walker sir. This is not right.

  9. stubbk3 says:

    Just got my son an RC one of these for his birthday .

  10. iPanic says:

    I saw there was a Is-3 in the background.. Could you do an video of it? 🙂

  11. C Y says:

    type 64 chassis?

  12. Inadequate Intellect says:

    This could be a tier 7 light with the 90 m3. Leading up to the T95e6. And move the m24 to tier 6 and you can get Chaffee and T21 from the m7 medium. Now all we need is tier 8 and 9….

  13. Sils Wei says:

    Just what we need, an entire line of Chaffee's, Welcome to the World of OP xD

  14. NUK3B0YHD says:

    I want this thing instead of the T21 or even better the M7

  15. Mike Yocum says:

    One of my favorite tanks, wish it would be available in WOT, I would get it right away.. Great lil Vid Chieftain..

  16. FD Mackey says:

    Closest current American offspring of the Chaffey and Walker "Bulldog" light tanks?….The Bradley M2/M3 AFVs. Personaly, as a tanker, I would rather have a light tank….But that's just the Cav in me I guess….

  17. Philipp says:

    Lol, designed as a light scout tank, but the Bundeswehr in Germany purchased a few as their first MBTs. Since then most german armored vehicles have been used for stuff they weren't designed for.

  18. Andy AL says:

    Ah this video is just OK for me. 

  19. FedralBI says:

    My father was in a National Guard Armored Cavalry Regiment and this was the tank he used to command. I remember going to the armory and crawling all over and inside the tank. Not the best armored, but it was fast and maneuverable.

  20. Crisis7 says:

    Its confirmed that it will come in 9.3. 

  21. Zeektehgeek says:

    Anybody else notice he calls it the T41, and the video says M41?

  22. some2guy says:

    Polish Subs !! Well done !

  23. Ante Kokić says:

    There is an is 3 in the background 3:33

  24. nakazatoGTR says:

    The Pride of Thailand, Vietnam and Philippine Armies!!!

  25. michael tremblay says:

    One of my favorite tanks have to put it in wot after the Chaffee in PC and Xbox

  26. Santa Six says:

    Each M41 comes with it's own Dog House.

  27. DaFuQ Sk says:

    you cant say the "chieftain" looks bored, its the thing he really loves to do.

  28. Alex Kovalev says:

    why no russian titres?

  29. Martin Šálek says:

    Put this one to the game please.

  30. N00bManiac7 says:

    Might be an interesting tank in game a fast and maneuverable but large light tank with a high pen 76mm gun. Maybe with more than average health for a light b/c its so big? 

  31. JBlanch54 says:

    I want the m41 as the tier 6 American light tank

  32. alan javier plaza gómez says:

    yo me acuerdo que M41 es artillería,me imagino que debe de ser una especie de modelos del mismo,como los sherman

  33. theopeegamer says:


  34. Dylan Stock says:

    sorry if I am wrong but wasn't the para tank that replaced the walker bulldog the m551 sheidan

  35. FirstName LastName says:

    Is it me or USA just made little M47 Patton and named it M41 Walker Bulldog? 🙂

  36. Widum Boise says:

    I have a 1/16 scale R/C tank of this vehicle as well as a model 🙂

  37. AdventureWeekender says:

    I wish I had your job

  38. Megaspasstpräsentiert says:

    I read somewhere that this tank collection is going to be selled??D:

  39. Megaspasstpräsentiert says:

    I read somewhere that this tank collection is going to be selled??D:

  40. Kyoya Izumi says:

    i guess the m41 walker bulldog will be the next tank after the chaffee in the tech tree in some update since it is the next tank after the chaffee in real life tank development.

  41. Katipunanasone says:

    M41 Walker Bulldog. The Pride of the Philippine Army from the 60s to the 80s

  42. Gabriel Joseph Bragais says:

    i like the older video format better

  43. Brendan Raistrick says:

    sexy tank

  44. Mr. Meems says:

    Why do American tank designs have such scant regard for fuel economy?

  45. Oisin Connolly says:

    new usa ussr and german tanks 9.3

  46. Oisin Connolly says:

    look at 5:40

  47. DMX Lasxhxdivids says:

    I smell a new tier 6 and tier 7 light

  48. Gabi Nicolescu says:

    my best tank amx50100 in game

  49. AMidgetWalrus says:

    m41 confirmed.

  50. 박세현 says:


  51. 박세현 says:


  52. Thunderlux says:

    The 30 cal was a waste of production you might call it overkill but I think we had plenty of 50 cal sitting around to mount on the turrent

  53. Jackson Blanas says:

    They need to put this tank into the game

  54. Samuel Van Burg says:

    Are you going to put the M41 Walker Bulldog in W.o.T?

  55. CALiGeR190 says:

    Light tank with a 76mm?
    I'm listening…

  56. sonnymv says:

    now to get this in game

  57. indefinity says:


  58. Darren Hopkins says:

    was great meeting you at tank fest this year keep up the most excellent work

  59. Duc Tran says:

    what kind of tank that not work like a tank ? if a tank cant fight against another tank i rather ride a jeep

  60. N3GZ3R0 says:

    Rename please to specify M41 (light) 🙂

  61. lunhil12 says:

    Perfect for where it was used, fast and light with considerable effect. Tamiya has an inexpensive older kit of this which looks great with minor modification.

  62. u666sa says:

    One of these got stuck in Cuba during bay of pigs failed invasion, crew abondon it and left it intact.  You can see that thing in one of Russia's museums, but the color scheme is different, it's not dark grey, more whitish than gray.

  63. Jacob Lowell says:

    The bulldog actually had a supercharged flat-six, not a V8.

  64. Tate Lieurance says:

    Throw some reactive armor on it and maybe a 90mm and a modern fire control system and it would probably still be useable today.

  65. mateo rivera says:

    french AMX 13: only one 6 shell drum instead of the real 2 6 shell drum.
    USA M41 :gets a fake autoloader, with 10 fake rounds. even, the place were the drums could be, are used by radios. yeah.

  66. shades2 says:

    Sounds woefully under-armoured, did it have any under-body protection against mines?

  67. Moto Rad says:

    The American 75 was obsolete in WW2, not sure why it took this long to keep learning they needed to switch to the 76.

  68. wouter kos says:

    he looks and talks like he's not enjoying this at all. makes me wanna sleep

  69. The Ch33f says:

    why havent they done an m60?

  70. Captain Dreadnought says:

    i have a radio control bulldog that fires BB's

  71. MC-PS-PLAYA says:

    The armor is so thin it would get raped in the Vietnam war

  72. Ryan says:

    Does it drive?

  73. HoCoRydaaH says:

    When he said it was named after General Walker i thought he meant Edwin Walker instead of Walton Walker, Lol

  74. Patchouli Knowledge says:

    the most annoying LT in the tier 8

  75. Logan Wilson says:

    did anyone else see the is-3 behind the bulldog?

  76. SvenGamingNetwork says:

    'standing behind me: the walker bulldo…..' stop cutting him off xD

  77. Five says:

    Can you ammo rack a Bulldog in-game by shooting the front hull where ammunition was kept?

  78. Mike Coker says:

    I worked on the M-42 Duster derivative of this tank. Fun training, death in Nam.

  79. 2B says:

    좋지 실제로도좋았고

  80. Definition_X says:

    does it bark?

  81. T. Templin says:

    I'd love it you could do one on the T29 or any of there variants that are left.

  82. Tissaye says:

    sexy camera yes yes yes mmmmm colour mmmm HD mmmm

  83. Aislan LEITE PEREIRA says:

    M-41 Walker Buldog é meu tanque favorito

  84. jamesgjt says:

    republic of china is still using the m24 and m41….

  85. malusignatius says:

    Although it was a terrible tank, I think an episode on the M551 Sheridan would be really interesting to see.

  86. Montana Bulldog says:

    I want to know WHY, you "Haven't" done a video on the M-48 Tank ? . . . you've done EVERYTHING BUT !.

  87. Djordje XO says:

    Wait,the chafey isnt it chaffe

  88. Marie BCFHS says:


  89. shaider1982 says:

    I always looked forward to seeing this in a park whem going to my dad's hometown whe I was a kid.

  90. Dexter Banks says:

    "in service with friendly fire nations" lol

  91. Drinks 101 says:

    One of my favorite tanks!

  92. VintagePC's alike says:

    So THAT'S what those cloth mantlet covers are for. Never knew.

  93. KRIS TENGCO says:

    In Taiwan it now a Tank Destroyer

  94. Bill Atwood says:

    Still hate the effin music.

  95. UnnamedSeeker says:

    I like how you say "friendly foreign nations" like "friendly fire nations"

  96. CursedMonkey says:

    We need a new 1/35 scale kit of this tank. Its begging for one.

  97. Ted Galacci says:

    To me, the M41 was the "tankiest looking tank" of my childhood. I loved to draw it in my notebooks in class half a century ago or more.

  98. Zulkifli Zul says:

    I love bulldog tank. I have kind of fetish for old raw design tank. It looks manly

  99. Herman Man says:

    Well designed tank with minute attention to detail .if it were made from titanium or things like that…it can possibly knock a t55 or even t 72 with good performance HEAT.

  100. Logan Vann says:

    I used to be untouchble in this thing back when WOT first came out for console (Tier VIII) then…

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