Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) – Lennon/Ono with The Plastic Ono Band (official music video HD)

Instant karma’s gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head You better get yourself together Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead What in the world you thinking of? Laughing in the face of love What on earth you trying to do? It’s up to you Yeah you Instant Karma’s gonna get you Gonna look you right in the face Better get yourself together darling Join the human race How in the world you gonna see? Laughing at fools like me Who in the hell do you think you are? A superstar? Well right you are! Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on Everyone Come on Instant Karma’s gonna get you Gonna knock you off your feet Better recognise your brothers Everyone you meet Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear Why on earth are you there? When you’re everywhere Come and get your share Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Yeah we all shine on Come on and on and on on on Yeah yeah Alright Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Yeah we all shine on On and on and on on and on Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Yeah we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Yeah we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun

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100 Responses

  1. Dennis Brill says:

    John's up there jamming with GOD!!! 💪😔🙏

  2. Carla Barros says:

    Adoro este som!

  3. sgtpep5 says:

    John was murdered on my 21st birthday…The only thing that gives me any inner peace of mind is that I know Mark David Chapman will never get out of prison. If the parole board does grant him parole…they'll be signing his death warrant…(which is a-ok with me) because you don't murder the greatest Rock & Roll singer in the world….do some time in prison…get out and think it's all over with… I bet MDC doesn't live 6 weeks after getting released from prison before some John Lennon fan dishes out some good old fashioned street justice on his sorry ass. If it were up to me to pull the trigger, push the button or wire up the chair??? Mark Chapman wouldn't be with us anymore… PEACE!

  4. Geoff Joffy says:

    How come John's nose wasn't big and hooked like that in the Beatles.

  5. azapro911 says:

    Probably his most Beatles-sounding solo composition.

  6. SpiderCola says:

    John made songs about yoko for example

    instant karma

  7. Tom Martin says:

    My word, John was amazing. What a singer, songwriter and musician.

  8. Marko Garcia says:

    Ehhhhh why didn’t he shoot ono

  9. Danny Jones says:

    John lennon 1980 Liam Gallagher 2020 same style

  10. tls arcadian says:

    Join the human race! @

  11. Gera Brown says:

    Instant Karma can get anyone, even a half-orangutan!

  12. J0EYbagaDONUTS says:

    Its sort of like when JFK was shot . I still remember where I was the day I heard the news that John Lennon was shot

  13. Howie McNiff says:

    who are the other people in the video?

  14. Anthony Johnston says:


  15. Kimberly Argiris says:

    Makes me wonder why Yoko is blind folded while knitting?

  16. maddog76 says:

    This song is for Paul..

  17. gorilla trx says:

    Put this over your face and keep your mouth shut 🤐. I’ll be damned if your gonna ruin this song !!!!!!!!

  18. ELBSEGLER says:

    Thumbs down? Crazy World 😖👉🍻

  19. Faro Fino says:

    Yoko sempre f..da! John incrível!

  20. Arturo Villalobos says:

    The energy that John has, takes me to a better place.

  21. Sharon Shaw says:

    Why is she wearing a sanitary towel? Yeah know it's artsy. My arse 😚

  22. Daniel Mcewan AKA Big Dan Aconda says:

    Beady eye – the roller

  23. sav says:

    John's greatest composition.

  24. Bruce Wayne says:

    Blind is the only way to knit a noassatol diaper.

  25. Starship Trooper says:

    This and Maybe I'm Amazed would have made another classic double A sided Beatles single. Sigh….was not to be.

  26. Paul Richardson says:

    R.I.P. Mal Evans

  27. Judah James says:

    This is what yoko should have done every performance. At least she isn't singing

  28. F. St. says:

    WHAT'S YOKO DOING???😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  29. Socialists are all Fags says:

    Yoko is a fucking nightmare leech.

  30. Andrew steele says:

    Who in the earth do you think you Are @ SUPERSTAR..
    Fucking Right You ARE …

  31. Gabie Guillory says:

    Fun Fact: Stephen King's inspiration for naming The Shining came from this song.

  32. bobby thomas says:

    Tell Trump instant karma is going to get you

  33. joão vitor urban says:

    o cara eh tao foda que depois de morto lanca a musica do alem.

  34. Bradley S says:

    Isn't that Liam Gallagher?

  35. Christopher Barr says:


  36. JETZcorp says:

    I've always wished this song could have gotten "Beatlized" like Real Love and Free as a Bird (two of my favorite songs ever). The core of it, the lyrics and Lennon's vocals, are absolutely beyond any shadow of criticism. But the rest of it just feels… The word that comes to mind is "disconcordant". To me it just begs for Ringo's drumming to bring more order. I want to hear some of that post-breakup George slide guitar wailing along with the chorus in the back half of the song. As for Paul. Well, I think Paul's solo material was a bit "normal" where John's was a bit weird. So perhaps having Paul influencing composition would have provided some solid pop sensibility to balance John's runaway creativity. I love this song, I just think that it's missing the exact things the other Boys brought to the band. It would have gone from great to untouchable.

  37. sergio de carvalho alkimim alkimim. says:

    Best Yoko Ono performance.

  38. Tim Drumm says:

    Genius. Genius. Genius – nothing held back ALL SOUL …ALL OUT!

  39. tbradtbrad says:

    This guy could play a young Mark Stacyer

  40. redvette91 says:

    Good thing she’s not singing

  41. Rodrigo Fernandez says:

    Steve Jobs? are you

  42. Mr Insta says:

    The greatest there was, the greatest there is, there greatest there will ever be.

  43. Michael Broadbent says:

    His music still goes on!

  44. Andrew Corbett says:

    If you disliked this there's no hope for you or your ears

  45. Noe Diaz Briceno says:

    Y Yoko valiendo madre como siempre.

  46. M. O.G. says:

    Mal Evans bless him

  47. Reign Hudson says:


  48. richard Bowman says:

    What's up with Yoko & the bandage on her mug??/

  49. Matheus Santiago says:

    Lennon ☮️

  50. Kritty T says:

    Love this!! Listening in 2020

  51. That man in your basement says:

    Lmao Yoko is amazing

  52. Benny The Jet says:

    Thought yoko was gonna start playing the scissors next,,,,,✂️

  53. welcome to reality says:

    This world desperately needs John. All we can do is DO in his name! RIP

  54. Meserbee Chek says:


  55. gérard Martin says:


  56. modern studies says:

    Who was he singing about though

  57. Clint1 Burnall says:

    Lennon the one and only true talk total waist what was the gun man thinking wat a prick

  58. Denisse Valdenegro says:

    instant caña's gonna get you

  59. gringo lapoc says:

    Common John…

  60. Robert Grant says:

    Hard to watch bcuz Yoko makes me wanna fuckin puke. She is so unimportant to music and talentless in general. She is as worthless as Faul's wife linda

  61. beenCookingSince7 says:


  62. pete robbo says:

    John was soooo talented..brains, voice, Creativity.
    Pity about the anchor knitting in the background.

  63. Tim Sears says:

    Alan White of YES played drums on this track…

  64. Angeles Cedillo says:

    Bello y talentoso.. Lennon…y Yoko… simplemente sublime…

  65. Pina Jones says:

    That was yesterday ! But this is the here and now for me this moment. I am right here!

  66. Pina Jones says:

    I Feel the love!!! Yeah I do!!!!

  67. Pina Jones says:

    OK My Karma song:

  68. beenCookingSince7 says:

    No one needs marijuana Sir pualy doodle little…we just like it. Side note…look at me I'm doing it!!

  69. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    It's really something how John writes and composes songs!
    His use of drums in here and in Instant Karma is amazing. He makes it seem so easy.
    I immediately thought of another musical genius (that John said is doing what the Beatles would sound like, if they were still together) that is Jeff-ELO-Lynne and so, I think of Jeff's use of drums in his great songs.
    Also, in the mid-late 60's, John was one of the influences on me, with his message of peace and to stand like a man and be for peaceful solutions and non-violence. Exactly!
    So, that helped influenced me to rally against the war in Vietnam.
    And, when Paul McCartney, in one clip of John I remember from years ago, that he saw, said,
    "that's John for you…" I agree. Paul meant that in a fun, humorous way.
    Well, thank you Beatles, I don't wanna think about the 60's and music without you guys.
    Rest in heaven, brother John.

  70. Dennis Boatman says:

    You are missed John.
    Sharing to Peace,Positivity, & Love group

  71. Andrew Edward Bailey says:

    This guy really fancies himself as Liam Gallagher. Get your own style man.

  72. Javo Britos says:

    Tendria q haber in premio a la.musica llamado premio a la.musica the beates.. con el.johonn lennon de oro para el mejor musico del año

  73. Pina Jones says:

  74. Pina Jones says:

  75. Pina Jones says: Dangerous info for some reason???


    KARMA!!! We all shine on..

  77. Angel Marino says:

    Instant Karma will get us.

  78. Paul Walker says:

    Is that Top of the pops ?

  79. Glumpy says:

    God bless you John.

  80. Edgar Clara says:

    rey de los hippies según Eric Cartman… =(

  81. Paul Shotter says:

    Instant carma excellent song from John Lennon great sounds and great track record song good stuff

  82. Wild Roverr says:

    I miss him!

  83. William Kilgore says:

    Yoko sitting there blindfolded……LOL!

  84. Simon Wilson says:

    Shame Yoko had to ruin it

  85. victor pross says:

    What the fuck is Yoko doing there?

  86. Richard Dixon says:

    Chapman shot the wrong one, I mean she was RIGHT there……

  87. James Sementilli says:

    Over here we have John Lennon, arguably one of the most famous musicians of all time, and right next to him is an idiot sewing while wearing a blindfold!

  88. ibarbozza says:

    Thank you …

  89. Beatle Stories says:

    I FKN love him!

  90. Julio Almanza says:

    Ono makes me want to cry. in a good way

  91. Tincho D says:

    1:46 cuando te sale un buen arreglo y John te lo aprueba

  92. Bob Sarfatty says:

    One of John's best

  93. Tricia 77 says:

    Wtf is Yoko doing

  94. Omar Hernandez says:

    Such an amazing song and singer!!! 🎼🎤🎸🌟✨

  95. Oskar Randall says:

    If no one else has noticed it yet, this song just turned 50 today

  96. Dan Butler says:

    The genius of Phil Spector..

  97. Marc Eibel says:


  98. BUTTSLAMMING says:

    I fucking hate Yoko ono

  99. Andy B says:

    Recorded 50 years ago this very day.

  100. Unixilandia says:

    Fantastic performance by John & his Plastic Ono Band!

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