Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

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  1. Max T says:

    Can't believe i just watched a 10 min cat fight video

  2. Gacha Cherry says:

    I need to see more of Teego!

  3. Lyn B says:

    When an infant is more evovled than an adult…and way more FUN! Freya is an amazingly BRAVE, CURIOUS AND PERSISTENT KITTY!

  4. TheRandomSpark says:

    Why the hell am I invested in the character development of cats

  5. SMGJohn says:

    Music gives me cancer but the cats are too interesting to leave.

  6. plum says:

    Freya it's a tsundere cat, lol

  7. KraziStrawz says:

    Freyas hiss sounds like someone peeling tape off a box

  8. Kevin Bruns says:

    7:00 it’s over I have the high ground

  9. Exo - Spectre says:

    Freya sounds like a whip cream can when she hisses.

  10. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    🥰 awwww

  11. Adorably Deplorable says:

    I kept waiting for the bengal to eat the kitten.

    Oh, you were using sarcasm. Hehe

  12. mukomuk ko says:

    Tsundere and air head

  13. whistle says:

    9:03 Freya got her head kicked 100 times

  14. Ss GALLO says:

    1:18 Their first face to face moment goes very well” (mfriker just open his mouth till reaches the cat ears)

  15. Terence Dempsey says:

    What does cat taste like?

  16. 313drepeso313 says:

    And slippery floors can be awkward… BAM!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Needed that laugh #ripkobe 🐍💛💜🥺

  17. Senux 8 says:

    look at that cute little killing machine practice her art

  18. Cecilia Carlsson says:

    What a confident lil kitty Teego is. What term should I use to describe him? Cause he certainly isn’t a scaredy-cat

  19. AlaisterGaming says:

    My cat just goes numb after the fith cat.

  20. Svagg LAORDE says:

    You are looking at the interaction between aTsundere and a Deredere.

  21. Sir Duke01 says:

    2:00 lol that was adorable

  22. CC Carter says:

    Teego gots zero fcks to give about Freya’s hissing.

  23. Justin White says:

    The music is fucking annoying though. Aside from that I enjoyed this video

  24. Noraiz says:

    Best 10:54 seconds of my life

  25. K0ncursus says:

    Teego: play 🙂 Objekt 🙂 Bounce 🙂 Fun 🙂 Happy 🙂 Run 🙂


  26. Bane_of_Zane says:

    9:50 Rare sighting of domesticated feline kitten petting older domesticated cat (1992, colorized)

  27. Meme Dealer says:

    Teegos mind 6:40 :I’m finna roll this big girl

  28. Crimson Kiten says:

    I got so excited to find that the Bengal is named Freya because my gsd is named Freya

  29. DivinDame 2 says:

    Human: Back were I come from, we call that fighting.

    Cats: Heck, no! We're bonding!!

  30. lil_leo says:

    10:36 waz the best part

  31. Geri Kody says:

    I think older cat is being tested to the max!- what an intrusion! Feel bad for her!

  32. Bryan Gesto says:

    At 7:54 the wwe smackdown cats…hahaha

  33. Pusang Gala says:

    very cute and lovely

  34. Kenzo Batt says:

    Love the Cat-calls throughout the video, very clever…

  35. Sister Rose says:

    …. and they lived happily ever after. The End. LOL!

  36. Scrub Nubz says:

    It's so interesting seeing freya hate the other cat one day and after a few days they are best of friends.

  37. KEP says:

    Freya: Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you come right to me?

    Teego: I can’t play with you without getting closer.

  38. Mercury’s voyage says:

    This is exactly how my kitten my cat met each other

  39. Ronja Ringelpiez says:

    just fight and hit until you like each other. 😀

  40. Kian Siong says:

    9:52 okay just giving you a pay Bengal

  41. insontis says:

    He has the word "TOY" written in cream on his right side

  42. Stefan M. says:

    I love just how many very British words are used in that opening alone.

  43. Stefan M. says:

    "Their first face-to-face meeting goes very well."
    Tygo: playful bounce
    Freya: "Stay away from me or I will rip out your lungs and feed them to you!"

  44. Near Harvy says:

    I will just put it in a cardboard box together..
    let see what happens next!

  45. 100000 subs for this Polite Cat says:

    Tsundere cat girl vs curious cat boy

  46. Sabrina Mitchell says:

    I miss having a kitten now! All mine are grown now. I miss their cute play fights and watching them get into all kinds of trouble

  47. fastasfox says:

    It's play fighting….but the ears are back.😁

  48. Briony Mann says:

    Bengals are not Asbo cats who will break in and hurt your cat. They like to jump and climb but they're not aggressive

  49. Reed Daley says:

    I love Teego 😭

  50. spoi_ boi says:

    Teego is now ten years old

  51. Olivia Cloud says:

    At 9:00 omg that fight is SO CUTE

  52. Bjørn says:

    Watching this just reminds me of Mew & Mew 2

  53. Judit Szolnoki Király says:

    I am totally relaxed watching this charming duo's playing and the choreography of acquaintance.

  54. MrPink says:

    Adorable when he runs up the stairs @ 1:44

  55. Avital Alef says:

    Teego is a brave cat.

  56. Paul Georg says:

    Фрея: уйдии, прааативный! подожди, дай пожулькаю

  57. Justin Mitchell says:

    So freaking adorable

  58. Sloppy Huffpuff says:

    Jaskier and Geralt..

  59. lmwrt says:

    All cats are awesome…….got to play, got to play, got to play.

  60. Soumith Basina says:

    Freya is such a tsundere

  61. Laura Shadle says:

    Yes! to all of this!! xoxox (but NO to soundtrack)

  62. Андрей Фамильев says:

    Интересный способ драться у большой кошки – упасть на спину и дрыгать лапками 😀

  63. That Guy Again says:

    Freya: Hisses and growls at Teego.

    Teego: I shall name you squishy. I will love you, and you will be my squishy.

  64. Mega Byte says:

    Funny af

  65. Mega Nerd says:

    8:30 bamboozle time

  66. xxlittlebodyBigheartxx says:

    Who else noticed how messy and unorganized their living room is??

  67. Nova Star says:

    Me and my Marvel mind just keeps saying "Loki and Peter"

    And then my MHA mind keeps saying "Aizawa and all of class 1A"

  68. Toreidbor says:

    6:20 BODYSLAM K.O.

  69. Joe Bob says:

    Freja: Pulls our shotgun
    Teego: J U M P

  70. TRG Dragon says:

    Frey in an unwanted playtime jumps on to the table my brain: It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground

  71. GannVan says:

    I love this bit!

  72. Pirjo Korhonen says:

    I just love 💖cats🐈

  73. GMC1 says:

    This is very cute

  74. Tati says:

    They're both dead today 🙁

  75. Albert Sévigny says:

    cats commng frend 🙂

  76. bbigrocker1 says:

    Cats are so silly, but so very entertaining

  77. Luciana Iglesias says:

    Paso un año y la relación con el nuevo gatito sigue siendo igual 🤔😭

  78. Jay Mac says:

    “After a while, Teego pops back upstairs to make sure that his safe space is still there”
    – me whenever people are at my house

  79. big boss says:

    teego is a kuffar

  80. DK Drawings says:

    Why i cried on that video

  81. Dr Phil says:

    Humans don’t deserve cats

  82. king ky says:

    Did anyone else laugh at this? 9:50

  83. Alexier says:

    RIP Freys

  84. Jon Focker says:

    i have a male who never had a roommate, just a guest sometimes when he was little. If i get another cat should it be a boy or girl? I think he would eventually love to have a buddy. He is such a great cat except likes food too much and wants me to feed him early in the morning sometimes. I definitely think 2 cats is better than one.

  85. Jon Focker says:

    Freya is super nice to the little guy. when they were wrestling it reminded me of my friend's cat who was really rough and would bite as hard as he could. his owner played rough with him so that is what he was used to doing.

  86. Pawan Sharma says:

    My Nobu a male Persian has grown up I am thinking of bringing a female kitten for him but I am worried if he harms the kitten 🤔

  87. Trinsec Trua says:

    Aww, that was so nice. It's so relatable to the cats of my parents.

  88. Nick Y says:

    Trap house!!!

  89. DY says:

    Cats arent afraid of anything arent they?

  90. DY says:

    Meanwhile them:

    "Hey you fat bitch"
    "What did u say to me to little piece of.."

  91. 卩乇丨几 ㄒ乇几丂乇丨 says:

    Teego: NO, I aM dE cApTaIn Now!

  92. 卩乇丨几 ㄒ乇几丂乇丨 says:

    Freya Is A Tsundere

  93. CurvingFyre says:

    Daily Express: Bengals will break into your house and kill your cats!

    People who've actually known the breed: They're just massive tsunderes

  94. Pia Aip says:


  95. Church Of DieHard Trinitarian Donkeys Exposed says:

    Forgive me Father through Jesus for having been cruel to animals. People get what's coming to them but these little guys didn't deserve what I did to them.

    See – believing in Jesus has made the world a better place. I also own a very very small female.

    She's adopted – Ms Kitty 😉

  96. Devi says:

    Lets be honest No one was searching for that Video

  97. Jordan Kalmov says:

    Brought a 6- month old lab stray from the shelter to a 1-1/2 year old schnauzer and they have been best bros since the minute we brought the lab in, none of this day by day build up XD

  98. Lucas Patrick says:

    I’m glad they named them Bengal “Cat”… because otherwise we may get confused.

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