Introducing Two Horses – More Than I Expected!

Well, Tao’s home on the farm he’s a friend to Maggie. They look like they’re doing great right now, but how was it when they first were introduced? Let me take you back to some of those first moments just a few days ago You might be surprised Good boy, Way to go. He looks so big here. Oh, look at you. Are you Okay? That was quite the ride wasn’t it? Just be very careful. Don’t give him that much Liz. Walk him back, walk him around. Maggie, you’re not even focused on him. You wanna go see? a little more. Oh hi. [train horn sounds in the distance] How about walking them over to the round pin area and we’ll walk them in circles on Opposite sides of the pin now Adelynn you head to the left and just walk them on opposite sides the same direction Pick him up make him walk Keep them on opposite sides of the pin for now There you go For tonight the first night, we don’t want to keep them together because we haven’t really Acclimated them very well So we’re gonna keep Maggie in Maggie’s place the old place for tonight and then tomorrow. We’ll work on getting them Used to being around each other. today is day two of the horses being together They were introduced sort of last night and today We’re going to put them together and see how they interact we’re gonna tiptoe into that last night Maggie stayed here And tayo stayed back. Oh, where is he somewhere back over there and Now we’re gonna. Just see what happens He’s starring at her. You see her Tao? Oh hey Tao. Hey, I’m going to let her go because if something happens I don’t want to [words not understood] We were told there was going to be some kicking and some biting no matter How we did this we introduced them over the fence last night. They’ve been seeing each other all morning over the fence today. I Didn’t know there would be this much Kicking, it’s a little nervous a little nerve-wracking for me But it looks like maybe they’re settling down and sorting it out at least. I hope that’s the case I’m not sure if the ears Back on it on the head, Tao’s head I’m sure it means something. I’m not I don’t know exactly what it means the positioning the the scratching the head down Maggie seems Fairly relaxed and fairly normal until Tao gets too close. Before we bought Maggi she lived at a barn a facility where there were a lot of horses and according to my daughter , Maggie reacted similar in a similar way when she was introduced to other horses, so I think she has a little bit of a dominance streak in her You ok Tao? Might be really silly for being in here with them I’m backing up because Tao is positioning himself a little bit walking toward me and I want to make sure that I don’t get caught in the crossfire Tao definitely looks a little nervous Maggie seems pretty chill and Yeah, I don’t know if that’s because she’s the mare and he’s the gelding you know male versus female or if it’s just this Is Maggie’s property and Tao is introduced and he’s the new guy or you know? I’m trying to read into this a little bit But I really don’t know what I’m talking about According to some of the horse stuff that we know if they’re licking and chewing and their ears are forward Then they’re okay, she seems pretty okay But they’re still trying to figure each other out And I’m trying to position myself around trees so that I can get away if I need to you Maggie Quite honestly, I probably put myself in an awkward and dangerous position by being in there with the horses We’re gonna leave them to sort things out. It looks like they’re gonna. They’re gonna figure it out. Hopefully There’s not a whole lot of biting and kicking still left to do, but I guess that’s normal And they have to work that out, so we’ll come back in a little bit and see how they’re doing. While they weren’t looking my daughter dropped the blue toy out here which has green in it the horses rolled around and the grain falls out, and then they eat the grain I Guess we’re hoping that if there’s enough distraction the horses can I don’t know, maybe find a way to not Focus on each other, but maybe they need to What that is doing it’s giving Tao something to distract him so Maggie can get some hay It’s day three Christmas Day We just had our family times, and now I’m gonna go out here and check on the horses. My daughter’s already out The horses from here up here to be doing fine Hey Maggie. Tao. You guys doing okay this morning? yeah? Are you taking Maggie for a walk out front? Yeah, I’ll take her out this morning to let her graze. Okay. Good boy Tao. From what I’ve seen that now after the introduction the day two and the morning on day three This has been a successful Introduction of two horses We may not have done it all correctly according to other people’s methods But the biting and the kicking we were told was going to be normal and they did do that So I know I put myself in a little bit of a bad position at times while I was in the field With the horses, that’s probably not something you should try at home. I didn’t really think that through But you know I’m okay, and we came out okay, if you like this video, please share He’s talking to you He’s saying, please share this video with your friends and family because we will all consider that a gift Thank you so much for watching this episode of Horses on the Daddykirbs farm. I’ll talk to you soon Yeah, are you talking to me? Are you talking to the people in the camera, or do you miss Maggie? You miss Maggie that’s it

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100 Responses

  1. Daddykirbs Farm - A Homesteading Story says:

    Our son, Luke, has a rare genetic mutation called FoxG1. Actually the term “FoxG1″ is used to label any mutation that affects the gene with that same name. Luke’s mutation is a duplication which is much different than those with deletions or other forms of mutation to the gene FoxG1. The duplication manifests itself in a way that looks a lot like higher functioning Autism. Our goal is to give Luke the best life we can using whatever resources we have to help him overcome the challenges of living with a FoxG1 duplication. Horses have always been something he enjoys and the therapy that they can provide is extremely valuable.

  2. t sam says:

    horse = very expensive toys.

  3. Michelle Joseph-Long says:

    Was Tao a late geld? He is displaying stallion behavior. Do not allow him to get away with that behavior with you or others while in the pasture. He needs to understand that you are dominant over him. He needs some round pen work to teach him that you are in control. Also, the young girl that was leading him should lead him on the other side (On Tao's left).

  4. PJ Sev says:

    The first time they met it should have been a nice long ride. That alway seeemed to bond horses pretty fast. Mares are usually boss over a gelding.

  5. dominic piscopo says:


  6. Mary Hutt says:

    I think yOur got it ok I think he is pushing Maggie to be friends too quick she settin limits haha

  7. dady big says:

    It's not a big deal she don't want him but he want he she will give it up when she is ready

  8. dady big says:

    I have horses before

  9. Anna Brewin says:

    Tao was definetly telling Maggie he wants to be in charge. The head down and moving forward plus side to side is him snaking and driving her to be where he wants her to be. When feeding on dirt that has sand in it a horse can accumulate up to 8kg + over time in the gut and colic. I have this delemer at my property. Which is hard to manage if there is no pasture to throw hay down on. The good news is hay is the best to feed to help push it through. I have tried many ways to combat this, most failed. Though put down marine carpet and fed over top was most successful. Maybe old carpet upside down would work. Great to see that you are thinking, learning by trial and error and improving your horses lives. They are lucky to have you as owners. I live Australia and there is a horseman called John O'Leary that has the best problem solving site called "Horse Problems Australia". It will radically change and enlighten you.

  10. P.C. Orton says:

    I've always been scared of horses. I will watch more of these & read the comments. Horse psychology is interesting. Maggie didn't want boy germs. Cute.

  11. Leslie DeDore says:

    I think Tao and Maggie are very lucky to have you. Good advice from everyone commenting, too. I think you and your family are thoughtful horse owners. What are you planning on doing with them?

  12. Sonya Finkey says:

    What I find a little puzzling is that Tao acted like a stallion, trying to take charge of the mare. A cryptoorchid?

  13. ebonpharo says:

    Tao is the instigator.

  14. marlena asprey says:


  15. L M says:

    I always lead my horses on their left side. Who taught the young girl to lead on the right?

  16. Myrrid says:

    Tao looks really underweight…

  17. Ana Larson says:

    Honestly I would not introduce any animal right away after transfer and transportation. Then I do a lot of one on one handling training and they stay at my side until I tell the other animals what I want. Over time they will be introduced as to what I want, I am the leader and other humans, their free time comes much later. I find this works well with horses dogs and kids. I use the premack principle positively. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Becca Boo says:

    You need to not back up like that you are teaching your horses to push you. I'd recommend watching Thinklikeahorse you can learn a lot from Rick.

  19. Akira STEWART says:

    Your horses are a bit skinny I’m not trueing to be rude but Thea are

  20. Alivia Tyree says:

    I know it's never seen when a hourse u love fights with a nother one u love but there just clamming domanites

  21. Emilia Treviño says:

    This guy clearly doesn’t know enough about horses to have one. With feeding on top of sand and holding the lead ropes wrong. They introduced them fine. But like it just pisses me off how people can buy a huge animal that needs so much respect and patience and not know enough about it

  22. Jackie Cartney says:

    what breed is Tao?

  23. Lynn Durbin says:

    It is her place, she's peed around to mark. He is the new guy. Most chicks don't like a dude rushing them.

  24. gadfly72 says:

    It’s been a year or so [per the earliest comments], but new viewers should know,

    Many, many dangerous actions – plus, a new horse should always be quarantined away from other hoofstock, to ensure any communicable disease or infestation stays in the new animal, & isn’t given to the entire herd, or in the case of parasites, spread thru-out the pasture or in every crevice of the building.

    For a supposed gelding, Tao acts far too studly – he also has no manners, & threatens to run over or push aside the cameraman. // He prances & preens when he sees the mare, tucks his chin & arches his tail, snakes his neck & chases her, & he threatens her with pinned ears & pinched nostrils –
    That’s often a prelude to a serious bite.
    HORSES CAN TAKE CHUNKS OF MUSCLE CLEAN OUT OF ONE ANOTHER, leaving gaping wounds that remain as craters, if the animal survives & it heals.

    Daddykirbs, U were all very lucky – both horses, U, & the daughters.
    There could have been huge vet bills, severe injuries to humans & horses, & even a death — or two.

    For the viewer:
    * Never leave any tools or machinery in paddocks or pastures.
    Ladders, carpenter’s sawhorse, wheelbarrow, trailer, hammer, a roll of wire fencing, a hunk of 2” x 4”, NOTHING is left standing or lying about for horses to step on, get tangled in, slam into, be cut by, etc.

    * NEVER leave a lead rope or rein to drape OVER YOUR SHOULDER.
    U may literally lose yer head, or merely have yer neck snapped – & paralysis really sucks as a lifestyle.

    * NEVER feed on sandy ground.
    A rubber tub for hay, a hanging hay-net, a mounted bucket on the wall for grain, etc; sand colic can be deadly, & when it doesn’t kill them, it’s ungodly painful for the horse, & incredibly expensive for the owner.

    If he were mine, i’d ask my vet to do bloodwork & see what Tao’s testosterone levels are –
    Either he was gelded late & had some breeding experience, or he was gelded improperly, OR – worst-case scenario – he’s just an aggressive barsteward.
    But his behavior is way-outside the norm for a gelding; Maggie, OTOH, reacted very appropriately to a threatening stranger, & she could have justifiably beaten the tar outta Tao.

    Everyone in this clip was repeatedly in danger, & repeatedly very, very lucky.
    U can’t plan on luck. This could have ended in a horror show, with lots of gore. When U handle animals who weigh a half-ton plus, U must always think SAFETY FIRST, & that means if U don’t know what U are doing, ask for help, or find **qualified** experienced advice.

    I would have cleared out the pasture & paddock, removing any objects that don’t belong, & left both horses stabled beside one another at night, & with an empty paddock or alley between their fences during the day, for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks.
    THen, with no signs of illness & after a vet screened the newbie for parasites & Coggins-negative, depending upon how they behaved, I might put them in adjoining pastures, with only a solid, well-maintained fence to separate them.

    Horses can bite one another over a fence with disastrous results; if U look at thoroughbred farms, the fences often have alleyways BETWEEN adjacent pastures that are twice as wide as a horse can reach with their heads.
    That protects horses in one field from injury by horses in another field, & also protects passing humans, who can veer out of reach of any overexcited or angry horse, who cannot reach their rival & re-direct their aggro to the convenient passerby.

    Alleyways are often NOT WIDE ENOUGH to allow a horse to be safely hand-led down the far side, out of reach of horses who put their heads & necks over the fence to bite them in passing.
    U often must move a horse by removing them via a different gate, which exits not into the alleyway, but to the outer perimeter of all the fields.

    Similarly, when U walk a horse down a barn aisle, standard paractice is to close the door of every occupied stall, so the horses in those stalls cannot reach out & slyly nip or outright bite the hapless passing horse.
    Please be careful, think ahead, plan Ur actions, & find good mentors – or good, safe advice, from horse handlers who don’t rely on whips, curb chains, twitches, spurs, & other potent punishers.

    W-I-D-E halters go on any horse when they are transported – the wider, the better.
    Rope halters are cheap & dangerous, especially in transit.

    Happy training,
    – Terry


  25. SKA says:

    The white horse! that neck goddman

  26. ecommgirl A says:

    Agree! Dont put hay on sand! Hang a bag and put mats underneath to prevent them from eating sand and dirt. We had a much worse experience our first time. We tried introducing them in a round pen on the advice of an expert. One of our geldings jumped on top of our new mare and tore up her back with his teeth. I had to whack him on the nose to get him off her. It was awful. Lesson learned. Now, on day 2 we introduce them in a huge pasture and let them work it out, watching them all day until they settle down.

  27. M Watts- Riley says:

    Is it that traumatic for these guys to meet? Why. I thought horses were a docile creature by Nature. Is the greeting process usually tense, like this?
    M, il.
    Dumb on this stuff.

  28. M Watts- Riley says:

    Ok, so is one male and one female. Does that make any difference?
    M, il.

  29. smengla80 says:

    the kicking and biting is a sine of dominance they where just seeing who is the BIG boss

  30. Robert Hills Jr says:

    The horses will dertermine who is boss. Believe me. I took in a board horse and thought she would be the boss but my favorite mare made the whole thing easy and was boss after one nite together. She wasn't the biggest of the lot.

  31. c hr says:

    Chickens do the same stuff.

  32. Debby Driscoll says:

    I really appreciate your honesty. I have a horse and people give me advice that I don’t ask for. Everyone knows better. I think you did great! ❤️

  33. Margarita Zubia says:

    You should pick up all of the debris in your pasture so the horses don't get hurt.

  34. Dizzylizzy says:

    I have a question, have you ever introduce horses before? Or did you do some research before you Put these two horses Together Or did you just wing it!, Just curious .

  35. Shanon Thatcher says:

    My only tip would be to get rid of the "hoof catcher" fencing you have up.
    Pawing means "I want" in the horse world and kicking establishes a boundary and says "I'm not in heat".

  36. Shanon Thatcher says:

    Also, in the animal world, there is no "everyone is equal" thing. You are either dominant or submissive. This is what we are watching. Lowering the head in almost every species says "I'm submissive".

  37. Susan Flowers says:

    I love that snaking behavior, you just don't see that too often in domesticated horses. Beautiful horses! They'll work it out, it just takes time. At least they have each other, horse's should never be alone in my opinion. I hate to see horse's kept separate, it's just not healthy for them. They are herd animals. Beautiful property for them to enjoy

  38. Penny McCUlloch says:

    We keep our mares and geldings separate . Less vet bills

  39. LikeItIs says:

    I was surprised that Tao was acting so much like a stallion. He did assume the snaking position often and he kicked her once. I wonder if there is an update somewhere showing who won out in he dominance drama!

  40. Jackie Sidman says:

    Wild horses have a leader and is usually female they communicate with their ears BTW forward is setting dominance ears back could mean aggression or fear

  41. Jacob Corum says:

    Okey if there ears are back that means that they do not like eachother yeat but that will in a week so my horse was lonly but we buy a tennessey walker horse and they got to be kind to eachothoer

  42. vegas1001000 says:

    the head down ears back means (I'm the leader hear) by the way i'm only ten

  43. Ronald Quinn says:


  44. Lisa Sc says:

    Good video of 2 sweet, precious and beautiful horses being introduced and getting to know each other! May I say (?) I just made a music video of farm animals and it has some horses in it.

  45. Lisa Sc says:

    Maggie doesn't want him, White horse (forgot his name) near her! Oh ok Tao is his name!

  46. Layla Suncrest says:

    Tao is gorgeous!

  47. Pamela Brock says:

    Enjoyed all but the running dialogue. You said you didn't know much and then you kept explaining what was obvious.

  48. smiles4u2have says:

    Please stop leading the horse with the lead looped over the opposite shoulder. A experienced rider and trainer was killed not too long ago by a rope getting wrapped around her neck. You can find more about her story by looking up Kathryn Bull.

  49. Beverly Stone says:

    The gray gelding is too thin… of course that may have changed since this video was made.

  50. Teri Draper says:

    The Mare (Bay horse) is displaying dominant behavior. The (gelding?), White/Grey is not being polite. I would say that the Gelding may not have been around other horses , (in a herd), for a long time. While this is normal horse behavior, either or both horses could have been injured and you could have ended up with some big vet bills! I would have separated the corral and let them get used to each other for a longer time before the introduction. What you did was very risky!

  51. insomniac says:

    7:42 her neck💀😂

  52. jimmie crackcorn says:

    Working things out….not bad

  53. Mary Gallegos says:

    Love horses!

  54. Nicole Davis says:

    The reason they're kicking and screaming is because they're trying to figure out who's the leader.
    The one who moves off from a push (a horse walking in and the other walking away) is the lower and neither wants to be pushed, neither wants to be the low man.
    licking/chewing= submission
    Active tail= agitated. Fly swishing is different than agitated.
    Low head, ears back, head pointed is snaking its a stallion behavior. He's trying to posses her and she's like, No dude. Then she gave in after a little bit.

  55. Terrie Savage says:

    never ever put horses together that fast!

  56. Teri Draper says:

    In Western Dressage, (parley) we say that a horse has a "Right Side", and an "Off Side". When facing the horse, the right side is the "Right Side", and the Left side is the "Off Side". Always handle a horse from the "Right Side", not the off side.

  57. Susan Flowers says:

    All of that behavior from Two is all a display of dominance. He's trying to her know he's in charge . All very predictable . They'll work it out and become herd mate's.

  58. Maddie White says:

    My gelding has never acted like that around a new horse

  59. Dawn Westerbeck says:

    Your friends at White House on the hill sent me. New sub

  60. Genetry Homestead says:

    Love the horses,. White House on the hill sent us over to say hi. Good luck getting to 100,000!

  61. Animal lover 333 says:

    They are showing how is boss Nice video 😄👍🏻❤️

  62. Sarah Oliver says:

    I’m cringing at the feed on the sand. So many horses get colic from consuming sand. Please don’t feed your horses there. Also they were perfectly normal during this video, they were just establishing rank and there was a little kicking and biting because they were both pretty dominant. But horses are herd animals so I think they will adjust quickly because it’s hard for them not to have a companion.

  63. Lisa Gay says: 😎😁😆😄🙄😍💜💜

  64. Just Me says:

    Tao made Maggie move by snaking and therefore established himself as high horse. A good video!

  65. suzanneyorkville says:

    Wonderful family. Can I just make a small suggestion? I noticed one of the girl's slung the rope across her outside shoulder as she led the horse. I actually think that is very dangerous. Should the horse whip around her the rope could wrap around her neck and strangle her. I only say this because just recently a very experienced horsewoman died doing just that. She knew the horse for many years and I am sure never imagined that something could have gone wrong. I would suggest slinging the rope across the inside shoulder or better yet sling it across the inside arm without a lope to be safe.

  66. timothy chung says:

    For anyone familiar and knowledgable, when the horse kicked with the left foot upon seeing the establish horse, what was that meaning?

  67. timothy chung says:

    From my amateur outlook, Maggie is a sophisticated gurl, and she is confident naturally, in new setting , they're drawing boundaries. I have a feeling Maggie will twist his head soon.

  68. Linda Lowe says:

    Loved it, love horsee!! I know it's an older video but my son also has medical issues and I don't get alot of episode times. Thanks. They are both nice looking horses.

  69. Sandra Patenaude says:

    You did great! Good luck

  70. Coconutlover1000 says:

    Hi there from Thailand! I enjoy your video. How about them now?

  71. Fouchardbernadette Merci beaucoup says:

    Tros bien video j'aime les chevaux et de les voir tout les deux c'est deux male ou femelle dite mercies

  72. Awesome Nana says:

    Yes the ears has a couple of means: aware of whose around them, they have there guard up.

  73. Diana Connick says:

    Totally normal. Mares are usually dominate. To Maggie, you are part of her herd. You being in there was more of a jealous aggression to Tao, at first. She was just getting Tao in place in her herd. A gelding that presents stud characteristics will vie for pack control if the mare doesn’t mind. Maggie definitely wanted Tao to know his place. Day 3, Tao gets his place in Maggie’s herd
    #1. Leader-Maggie
    #2. You, at present
    #3. Tao

  74. Karen Piotte says:

    Pecking order

  75. Noah Carroll says:

    Mickey Mouse getting kicked by a horse 5:44

  76. TheKapias says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great job really enjoyed! And no bloodshed !👍👍👍

  77. Mary Star says:

    Maggie toTao :
    Upon introduction once together-
    Maggie 🐴 "So you think you're a Stud Muffin showing off by horsing around me?
    Tao "Ah nothing personal Maggie, so stop trying to kick my butt and being a Nag, let's just get along"🐎
    Daddykirbs Farm – Very nice seeing your new addition to your family, and watching Maggie and Tao getting to know one another.

  78. Reese Greeno says:

    When teo's ears where down and head down and tail up he was saying" I'm the leader ",she was saying"you just go here and been here longer!"

  79. Sixty Nine says:

    Train horn

  80. ginger cox says:

    New horse has pretty neck when excited. Could Tao be part Arabian? Or maybe proud cut gelding? He has a beautiful way of moving. The snake head thing is a dominating behavior. Lead mares do it as do lead geldings.
    Put out some hay. Defuse the situation.

  81. ginger cox says:

    This is a normal mare gelding behavior. It may play out daily.

  82. Linda Guthrie says:

    Maggie’s property got that right she’ll come around ✝️✝️✝️😇❤️

  83. Gracie Day says:

    The ears pinned back is basically like agitation. When Tao comes out you with his ears pinned and he try’s to make you move, don’t move. If you move that makes him higher in the ‘Herd’ then you. The way horses show dominance is making each other move. I understand under the circumstances that you don’t want to be in the middle of all the kicking, but make sure it isn’t a habit that you pick up to wear you move back every time he pins his ears at you. Instead of you moving on Tao’s accord you make Tao move. And when you start out doing this bring a lead rope if you have to. I’m not saying hit your horse with it but use it to move him. Make sure he knows he is not higher then you.

  84. Jennifer Eadie says:

    Mares usually run the show. Tao is acting like he may have been gelded later in life. Pretty normal behaviour for strange horses meeting.

  85. Jennifer Eadie says:

    Tao wants to go for a walk too 🙂 Maybe you should have his teeth checked.

  86. mohaned salim says:

    Your vedios makes me so happy thank’s a lot 😍🙏🏆

  87. Derek Garcia says:

    Hes trying to get her to go into heat

  88. Mark Rumfola says:

    Merry xmas ,& good luck

  89. Red Tail Quarter Horses says:

    Dude, please learn about horse behavior before you or your horse gets hurt.

  90. S Mc says:

    Very interesting watching someone almost as clueless as me try to figure out the horse language!

  91. Abbityabbi says:

    He’s a rig. He’s acting like a stallion arching his neck and dancing around like that. Geldings don’t do this normally unless they aren’t cut right or are cut late. I had a rig who was like this at times but never was disrespectful to humans like Tao. He needs some firm training so you can establish dominance. This boy will push boundaries if you let him. Good luck 👍

  92. Lilly A. says:

    You ALWAYS introduce horses with a fence in between for no less than a WEEEK not a freaking NIGHT!…this behavior is dangerous! If you don’t take proper care and safety with horses you SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM! You seriously just said you don’t know what your talking about…why are these horses in your possession?! Great and you put food with them, a key to more aggressive behavior!

  93. Lilly A. says:

    A successful introduction? These horses could have killed each other and you didn’t take action when they aggressively attacked each other. Don’t you non-horse people do research!

  94. m w says:

    If the ear back that's gonna attack will i have 3 Arabian horses in jordan that's totally normal but i went to slow on mine before i put them togather good luck and thx for sharing…u are good daddy

  95. Ami Riegel says:

    You guys HSVE your haulers too tight …you have no control of the horse with the nose band that high up on their noses. If you drop them down a couple of inches you will have more control

  96. Ami Riegel says:

    Honey they're doing what horses do. I've raised horses for 70 years they will be fine. All horses do that at first. They will work it out. I'll tell you something …your gelding is proud cut. Not good that means you be careful ARROUND can't ever trust a proud cut gelding. They left his cords to long so he thinks he's still a stallion. Don't trust walking behind him. I saw how he was talking studdy when he first met her. Gelding DON'T DO THAT I THOUGHT YOU WERE PASTURE BREEDING HER. BETTER HAVE A VET CHECK HIM OUT HE COULD STILL HAVE A TESTICLE UP INSIDE.

  97. Paul Warwick says:

    Real horsewoman.Leading the horse on the wrong side.

  98. Kim Ingalsbe says:

    I thought it went well, they teach each other whos boss .. and how it's going to be She's going to be boss of course, but he is telling her he's no pushover either, but will respect her .. yeah, don't back away from them, make them notice you, but it is a different time .. meeting .. I went in there filming too, and got kicked in the stomach, thank goodness I had my fanny pack on my stomach that day, I probably should not have been so close to them in there.. so interesting .. I have just started a You tube channel, enjoyed your video

  99. Kim Ingalsbe says:

    I've been reading comments too, so interesting, it was my thought that Tao was not a stallion but a gelding, and when I was talking about putting mine together it was a mare and a gelding.. When I brought the Stud to stay with us in the pasture for a month, I did not go inside with them very much but the mare was still dominant.. So interesting to watch horses interact <3 good video ..

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