Irish Dog Breeds

Glen of Imaal Terrier Irish Red and White Setter Irish Red Setter Irish Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Wolfhound Kerry Beagle Kerry Blue Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Ehmmmmm……

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4 Responses

  1. VB BV says:

    It will be nice if slides had titles.

  2. Elcor Ambassador says:

    Ireland Is awesome

  3. Kimlol The Artist says:

    1:14 thats my dogs breed.

  4. Mike Irving says:

    Hi, thanks for posting, but two points:  your picture of the 'Kerry Beagle' is not a Kerry Beagle at all, but the standard 'little' Beagle, or, as it is often called in hunting circles, a foot Beagle.  The Kerry Beagle is a bigger breed (approx. the size of a Dalmatian), and its only relationship to the standard Beagle is that both are scenthound breeds.  Otherwise, the two breeds are unrelated and totally different.  We have several Kerry Beagles and breed them from time to time.  If you want a couple of pictures of Kerry Beagles, just let me know and I'll be happy to send you some (the big mottled dog hound running in the grass and shaking water off himself in the Madrí na nGaél video on here, is our Champion Kerry Beagle, Paudie).  The second point is that, as you will most likely know, the last dog pictured in your video is not an Irish breed, as Ireland does not have a native 'bully' breed.  It looks like either a Dogo Argentino or an American 'Johnson' Bulldog?  All the best to you, Mike.

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